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RHS100 PP#7

by: Lenna Neff
Lenna Neff
Penn State
GPA 4.0
Disability Culture
Bethanne Woodhouse

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About this Document

Consolidation of PP#7
Disability Culture
Bethanne Woodhouse
One Day of Notes
25 ?




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This 2 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Lenna Neff on Thursday September 25, 2014. The One Day of Notes belongs to 100 at Pennsylvania State University taught by Bethanne Woodhouse in 2014. Since its upload, it has received 127 views. For similar materials see Disability Culture in Education and Teacher Studies at Pennsylvania State University.

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Date Created: 09/25/14
T RHS100 PP7 E Historical Treatment of PWDs The devaluing of one life opens the way for anyone to be devalued to the point of being quotlife unworthy of life How PWDs are viewed is influenced by Perceived cause of the disability Perceived responsibility of the PWD Perceived threat of PWDs to PWODs Economic conditionsrate of unemployment Current sociocultural and political views role of the government Existing medical knowledge Disability as a medical issue mental illnesses caused by irritation of the blood vessels so patients were treated by bleeding purging hot and cold baths Disability as a financial issue wealth was the product of individual initiative and hard work and that poverty was the result of laziness and lack of guidance Greek and Romans Eras Greek associated illness and physical defects with social inferiority Roman children had no rights until entering the household 10 days after birth so children born with disabilities were disposed of in sewers Treatment of mental illness depended on the social class Middle Ages Barbers often conducted surgery Medical knowledge was difficult because of strong opposition to dissection and human bodies for anatomical study Treatment of mental illness was dependent of two factors socioeconomic status and manifestation of the disability itself American History President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the first president with a disability was a great advocate for Rehabilitation but still felt a disability was an abnormal shameful condition and should be medically cured or fixed The Holocaust Before Hitler the US led the world in forced sterilizations Between 1907 and 1939 more the 30000 people in 29 states were sterilized many of them unknowingly or against their will while they were in prison or institutions Then the Nazi39s decided to sterilize people they considered abnormal Nearly half the sterilization operations were carried out in California Advocates of sterilization policies in Germany and the US were influenced by eugenics This sociobiological theory took Charles Darwin39s principle of natural selection and applied it to society Eugenicists believed the human race could be improved by controlled breeding Abuse nonaccidental injury of a person by another or the committing of acts of commission or omission There are many types physical emotional psychological sexual and financial acts of negligence and violation of a person39s rights When PWDs are abused they are not believed Some caretakers devalue the abilities of these people they work with influencing the acceptance of the reports of abuse Recognizing signs and symptoms of abuse is complicated when the victim cannot respond verbally to questions


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