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Week 4 Notes

by: Notetaker

Week 4 Notes HIST 3640- 10

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History of Southeast Asia
Shawn F. McHale

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About this Document

Includes Discussion notes of week 4. Including the independence process of the Philippines and Vietnam.
History of Southeast Asia
Shawn F. McHale
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Notetaker on Sunday September 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 3640- 10 at George Washington University taught by Shawn F. McHale in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see History of Southeast Asia in History at George Washington University.


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Date Created: 09/27/15
Week 4 Colonialism Reform Resistance 1850s1926 Introduction The Philippines amp Mestizo Nationalism o How weak colonial states had and the to look for the transition between one state to the other state 0 Why do people rebel You can t give a rational argument and these rebellions do not seem very logical 0 Rise of Mestizo nationalism class I Mix of Chinese and Spanish I Filipino is a male language and there weren t barriers between people from different backgrounds I Contemporary significance if you look at the leadership of the Philippines is Chinese mestizo In many ways the Chinese mestizo have become fully Filipino I If you look at the economy if they have a co or ko at the end of their names they are from Chinese descendants 0 They wanted to give every Filipino a Spanish name 0 How did the Chinese Mestizo class become so dominant overtime I In Spain s contest they used the idea that they would make all of China catholic They also inaugurated an important trade between Melila and China as well Spaniards were not very lucky but they were spectacular successful with their father mother and local cultures Became very catholic 0 Spanish colonial law gave people a particular status very specific role to play in local societies 0 See the rise of an increasingly large Mestizo Chinese class they were involved in merchant activity and trade as well 0 This group had to compete in terms of economics with people that were Chinese until 1762 British take over Manila and Chinese liked the British after the British left Spain killed all Chinese in the Philippines They no longer had economic competition and the Chinese mestizos are taking advantage of this open In this vacuum the Chinese Mestizos thrived by 1774 they are about quarter of a million in social class they get involved in economic trade activities turned themselves into frontier capitalist in an area that is had enormous fields of agriculture Hacenderos farmers essentially they suck their investment into land and lived upon their process There are lots of those in the Philippines I How did the nationalistic class gained national interest Whose beliefs should be listened to it People like status and prestige Therefore you seen this class in education First Filipino to work for the state department He went off to Spain for schooling and become part of the revolution There were a great amount of people who ran of to Spain for money The ilustrados the enlightened social class The problem it cause it kept bumping up If you are poor in the Philippines and you are not Spanish you could not become a priest I In terms of political way you could play a role in political politics and you must certainly could not play a role in Spain When they were rebuffed they become radicalized Ios Rizal often thought as the father of Philippine independence He was a selfproclaimed ilustradato become an eye doctor in Spain came back to practice the profession He was a reformist and due to pressure and invisibility they broke with the Spanish The Spanish made the mistake of arresting him and executing him This created a strong nationalist movement Spanish executed three priests who had the audacity to argue for the permission of Filipino state I They rise up and challenge the Spanish and this happens right at the same time as the USA goes to war with Cuba a that point Americans stumble to the Filipinos I This republic did suceeed slow process of rise nationalism defeat of eye with the national leadership Vietnam amp resistance 0 O 0 French with help from the Spanish attacking Vietnam Not going to look at the early period of resistance Before 1850s if you look for Vietnam you might argue that Vietnam had a pretty decent bureaucratic argument If you pass successful at the top level you will be give acquisition The Vietnam bureaucracy system drew from 1800 Those areas turned down many people how participated in the organizations freedom I faced enormous costs abroad The number of uprising there were some major projects were attempting in the area The air South trying to hold on too ethnic control 1858 then the French first attacked it did not have strong centralized control started in the south and ended up everywhere Some of the people resisting HAM NGHI was captured and lived in Algeria he wanted to become king but was exiled We have a class of very rich landowners particular in the south of the country I Penetration of the cash economy and to greater extent than ever before increasing Vietnamese in certain places and in local markets In response to take over of Vietnam they went a lot of soul searching How can we reform Confucianism so we can confront the challenge of French rule Tonkin the north of free school has a different name for free school Set in capital city of Hanoi it instructs large numbers of people and they are trying to figure out what can they learn from it IAPAN clearly taken a path of economic independence and they actually defeated the Russians Emulating Iapanese methods of policing I Only certain amounts of people were affected by these schools Phan Xich Long rebellion 0 South of Vietnam is very Buddhist Buddhist profits in the south it has happened into the 20th century and even actually happens now Rebellion drew a large popular following in far south of Vietnam It traces its origins to a very young men whose name is Phan Phat Sahn who claimed dissent from a former king and tended to be a royal blood Went to Thailand and came back with healing arts found secret society then put on Buddhist roads and started wondering around the country side Installed him in a particular village in the south and declared the person found was a leading Buddha Peasants trade s people giving offerings to a living Buddha and then he dies The living Buddha has said that he should be put on a throne He declared the red dragons and the mission was to drive the French out of Vietnam IF you look at the far south its called the seven mountains region were Cambodia meet On the night of march 23 they take the bomb into the city of Saigon and place the bombs at strategic bombs so that part did not really work for its uprising At the same time this very white rose march in this area IF you go to Thailand they can French wanted to exile someone to Guiana left them in Saigon jail Attempt to use reason to confront the dilemmas facing the Vietnamese Its simply affected a small number of elite intellectuals They drew on very popular beliefs It was very backwards they could escape unharmed Re ects a current in religious teachings and in rebellions Religion in Vietnam called the Hoa Hoa his leader who was executed by communist called themselves a reincarnation of the Buddah Conclusion 0 Philippines the rebellion develops from within the Spanish composed system Nonetheless they want more privileges for their class The Philippine case is very similar to the national sense of Latin America The Vietnamese case is very different they are trying to draw on colonial rule Is that there needs to be a creative appropriation combined with existing cultural believes They figured out ways to combine these beliefs from abroad IN the Vietnamese case it created appropriation Use western knowledge against westeros but you have cultural and essential knowledge that is also very important part of the process Thursday s Lecture The Sacred Willow family member is Duong Doung Lam great grandfather Duong Tu Phann 9 mother Trinh Thi Huir Duong Thief She comes from the peak of high standard family but she says that they were poor 0 O The honor associated wasn t necessarily the richest Artisans peasants and the very lowest rum for men were merchants they are considered to be parasitical The literary are a much smaller minority than an American society today Hierarchy I 1 literari firsts I 2peasants are number two because they grow food I 4 artisans I 5 merchants Collaboration resistance royalty What is the argument that the grandfather was forced to collaborate with the French 0 Personal choice to keep their reputation with the French or be in the good graces with the Vietnamese people page 13 Dilemma that higher class faced Were they forced to cooperate with the French Were they collaborating for purely economic power I Question of prestige very high prestige to become bureaucrats The families were very big because women will have lots of children men would have multiple wives Lots of children and you have to support your children You can t just let kids die there is no welfare and you have to figure out how to support people and it was expensive 23 of Vietnam was under protectorate state and leave in place the existent monarch king Ways they showed resistance to the French I Gets a medal and hangs it in a pink I Maternal grandmother is very different than any others in the book She is much warmer as a figure and also very successful She did some very different things than her husband regarding religion in Vietnam the men of the elite were confuctionate But women were more likely to go to a Buddhist temple who attempted temple and give money to temple and they are often more Buddhist Is more inclusive and egalitarian so it is not surprising


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