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by: Kelsey Carroll

9/22-24/2015 PSYC 440 002

Kelsey Carroll
GPA 3.46
Survey of Personality
Eugene Hubener

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About this Document

Survey of Personality
Eugene Hubener
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kelsey Carroll on Sunday September 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYC 440 002 at University of South Carolina taught by Eugene Hubener in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 57 views. For similar materials see Survey of Personality in Psychlogy at University of South Carolina.


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Date Created: 09/27/15
Start of Material for Exam Two Freud and Psychosexual Development Phaic Stage ages 35 continued 0 Gaining a sense of power 0 Consciousness develops o Homosexuaityheterosexuaity develops here 0 Oedipus Complex Example of Na Na Boy a ve year old boy that could nurse whenever his dad wasn39t around and slept in his place at night when he is out of town His dad did not agree 0 More than about sex but about power Healthy family according to family therapist Hierarchy F M C1 2 C3 0 Children are subject to the authority of the parents 0 Example of hierarchy in Na Na Boy and the abuseimbalance of power C1 M F C2 3 Freud s Structural Model of the Mind Id 0 Driver primary motivator of personality Pleasure principle sex amp aggression 0 Reduction of tension through the immediate grati cation of instincts Primary process thinking dreams not bound by logic or reality 0 Reality principle 0 Secondary process thinking 0 Reality based problem solving thinking 0 Defense mechanism Formulate compromises between Id and Superego and the outside world by the reality principle acknowledgement of the outside world Superego A primitive internalized representative of the values of society that is formed in our psyches during the phallic stage from the same sex parent daughtermom or sonfather o Represents social constraints 0 Animal house angel and devil example from exam 1 o Evolves out of the phallic stage Defense Mechanism Regression retreating to an earlier and more primitive stage or mode of behavior in order to avoid pain threats or anxiety 0 Kids after trauma 0 Displacement shifting an impulse from a threatening to a nonthreatening object 0 Kid got spanked and the kid takes his anger out on someone else weaker not who spanked them Sublimation channeling socially unacceptable impulses into acceptable even admirable behavior 0 Surgeon cutting people and in return it saves them 0 Doing something frowned upon by society but for a good reason Repression a dangerous impulse in actively and totally excluded from consciousness 0 Push ideas away truly unaware 0 Multiple personality disorder the librarian and the prostitute Projection attributing one39s own unacceptable and disturbing thoughts and impulses to someone else 0 Catholic man wants a divorce but it is wrong in his religion so he pushes his wife away until she wants a divorce 0 Reaction Formation Warding off an unacceptable impulse by over emphasizing its opposite in thought and behavior 0 Mom wants to kill her baby but is head of an antiabortion foundation Rationalization devising an extremely quotreasonablyquot explanation or excuse for an event or behavior that threatens the person39s esteem o Sheldon The Ego breaks down neurotic break down when it is overwhelmed by the id superego and the outside world 0 Example hand washing removing guilt from psyche action has a meaning Neapsvchoanalvsis Ego Psvchology Expand the functions of the ego o Ego as autonomous master integrator driver of personality Promotes adaptation through all of the brain Emphasize importance of interpersonal relationships as critical to development 0 Object relations provide structure for individualism Family stems theory problems are the result of failure of the family to individuate Competence motivation wants to be more competent through our lives 0 Erik Erikson ego psychologist interpersonal relationships most important In the context of other people is how people develop individually lThought this model re ected our ever changing evolving learning competent seeking people in a world of other people Symbiotic relationship where someone is completely dependent on the other 0 Throughout life relationships change and gain independence 0 Example motherfetus lndividuation Opposite of individuation trying to change someone based on your own needs Goethe quota good relationship is when each is the guardian of the others solitudequot Respecting the others difference and advancefacilitate their individuality Family Systems Theory with Ego Psychology 0 Looks beyond the individual and identi es the issues within the family the quotillquot person is like an escape goat and they are acting out the skewed family systems 0 Re ect an undifferentiated ego mass 0 Not allowed to have individual differences 0 Example of Ego Psychology Tuba Boy 0 High school senior band student had so much anxiety about school he couldn39twouldn39t go 0 Mom and Tuba Boy were really close and looked like dad and sister were excluded Dad worked a lot 0 Tuba boy was not becomingwanting to grow in individuation Graduating leaving home going to work 0 Parents lived in separate worlds and had not alone time 0 Tuba Boy is too anxious when away from mom 0 The counselors wanted the parents to spend more time alone together so the mother and son would spend less time together 0 The setup of the room during counseling Sister Dad Mom Tuba Boy Family Structure TB Mom Dad Sister Psvchoanalvtic Counseling 0 Free association gives a stimulus and ask them the rst thing that comes to mind dreampicture card 0 Gets at an unconscious behavior 0 Blank screen behavior the therapist remains as neutral and ambiguous as possible 0 Sitting behind a client so they can39t see the nonverbal behavior of the therapist o If the setting is neutral then the client will project unbiased unconscious behavior Transference transferring onto the therapist some of those unresolved con ict in the past CounterTransference can39t objectively see the client because of the therapists own issues 0 Interpretation therapist gives meaning or interprets the client39s behavior Very open ended statements and the session is client lead


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