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World Civilization I Week Five Notes

by: Caspar Snyder

World Civilization I Week Five Notes 17189

Marketplace > University at Buffalo > University Studies > 17189 > World Civilization I Week Five Notes
Caspar Snyder
GPA 3.8
World Civilization I
Timothy Boyd

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About this Document

After this week's exam, we travel east into India. We discuss the rise of India during a T.A.'s lecture. What's going to happen to India next?
World Civilization I
Timothy Boyd
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Caspar Snyder on Friday September 26, 2014. The Class Notes belongs to 17189 at University at Buffalo taught by Timothy Boyd in Fall2014. Since its upload, it has received 74 views. For similar materials see World Civilization I in University Studies at University at Buffalo.

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Date Created: 09/26/14
World Civilization I Week Five Notes Rise of India from the Early Settlers to 300 AD India India 0 Located around Indus River 0 Main population Early Life in India 5000 BCE Neolithic Occupation around the Indus River 2500 BC Trade Network with Akkad MohenjoDaro Major city 0 Three miles around population 3545 000 0 1912 lst excavation 0 Not much discovered and no literature to go by Extensive planners Complex public Works 0 Especially drainage Not Walled in Main civilization called the Citadel 0 Massive buildings 0 Huge public baths Primarily based on agriculture 0 Best fertility 0 Done through careful use of Water I Drainage system Possible religion 0 Fertility goddess 0 Maybe o For the Welfare of the crops All theory 0 Writing has not been translated 1500 BCE declines and disappears 0 Probably from a drought or ooding IndoAryans IndoEuropeans migrate from the northwest Interaction with the Dravidians Main power in India during the Vedic Age Vedas writing 0 Religiously based 0 Text of songs hymns and prayers New inventions 0 Broad swords 0 Chariots 0 Social structure o Raj I The chiefking o Priests I Brahmin come later o Warrior class o Peasantscommoners Mainly nomadic 0 Eventually set up civilization o There was an increase in population as a result I Needed to expand 0 Moved further east to the Ganges River Run into con ict with the Dravidians Aryans and Dravidians Cultures begin to blend together Social differentiation emerged 0 North villages many connections across districts 0 South villages group of interrelated families o Isolated This differentiation led to the Caste System 0 Know your place from birth o Fixed in position Caste System Brahman Priests Warriors Kshatriya Peasants and Merchants Vaishya Serfs Shudra Each caste is divided into jati 0 J ati family grouping o Subcastes 0 Allowed mobility o Mildly Who else Slaves Both from War and through economic debts 0 Sell themselves 0 Can become free o No permanent presence Outcast 0 Perform religious rituals incorrectly etc Brahmans Polytheistic religion 0 Many gods Concerned with rituals and sacrifice Became more interest in human behavior Religion in India Polytheism like other IndoEuropean religions Shifted from correct sacrifice to beliefs on humanity 0 Samsara reincarnation o Perform well get a better hand in the next life 0 Kharma good and bad 0 Mokha the escape o Realize reality is an illusion o the release I Done through meditation penance and studying religious texts 600 400 BCE Hinduism Brahma over deity Polytheistic Individual connection 0 Makes it more attractive Jainism Founded by Varhamana Mahavira 540 468 BCE Multiplicity of souls Salvation through shedding matter 0 No violence 0 Avoid evil and excess Asceticism Very simple life Ironically build grand temples Buddhism Siddartha Gautama 563 483 BCE 0 Aka Buddha Meditation Follow the Eightfold Path Attain Nirvana 0 Freedom of self o Escape from the cycle Persians create in ux in India Alexander the Great concurred India Empire split after his death Seleucus 0 Defeated easily o By Mauryans Mauryan Empire 322 185 BCE Defeats Seleucus in 304 BCE Chandraqupta s Organization 0 Persian system of provinces were kept 0 So was the tax system 0 and the standing army and navy o Took advantage of Persian government that was set up o Burocratic system Converted to aesthetic Past away in 298 BCE Ashoka 269 232 BCE Expedition to East India Converted to Buddhism 0 Slaughtered A LOT of people o Horrified so he converted Pillars of Ashoka Set up by Ashoka Had history and morals inscribed on them Succumbs to invaders and the empire dies Kushan Empire Indo Greek Cultural Exchange reemerges Greatest attempt at an empire successor


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