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by: Brittany Ballog

Chapter11LectureOutline.pdf HDFS 225

Marketplace > Michigan State University > HDFS > HDFS 225 > Chapter11LectureOutline pdf
Brittany Ballog
GPA 3.0
Lifespan Human Development in the family
Sherrell Hicklen House

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About this Document

the class notes- so you don't have to go to class! it is one day of notes
Lifespan Human Development in the family
Sherrell Hicklen House
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Brittany Ballog on Sunday September 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HDFS 225 at Michigan State University taught by Sherrell Hicklen House in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see Lifespan Human Development in the family in HDFS at Michigan State University.


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Date Created: 09/27/15
I II III IV Chapter 11 Outline Physical Development Puberty Puberty period in the life cycle when sexual and reproductive maturation becomes evident O Puberty is not a single even or set of events 0 A crucial phase in a long and complex process of maturation that begins prenatally Hormonal Changes during Puberty Pituitary gland stimulates other glands O Estrogen and progesterone in females is produced 0 Testosterone in males is produced Biological change and cognitive processes 0 Accompanied by cognitive and social changes Gain the capacity for formal operational thought Ethological Theory Jay Belsky 0 Some young mothers are responding to a pattern in human evolution that induces individuals who grow up under stressful circumstances to bear children early and often ensure survival Some psychologists Maccoby Bornstein and Lamb do not agree with the theory 0 Adolescents that became pregnant have less supervision 0 Girls tend to enter puberty early similar to their mothers which is based on genetic factors The Adolescent Growth Spurt Adolescent growth spurt rapid increase in height and weight 0 12 for girls and 14 for boys Physical growth is asynchronous 0 Dissimilarity in the growth rates of different parts of the body 0 Can result in an unbalanced appearance and exaggerated sense of self consciousness and awkwardness Maturation in Girls Puberty usually begins around 9 or 10 Menarche the first menstrual period 0 Onset is earlier in industrialized nations Significance of menarche 0 Identity as a woman 0 Onset varies with ethnicity 0 Late menarche found where food is scarce 0 Con ict between mother and daughter VI Maturation in Boys First sign of puberty usually appears around age 8 Physical changes between 1316 years of age Additional weight and size in the form of increased muscle mass VII The Impact on Early or Late Maturation Boys latematuring boys may have feelings of inadequacy negative selfconcept and rejection 0 Berkeley study found that feelings persist through middle age Girls various psychological effects 0 Physically stout physiques earlier 0 Thinner physiques later VIII SelfImage and Appearance Adolescent selfimage is susceptible to peer in uence An increasing number of girls under age 18 are having breast implant surgery and other cosmetic surgeries Growing discrepancy between idealized media models and young women in general IX Health Issues in Adolescence Anorexia nervosa eating disorder primarily affecting females who have become obsessed with looking thin Bulimia nervosa binging and purging eating behaviors Binge eating disorder consuming large amounts of food multiple times per week without exercising or purging X Alcohol and other Substance Abuse Substance abuse the harmful use of drugs or alcohol lasting over a prolonged period that puts self or other in hazardous situations Adolescents who abuse drugs or alcohol have a chance of becoming drug addicts or alcoholics commit crimes to support addictions Alcohol is a factor in most deaths for 1524 year olds O Accidents homicides suicides accidental overdoses XI Teenage Pregnancy Birth rates for teens are at lowest levels due to educational efforts US rate is still higher than in other developed countries XII Body Art and Tattooing Tattoos and body piercings have become widely acceptable Adolescents indulge in body art for the following reasons 0 Demonstrate social identity group membership O Commemorate special event 0 Express intimacy tattooing a significant other s name 0 Entertainment XIII Brain Development and Decision Making Some risky behaviors may be related to immature brain development in areas of thinking planning reasoning and problem solving XIV Cognitive Development Formal Operations Piaget 0 Final and highest stage in the development of cognitive functioning from infancy to adulthood 0 Ability to think about one s own thinking and to think abstractly 0 Ability to imagine many possibilities inherent in a situation XV Adolescent Egocentricity Expanding on Piaget s belief of egocentrism David Elkind suggested two dimensions of egocentrism 0 Personal fable tendency to view oneself as unique or heroic O Imaginary audience the adolescent s belief that everyone is primarily concerned With the adolescent


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