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Psych Ch5.pdf

by: Kristyn Notetaker

Psych Ch5.pdf 005

Kristyn Notetaker
Penn State
GPA 3.84
No professor available

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About this Document

Notes taken in class
No professor available
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kristyn Notetaker on Saturday September 27, 2014. The Class Notes belongs to 005 at Pennsylvania State University taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 75 views. For similar materials see PSYCH 100 in Psychlogy at Pennsylvania State University.


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Date Created: 09/27/14
T I 0 1TT TT5 T B my 0 6 1 T b T2 T TT pu MT mT3O 0x I TTT 2 T G 9 T TTTkT xTTT3sTTTT TTTTT TTTTT F Tr Tr TTThTx T TJMTTT TTTTITT Tm TTm TTTT T T 3F5w bomcmm I T3TTTTTTTT TTT 7T TT TTTTTTTTTT mT T TTT rm TTTTTTTTTTTTTT S TTaTTTTCTTTTTTTT 8TTIi wETim Em wzzoom I T cmwcmmmw Em vmmgt I mTTT Euu uT E nEo3 50 ToTEmm I 3 NTTE c5335 2 H oiwm SmomZ WT E T mi TTTITTu 3 T o T TTTTTTTTQ T TT TTTTTTTC8TmmmmTm ma a emu ms Hmw m Ewan TT T T TT TT 5 p P p TTT TTTTTTTTTTT T T T T c avlrIvT Im ITTTTTT TTTTTTTTT T TTTltTTITTATTKTTTTTTeTT TQTOTTTT v T t Z TT T T TTTTTTTITII T 1 HT 3 TI LTFcT O A1 T I 8 Easamucou Eon axon mIT Mmw m omgoip mm I 4 TI T T T32 I T T V I IT T TTTITT In TTxTITTTTT TITTTT 3 4 TIT L h TH TT TTTTT TTT ITTTTTpTTQT W T T T Tr T TT T TT T T T T T T T T L T TxTT L TTTTT Tx TTTTTTTTTTTrTT CTTTTT muTTxTTTTyTTTTTTTTTTT T Aime NV w m HNEMEHMQ I 5 nETmoEgtow TSmTm I T Q I TTT TTTTTTT TTTT T T TT T TL T T T l kwrrm Wamp TTTTTT TTTgtTWTTTTT V T I I T I T ITwf a T an NE ITTm IT aw Q W Th ITT T T TrxT L D TTITT ITTTTTT cTL TT ATmEm Ba mmw m zwum B 2 sm swam mm om TmE 2oT5 50 Sb nmw mmm Ems as 38 at mSETws 38 tam EuEumgtm TmTwmmqE HmuEEmxm EoHTgtm 50 m nwoEE 59 Eon mo 35693 a PE 25 E5 magma mEoTwgTTm ES m wToTo Tumm Ea T T mwimESTmbmEogtsm 305 5 xwoao T was 3305 m mwTEmnT mEe Em Tumamgmw a5Z Twm5gt u Z P PP p eT TEm2 WT1 MT n TTTTTltTTI TTTT 1 TT A TTwTT Tm TT TTTFLTTTT 3 T T T K wToToT 3oTETaogton n TMS T sLWTh TTTmxThpTvTfIJ Pu 30 VTTTTELTEIT 595 TeTugtu T 9 3oTT3 2 oEHwEomgtmD m SE30 T T3 TTTTiTTTT 2 Pama wltq 5 FsnT T c L q xammr m E Eaarm 1 1 gem Eva m3lt E mw 1 N 55 an 77 3 2 m Q 3 4 F9 1 YL c m E 6 U 2 i w5m Qyi is V X 1 N umwm q 9 x mH ltL m Pgsmgwwm Emltm HE nanma m umummL u2mama S Esnmua m mm E ammuozmm 3 m3E Eagm Saga 3 u TWoltG cam mama najaama ism mmmmni zmmmncam onsa Dam m mu ltmampm 33295 gum ma 2an mmm am oanE Ezn am amammjnm umm S agm mumm E 3 ram 563 mumm 3 59 mummrm 