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Week Two

by: Katie223

Week Two Rel 101-004

Literature and World of the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible
John T. Strong

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About this Document

Week Two notes
Literature and World of the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible
John T. Strong
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Katie223 on Sunday September 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Rel 101-004 at Missouri State University taught by John T. Strong in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 43 views. For similar materials see Literature and World of the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible in Religious Studies at Missouri State University.

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Date Created: 09/27/15
Literature and World of the Old Testament Lecture 3 Myth 0 Ancient Near Eastern philosophy theology and contemplation 0 Picture of how they understood truth 0 1 Ahistory 2 No geographical location 3 Characters 4 Reality 0 Found in Genesis 111 Part One Thesis 0 The technology of writing in the ancient world made how texts were published and used radically different Modern Writing Authors Gutenburg s printing press 14361450 0 So now the publishing industry is a major pro t making industry 0 Do we superimpose a model of individual authorship of texts Ancient Writing Scribes Technology was totally different 0 Mesopotamia used cuneiform on clay tablets 0 Egypt used hieroglyphs o Palestine used alphabetic texts 1800 BCE Tools of the trade ancient writing implements o Ink charcoal and tree sap Stylus Composing on wax tablets Pottery ostracon Papyrus o Plaster on walls or standing stones 0 Cost of production 0 Literacy 0 Among the general population 0 Among the educated and administrative classes 0000 Implications What does all this evidence mean 0 Authorship a creative product of an individual was not important in the ancient world o Texts were expensive Copying was only undertaken whens omething needed to be preserved otherwise texts were left to disintegrate Scrolls were quot le cabinetsquot o Texts were created by groups of intellectuals royal of cials priests prophets scribes etc 0 Pa rt Two Theses Scholars today approach the study of the Pentateuch Hebrew Bible assuming that the ancient texts are the result of the collection and editing of earlier sources The Documentary Hypothesis is a dominant controlling theory of how the Pentateuch was compiledwritten Julius Wellhausen Believed there were four sources for the Pentateuch o J JahwehJudah DavidSolomon era 10th century 0 E ElohimEphraim 9th century 0 D Deuteronomy 7th century 0 o O P Priestly 65th century The order of these sources matter when considering the Documentary Hypothesis Literature and World of the Old Testament Lecture 4 Development of the Hebrew Bible 0 Deuteronomistic literature 0 Priestly literature 0 These two blocks are united by 0 Basic thesismessage 0 Historical setting broadly de ned 0 A group of scribes o The Prophets had their own history of development Genesis 411 Gilgamesh important story 0 J version of the Flood Story 0 P version of the ood story Atrahasis read carefully not discussed in class Story of Gilgamesh o What is the problem of the story 0 What is the solution 0 Important story parts include o Enkidu o Enkidu and Gilgamesh o Utnapishtim Flood 0 Plant immortality Flood Stories in Genesis 0 Recall source criticism o The version Flood Story 0 Occurred in the 10th century BCE 0 Time of David and Solomon 0 Jahweh Yahweh is depicted as anthropomorphic given human qualities 0 Soil and corruption of human kind and blessings o Read Coogan text page 53 o The P version Flood Story 0 6t 5th century 0 has to do with renewed creation 0 Back from the exile of Babylon


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