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week five class notes

by: Amanda Baldauf

week five class notes CJC 202 3

Amanda Baldauf
GPA 2.8
Research Methods in Criminal Justice

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About this Document

these are my class notes from week five.
Research Methods in Criminal Justice
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Amanda Baldauf on Sunday September 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CJC 202 3 at Ball State University taught by Gibbs in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see Research Methods in Criminal Justice in Criminal Justice at Ball State University.


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Date Created: 09/27/15
Final is open book open notes Next two test are out of 100 points Final is out of 75 points CHAPTER 4 CLASS NOTES Criteria for causality o 2 variables must be correlated with one another they both move occur together Xlt gtv o The cause must occur before the effect XgtY o The correlation cannot be caused by a 3rd outside variable Variable correlation 0 Positive 0 The more you study the higher your grades are 0 Negative 0 The less you study the lower your grades are Drug use gt crime Crimegt drug use Necessary V sufficient o Necessary cause is a condition that must be present for the effect to follow 0 Sufficient cause is a condition that guarantees the effect on question Various aspects of validity o Validity an attempt to figure out if an statement about cause and effect are true 0 Validity threats reasons that one may be incorrect in stating that some cause produced an effect validity threats 0 Statistical conclusion validity an ability to determine whether a change in the suspected cause is statistically associated with the suspected effect 0 Limited sample is a frequent cause for this validity issue 0 Construct validity generalizing what one observes and measures to the real world things in which one is interested 0 measurement lSSUES Internal and external validity 0 Internal validity the relationship between 2 variables has internal validity if the causal relationship is not due to another variable 0 Remember ice cream and crime 0 External validity whether or not research results from one study can be reproduced in another study under different conditions 0 The issue of generalizability Validity summarized 0 Two categories of validity o Bias statistical conclusion and internal validity o Generalizability construct and external validity 0 Drug use and crime 0 Temporal order ambiguity 0 Statistical relationship exists but other variables are involved not direct 0 Not all drugs use is the same construct Units of analysis 0 What or who are being studied 0 Typically the units of observation In order to study how individuals protect their homes UOA individual household residents Homes with no burglar alarms are targeted UOA households UOA can be 0 nduvia o Often in the context of their membership in groups 0 Groups 0 comparing gang activity amongst other gangs 0 Organization 0 Correctionalfacilities 0 Characteristics of individuals are aggregates 0 Social artifacts 0 Newspapers articles police reports UOA of analyses observations pedophile 33 gt increased chance of recidivism Teacherlovers 47 you need to know the date of occurrence temporal orders


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