5 56am Em xmm M 23 mmamsnmm P S c pcmaman man 3 E E 52 em m u u 5 Hm Hm Hm 393 mgososmtmoog UaltoowBau Zmoam u m mm V xu 4gtw A K g 1w 2bm m f Wm ltm M35 Q Im os rmu h h M L D me p 4 I KTc Bo53m T 0 L xwxamp 3 mi I 4 3 5 T Em 5 955m cum 2 E3 F mmeoamu E mmcjm ua mam wama maa Zaam m zm monm E nnun5 m m ajmanm oa E 3 m 35 mm vo m 3 Hum nmwuoamm 3 mmmEm mampm Tmnumm mmmmm munmmam cmmm mm Eam 33 Em 20 mmmisim 3 mUmw mm3m m3mm 2 agmnn man umogm mm3m am 3 mm 9quot omH m 3 umou m mm 3mgma 0 m oaum ltonmam 3 T S 2 mib I N wmmamu 303 nos6mx m ososm m mamm man mm mQmEm 333 mom mu1sm8 8 omm Eomm 8 E399 mam 035308 3 mama 1 EQmom Umltm um Eoltwa mm mam mmm En S3 ga n gEo umaa rz 8 T A T y Pc A 0 t P 55 ogm U9 E 83mm 3 omltm ms nmETltm uccm 3 H1 I I M l rufcsaor ltc rcrm quot liil b Childhood Ctmllnllmd l ltw Behavior e 2 yettrsz gww m 39fV A T E on 3iWarS Pnnmet mm at t 5 A it t E J J a L lnldren act In sewat1 petl u at H tlttrlmza tlns l2L1L jlVl lquot9trl5 I la 5 439 rirfl Growth and Development Continued 39 Middle Childhood 71 l quotgears LampLtLlJI57 4 39 grrwttll is tstllower but continued lrnprmernent in strength and coor Formal elduteatimr lnetglns SuciaLDeulb5 I the end ofthis stage peers are beeoml lvlostt ll39l llLlSl1lpS are aairnesex dinatiorl ng weary lnmportarlt Adolescent Development Rapid plrysical growth and Change Peers become almost more irnportant than parents Fnd Dl 1Clt0lL rSCEnCE is unclear Atltlltltoocl only begins quotW and adult worllt patterns hen established adult relationships 39 Adolescent Dev Continued as Puberty J 0 rt ltdquot P8 39 Q t 7 Lr A P Z 0 5 l 39 0 l n ll E 39 e I 1quot 3 3 1 all r 39 Primary Sexual Characteristics tli1los ovulation and tnenstruationz Menarche 1 menstrual period 12 yrs 6 months Boys production of sperm cells lll greats Physleal changes lead to l1t 1Cll EaSECl interest in sex and sexual desire L 5 l I a39M v 1 i quot V 39N I V A H 1 f Jr k i I t J H r p v F H 37quot I Jquot W ll Ki flu n Iquotl 3 r39 1 P quotW 4 1 El I E f V I l azkd l ff Adolescent Dev COI39llIlll lU dI Secondary Sex Charactteristics e Glrllsi 00 V r t bl mf t f ijLEV 1 lY5 Qhl OW lJIWlJllFf M 4P3 lmadgg m Op p an A A O Vgbw AA A a i QyS 1 3lE5 6 WU am Aw hidp b 4 J c n 2 u L r it t I j lquot quotu D M f T M if M 0 T Aw39 1 ill lJOlC d p75 H 0 PlIc J p 6 W lmr 1 Uf1d r S zT 6v TTT T F T J T T TT TT TT T T T bIT T m T T n u w T T m an 1 I P Y W Wj J r TI 1 P 1 T L 1 d T TT 1 T 5 T T TT TZ 0 TTHTTTT G T TTE 2 TETTJmTTm TEm rTTiTT T F 3 3 1 T Tnm1TT T TmwTTTTT T TTMT TEEE W a f t 2 K TTTT TTTWL1T wTT MTTnQ T1TTrTampT 4 TTTT TT TTZT 7 TwTTTTTT 