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by: Brittany Ballog

HNF150-ProteinsLearningNotes.pdf HNF 150

Brittany Ballog
GPA 3.0
Intro to Human Nutrition
k. alaimo

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About this Document

notes fully filled out- you will not have to go to class!
Intro to Human Nutrition
k. alaimo
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Brittany Ballog on Sunday September 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HNF 150 at Michigan State University taught by k. alaimo in Spring 2014. Since its upload, it has received 51 views. For similar materials see Intro to Human Nutrition in Nursing and Health Sciences at Michigan State University.


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Date Created: 09/27/15
HNF150 SPRING 2014 Prof Alaimo Lecture Notes PROTEIN I Protein Facts A Protein contains carbon hydrogen and oxygen plus nitrogen B Amino acids are the building blocks of protein C Some amino acids are different from one another ll Structure of Amino Acids SidE chain A Backbone 2 groups I Cg Amine group amine grnuhph I I scigrcup Acid group ii ban kitEn e B Sidechain Differ in 3 size shape electrical charge C There are 9 amino acids that are the building blocks of protein Ill What makes protein different from one another 0 The sequence determined by genes 0 The shape determines the function and shape is determined by which amino acids are where o The electrical charge positive negative neutral IV Denaturation the irreversible change in a protein s folded shape brought about by heat acids bases alcohol salts by heavy medals or other agents begins the process of digesting foods and can also destroy body proteins HNF150 SPRING 2014 Prof Alaimo Lecture Notes V Protein Synthesis nueleus j 39The DNA sere es as a template te rr alte The rnFil39iltEt esits the nueleus strands ef messenger RNA mFihtAL threegh the nuelear membrane Eaeh mFihla strand eeeies esaetlj the ElHA remains inside the nueleusi in struetiens fer maleing same pretein amine sash blame aeie Theesanes ei Tran sier ens asset The mFiNn attaches itself In the preteimmalting Ear harm 33mm mum seen the ntteeemes When the messenger ealls ier an amine said the tens earnan it snaps inte eesitien Then the nest tees metres inte plaee then the nest maehinenr ei the sell the ritiesernes as the amine acids are line up in the right sequeneeg and the rieeeeme metres alene the messenger an enzyme eensene amine aeiel after anether Is the greeting eretein strand templeted protein strand Finally the sampleted eretein is released The mFlllilt is degraded and the tFlllite are trees te return ier mere entine eeids lt39 tales many te eeeerilee these events but in the sell a is 1 END H amine sees een lee sea is f I i greeting pretein strand in entire eeeend HNF150 SPRING 2014 Prof Alaimo Lecture Notes VI Essential Amino Acids or indespensible A Essential amino acids cannot be made by the body need to get it from the diet needed to make proteins B Conditionally Essential Amino Acids amino acid that is normally nonessential but must be supplied by the diet in special circumstance when the need for it exceeds the body s ability to produce VII Digestion In the stomach strong acid produced by the stomach uncoils protein s strands 0 Proteins activated by acid digest proteins from food denatured by acid 0 Digestion and absorption of other nutrients like iron depend on how strong the stomach s acid is o Stomach lining has a little protein in it and mucus for protection 0 In the small intestine proteins are denatured and into smaller pieces 0 Most are still polypeptides large strands of protein 0 Alkaline juice from the pancreas neutralizes the acid from the stomach 0 pH is 7 o Dipeptides protein fragments that are two amino acids long 0 Tripeptides protein fragments that are three amino acids long 0 After they are broken down into single amino acids and then absorbed by cells and into bloodstream VIII Adverse Effects of Amino Acid lmbalances Food allergies IX Functions of Proteins A Supporting growth and maintenance need to make new proteins when