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by: Brittany Ballog

FinalExamCEP470002.pdf CEP 470

Marketplace > Michigan State University > Psychlogy > CEP 470 > FinalExamCEP470002 pdf
Brittany Ballog
GPA 3.0
Disability in a Diverse Society
Erica Wondolowski

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About this Document

final exam study guide
Disability in a Diverse Society
Erica Wondolowski
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Brittany Ballog on Sunday September 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CEP 470 at Michigan State University taught by Erica Wondolowski in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see Disability in a Diverse Society in Psychlogy at Michigan State University.

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Date Created: 09/27/15
Name Brittany Ballog CEP 470 SPRING 2015 FINAL EXAM 10 Points for Presentation Attendance YN Multiple Choice 2 pts ea 1 The etiology of Multiple Sclerosis had reportedly been established with Nutrition Environmental Factors Brain Injuries Genech A amp D B amp D g None of the Above 2 LockedIn Syndrome is the combination of which two disabilities Indicate 2 a Multiple Sclerosis b Polio c Quadriplegia d Mutism 3 Which of the following is an example of a positive symptom associated with Schizophrenia a Flat affect b Avolition c Anhedonia d Delusions 4 ECT electroconvulsive therapy has been reported to bene t individuals with a PTSD b LockedIn Syndrome c Learning Disorders d Bipolar Disorder 5 CBT cognitive behavioral therapy is as effective as which of the following treatments for 0CD obsessive compulsive disorder a ECT b EMDR c Exposure d Immersion 6 ALS amyotrophic lateral sclerosis oredominatelv affects mapcm a The mind c The muscles b The brain d Motor neurons 7 Down syndrome occurs as a result of Chromosome number being impacted a 20 b 21 c 22 d None of the above Essay Question 40 pts 5 pts for each complete point In the movie The Crash Reel please discuss and explore how Kevin Pearce was impacted in or helped develop the following areas of life 0 Reactions to Disablement O O Kevin s injury was acquired It was also acute because he was doing a snowboarding trick and it was very sudden Kevin wanted to get back on the snowboard but his family and people didn39t want him to His brother David would cry and be very outspoken against it He wanted to go back to snowboarding and just wanted to not listen to the doctors already and just live his life but they said he can39t afford to hit his head again His mother was crying when he said that to the doctor because the family has been through so much with him He39s accepted that his life has changed and has to live with it He understands his life will be different forever from now on and has accepted it Things are different but things are okay are okay he says when talking to his brother David He also said his family is a great support system Societal Implications O 0 Some snowboarders keep going after a horrible injury and have second traumatic brain injuries People question the safety of snowboarding Kevin s doctor that if you have watch the news about a snowboarding event you see highlights and then who got arrested It is brain trauma The brain controls everything so there are problems with impulse and people being impulsive especially when intoxicated People are also more irritable when they have traumatic brain injuries Kevin had a physical disability for a while but then became better with physical and occupational therapy Physical disabilities have the least stigma He also had a cognitive disability which includes traumatic brain injuries Cognitive disabilities have the second least stigma There is a hierarchy of stigmas that exist on the type of onset Noble and honorable endeavors have the least stigma then congenital acquired and acquired by fault with the most stigma Kevin s onset was acquired I believe it was also in the noble and honorable endeavor category because he was he was snowboarding and doing the sport that he loves and is famous for People were very sad about it and he was all over the news and talked about on Good Morning America as well Kevin de nitely received strong sympathy and compassion Laws Legislation and Advocacy O 0 They raised the snow pipe height lt 68 feet before they raised it to 22 feet high The athletes are falling up to 40 feet and at 30 mph Recreational helmets protect up to only 17 mph Insurance coverage only applies to sanctioned competitions but Sarah Burke was competing for her sponsor Kevin went to the TBI Traumatic brain injury Conference He gives a speech at it Kevin helps his friend Trevor who is another snowboarder who has had 2 TBls the second has been very dif cult on his family Trevor ran over his younger sibling with a golf course and laughed about it Kevin receives an award at the conference 0 Living Independently 0 Kevin was not ready or able to live on his own even after he was able to walk and everything on his own He had cognitive disabilities He couldn39t keep track of his meds and needed help with them His roommate Amy helped him with everything Right after the accident he de nitely could not live alone He could not really walk or talk or anything on his own for a little while but then kept getting better progressively He also took Lexapro which is antidepressant and treats major depressive disorder He said he did not feel depressed though but had to take it as part of the other medications he took such as seizure medications The Family 0 O 0 Brother David has Down syndrome which is an intellectual disability and has the second most stigma His brother really voiced how he did not want Kevin to snowboard again and possibly die or get paralyzed while doing it Kevin39s brother Adam quit his job for a little while and went to every therapy session with him Occupational and physical therapy and also psychological therapy sessions The family is a great support system He has a mother father and two brothers There was a de nite change in schedules duties plans and roles in the family Adam quit his job and was with Kevin at all times and at this side He would go to therapy sessions with him and make it like a fun competition Everyone was very close knit in the family The brother David was very involved in Kevin39s life Kevin39s mother was doing everything to help him The family always communicated and talked a lot All of the family had dinner together and talked about if Kevin should snowboard or not again Sexuality and Intimacy O Kevin39s girlfriend broke up with him It was after the injury and after he was able to walk and do some things by himself But he had to move back to Vermont with his parents and she lived somewhere else so I think that is the reason why She said that he was the best guy she39s ever met and said really nice things about him I believe it was just the distance that affected them or possibly other things that were not mentioned in the movie This was the only time sexuality and intimacy was touched on in the movie 0 Getting Educated and Employed O 0 Kevin was an announcer because he couldn39t snowboard and was not cleared by the doctor yet He then did snowboard and competed in a competition without telling his family but then he realized he was not ready to compete and was not snowboarding at a competitive level He then said he would just practice He was an advocate for TBI I think and was also helping his friend Trevor He was still in contact with his sponsors and what not and was going to work to snowboard again Friendship and Recreation 0 O O 0 He was allowed 1 beer but not to get drunk by the doctor One of his friends said he is blunt and is embarrassing sometimes in public and should have more of a lter People with TBls are impulsive He still had friends like all of his old snowboard friends The rst time he snowboarded and was cleared by the doctor he invited a bunch of his friends to go and a bunch of people came His brother Adam was also always at this side quotThe brave do not live forever but the cautious do not live at allquot


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