5 ETm dZa fTT LT TTr T TmT Emma wz oa m S Umdm ogdwa fA1 aV f T F P 8 FT T T TTrTT TE T TTHTr T TTTTTT TTTTLTTTTT TTrrLQTrT Er ETn S T 33 TTT TTT 1 V T nTT TT 4 Tag EmxwJ Em mm m mm P 0 T 3 J HGQTE I l TT Inner T T T n TTnTFnT T T v T T T T w PN T Tamp mm T 5 P H H TnrTriE m man T m m u T T T x T 0 e T 0 T T T r T TT F O 4 Fry wma e1m H 3 EmmTmToa 25 mm no TEE TTTcTm 365 mET Qmem wmmwmnltw T H I TTwmmTT 5 wTmTuTQTmTom om ii 5 Enigma cgd m mam mltm 3 Boos HT mltw mam TTTTT m mLwm 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p w l gga gi r1arfy MA 13ol4ie nieIe belief that everyone is watching everything they do arid that 0 1 1 Si are thinlczing of them i Law mI A f Q1g1 lE l L f I intense investment in their own thoughts believing that no one else has ever experienced what they are going through Critique of P1agetquots Theory bilities One studied showed that hize with other children ieyelopment because these were Some believe that Piaget underestimated children s a infants can imitate facial expressions and that toddlers can sometimes sympat Some believed that he underestilnated genetic and cultural influences on d not well understood in his time 73 Y Piagetfs theory is respeete deyelopniental psychology d and in uential It has generated countless iayenues for research in Eri1ltsons Psychosocial Stages LE3 1nladrm 3 adu Its y 3 Trust Versus Mistrust Del or 39 2 J gar p Y 5 i Y to it r nt titer ttw d j V s ff Y is tr t Is t fl r 1 iv Autonomy Versus Shame and Douliit 2 if if I 0iS f j 0 l to H L V l Britt WI it is 39lYm i J qir l whit g LN r P g H A 0 E in it 4 Initiative Versus Guilt t t quotlatde the J l i 0 g Uquot llt39trh iv rm o r an Ir I tir6li W CW0 Q1 or lcw W 0 mil 0 Ht l iiiv t ti zn nmi If Rom Lm znperlcd ti Liar rt39j39 6 1 3 y L3939quot llllll l t1llbStturdlJt2Brt2t1n g H J u T K r lrnlustry Versus lnferioritv 59 quot7 tIy39t 0 u 39 394 u t A 0 o 139 Li J tgt A is M l1r MU r l el 19 ffqe ejcPgelN39 5H rgf l 1 139 I ya J E O ll39 1L team D l7 lquottdrl39tl39 el rrl3t U4n 399blllrr tm ltl lquot A c Wt S ll5llt M 9 il its l rljtl P we it i 1 Identity Versus Role Cdhfusionj lQZD W pm team L 0 ts F M quot 1 I Z I K H71n la quot2 4 Jalue M 39 p denlvlf Cr tj 3 Intimacy Versus Isolation I Q gje39E339e W J J u 39 l ill sfilf X v l7 3quotl 7 l quot39r M I 3quot 3 lGenerativity Versus Stagnatitm 1 Ea J V f u H 4 g P A 5 W fa ldtgwwewlhww l t 7 77 in i V E WI 5 L J g T 39 ll 5 fl n uses r Hf P l P l t il 31 Pa V 1 39 n ll 1 I 4 Ego Integrity Versus Despair e e f Irquot J l luh I l J 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