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Week 5 Notes (9//21-9/25)

by: Sydney Loethen

Week 5 Notes (9//21-9/25) PHYSICS 1210

Sydney Loethen
GPA 3.733
College Physics I
Yun Zhang

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About this Document

Newton's 3rd Law, Normal Force, action/reaction forces, kinetic friction, static friction, tension force, translational equilibrium, uniform circular motion, centripetal force
College Physics I
Yun Zhang
Class Notes
Newton's 3rd Law, Normal Force, action/reaction forces, kinetic friction, static friction, tension force, translational equilibrium, uniform circular motion, centripetal force
25 ?




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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sydney Loethen on Sunday September 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYSICS 1210 at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by Yun Zhang in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 52 views. For similar materials see College Physics I in Physics 2 at University of Missouri - Columbia.

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Date Created: 09/27/15
Lo on 9 Load bequ Jerqnc 7 bOCL39UI K iraw8mm macaw m mic pmi ECHO m 70R iCLJrMLDAJ LJW I 9 downj4 mWef hng am 8W Magmi tcu I 53 7 dirpr 7 7 39 OM m thi Miwprggo ju L EEQLQE MEL di 2 ochixsw figEZLXi EWarUQ macc 7147 FKC HDNV i gt dark Jiqu Mmgga ggr ig E rr i gw u 1 45 mg m obmmi Q amL maria f i m4 W quotScam awn 4 am Le oUrLWW JLMEi LLA FM on megLa mgrmjimm i s f39 Fi adJnm 7 W i H HMk km tn q an gSCaU SCCUL Jana PM Stilt bid quot1L g 7 7 7 7 s 7 f N42 X k ZioR EX CQ 2f pgg kgg mmgyo W 7 Q FF HM bfmle f Z hQ inZl3g13amp2li0 FM 7 7 9 dihoqu 7 t A 5quot 1 WCOI 22 r r 6 Lo 1 7 Lmi m f M Mn 3251M 1 i i UOUV QC QFFT Lia T3 EL 7 CA gap J CMMW LOquot PHDH 0w 39 f f I w 6123 w Iquot quot U gt V Micu wmn wj39 QL39 a n k f 0 nhrm kbrcgh r 7 39 W ME 243 as Lghak iampg 0 9 Emmy Vinim fKgt 7 5 all FZ FRI 39 39 W 1744 I a W 7 1 g r 5 11 e U 7 FM 7 39 iv PM 7 Er J h A F 21 f 3 ad fS OLaN o W if 501 1 7l0 nj39xla Jm 39r up Da gk j39iomkr 3 quot M r d e a wc WWW 3m mat 13395 luJ 5 N 7er if 1 pr quot2 TH mm si r9 LH 0m 15quot 1 4 I ll lltc lj 3394 I at Maguwdg 1 377 r 7 7 1 I 39iBCLfQPIWIPEC fd K J TLEAHJ MAAALA 44 4 y l A lA ewf m m 0 Qm mm prwmfi mm 5 FM at 416C quot


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