growing if we cut ourselves we will need new protein hair nails B Building enzymes hormones and other compounds Catalyst substance the speeds up the rate of a chemical reaction without itself being altered in the process Enzymes speeds up reactions all catalysts are enzymes Hormones chemical messengers some made from amino acids HNF150 SPRING 2014 Prof Alaimo Lecture Notes ibodies will attack C Building a iyou are allergic too foreign pai ant 39 tivate antigens foreign imr Enzyme plus Enzyme Enzyme plus we eempunds eemplee with new EGi39Tlp Lll lEl D Ullu LC UUIUIIAEC Must have a certain amount of uid too much is bad too little is bad water needs to stay in the cell can cause edema swelling E Transport substances in and out of cells FRGTEIHE FEMSPERT SUBSTANCES lllNlTG AND GUT 3F til39t39ll tti Lusa39rt n ritein titFit tilt at eel metequot ne eats its 5 tle tiltta tmr teem quotEtttJ 39 E tttfatllfti enter tisi l utte emquot ere teetm39ee39 mt tquot e t 139 it the t g l l39 in l g a n e if 39 h it I it H titei39n Jiet39erlettteri the 39iT39l rl3939 ftE The femtent dimes freer e timliile I39lt39lficitill il39e 39 in that it itt39eh39 e etrm the wcttltetm iee in min tee airJelly thereinre thi allra139rt i l trtmegirnrt ii ej tert eerie FICEIl39ir39L temptrt Dell mere brent TranSpun prelein tel eleeule enl ere prel ein Ptetein ehengee ehepe meleeule Meleeule entere ptntein Meltetule mile prel39ein 39l39rnm ineiele eell exile prel39ein eliteide the eell irern mt leide eell pramgr natalimr mmme F Maintaining acidbase balance G Energy H Prevent blood clotting X Fate of an Amino Acid 6 0 Can t store extra amino acids they are used to create energy 0 Build protein 0 Make another needed compound 0 Make another type of amino acid 0 Burned for energy 0 Convert to glucose and burned as energy or stored as glycogen Convert to fat and burned for energy or stored in adipose tissue HNF150 Prof Alaimo XI SPRING 2014 Lecture Notes Factors Affecting Protein Use by Body 4 Body s state of health Food source of protein digestibility quality Other nutrients ingested Amino acid composition A Digestibility animal foods 90 legumes 80 grains and other plant foods 6090 other factors moist heat vs dry heat i adequate vitamin minerals fat carbs B Protein Quality limiting amino acids lacks essential amino acids which causes it to be a poor source of protein measuring protein quality 0 protein digestibility corrected amino acids score PDCAAS 0 protein ef ciency ratio PER don t forget about mutual supplementation complimentary proteins 1 Recommendations Set by nitrogen balance studies BN Nintake Nurine Nfeces Nsweat Nskin Positive N balance growing growing muscles or pregnant Negative N balance sick losing muscle astronauts N Equilibrium healthy RDA 08 grams per kilogram body weight per day 9 k cal Dietary Guidelines every day eat 2 to 3 serving to 49 oz of cooked dry beans and peas lean beef or lean meats poultry without the skin sh and shell sh some eggs and organ meats Daily Value 50 grams World Health Organization 10 of our daily diet HNF150 Prof Alaimo loss SPRING 2014 Lecture Notes 2 Protein De ciencies and Excesses E Protein Energy Malnutrition 1 marasmus chronic lacking calories and protein not enough food famine poverty kids less than 2 years of age swollen belly enlarged fatty liver 2 kwashiorkor acute protein de ciency Marasmus Kwashiorkor Less than 2yr age 13 yr Severe deprivation of protein Inadequate protein intake or energy vitamins minerals infections Develops slowly rapid onset Severe weight loss ooOO000 ome weight Severe muscle and fat wasting Some muscle wasting lt60 wtfor age 6080 wtfor age no edema edema no fatty liver enlarged fatty liver anxiety apathy apathy misery irritability sadness appetite may be normal loss of appetite hair is sparse and thin hair is dry brittle changes color skin is dry thin wrinkled skin lesions F Too Much Protein Animal protein foods can also contain sat fat Low ber Calcium loss Kidney disease Chronic diseases possible cancer connection Osteoporosis too much protein not enough calcium


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