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week 14-25 notes

by: KennyaA

week 14-25 notes pols 2310

Introduction to politics
Webking, Robert H

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About this Document

Introduction to politics
Webking, Robert H
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by KennyaA on Sunday September 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to pols 2310 at University of Texas at El Paso taught by Webking, Robert H in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 39 views.


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Date Created: 09/27/15
Week Sept 1416 339 Socrates tries to explain the truth truth it didn39t work the jury wouldn39t accept the truth therefore he tried to use another way to explain 0 Socrates tells the story of the Oracle Oracle s riddle there39s no one smarter than Socrates laying a prejudice into Socrates he tries to refute the Oracle by question it Socrates went on a mission to find someone wiser than him by questioning their beliefsprinciples and why they thought were good unike Antigone Socrates wanted to acknowledge the different points of view by doing this he angered them Socrates went to 3 type of people politicians poets artisans engineers doctors physicians He started questioning the leading figure in Athens politicians the community choose them for their principles making them appear wise he questions them amp made them explain why their agenda were good Why is prosperity ood quot Socrates just wanted to understand no harm meant but by continuing pressing on the pointthey got desperate making Socrates realize the politicians weren39t wise they can39t go deeper on the subject there was a quotclash of principlesquot conversation doesn39t go anywhere after some time Socrates just embarrasses politician in front of the community they were least of the group to give rational explanation to their beliefsbehavior He then questioned the poets quotauthorities of moral truth spoke inspirational but couldn39t support their ideas Lastly the artisans were the closest to what Socrates was looking for people that could explain their answers 0 Sometimes is good to not question thingsgo deeper into the subject it39s better for the community to not question morals amp principles poiticaly is better for people to just take things for granted and not question the source and results fundamentals agreements cause instability in community those core beliefs thought as granted are the most dangerous Socrates cause instability unintentionally his goal was to find stability in community and expansion in peoples mindsunderstanding Week Sept 2125 0 New accusers The ones that brought him to court pressed charges against him Plato depicts the communities perspective through the new accusers Meletus voice initiated the persecution Anytus general in Peloponnesian War driving force behind the prosecution Lycon a simple orator quotwannabe famous Actua charges 1 Corruption the youth orrupt in class definition make something bad evil individuals harm others Socrates doesn39t present witnesses but calls Meletus in a dialogue S If I corrupt the youth who makes them better M everyone has the capacity to teach train the youth except you ltridiculousgt S provides comparative example everyone can attempt to train a horse but only a few people can train them well Socrates didn39t corrupt the youth intentionally He doesn39t not corrupt the youth as the Athenian understand corruption Recent issue whose teachings harms youth Socrates or Athens 2 Socrates doesn39t believe in gods of Athens but in other new divinities new accusers label him as atheist completely but it doesn39t make sense to Socrates because he might not believe in Athenian gods but he still believes in other divinities Automatic contradiction for Meletus o Plato presents Socrates as an irritating person who question the rulesgods of Athens Socrates is genuinely concerned with the political stability of Athens 0 The community reach to the conclusion that Socrates is harmful to their political structureamp decide on a punishment Socrates propose an alternative penalty just from what he does and does not deserve since it was unintentional they shouldn39t punish him but instead just teach him Accusers thought that he would ask for exile rather than death instead he proposed free meals to be treated as an Olympic winner politician or member of the army rather than death he seeks for options that won39t harm him exile would harm him 0 Plato makes Socrates explain himself on 3 occasions 1 When he explains the prejudice against him 2 When he defends himself against the charge of corrupting the youth 3 The way he does things and why which is the best way of life for a human being is to live to develop hisher mind on this occasion he warns the accusers that he will only use the simple truth because it is the most difficult thing to explain and make them understand 0 Proposal for penalty Pay fine Sentence to death Loses votes ppl that a while ago voted not guilty now vote guilty cause of the truth 0 Closing speech to quotguiltyquot voters divides speech 2 parts 1 Speech to people who voted guilty Socrates didn39t ramble about the injustice they do very mild doesn39t focus on moral qualities Instead he tells them they39re political stupid amp that history isn39t going to forget him Socrates because he is going to go down on history as the wise man and them jury as the ones who killed the wise man 2 Speech to friends or ppl who voted not guilty very mild Socrates tells them not to tell the whole truth in certain situations to preserve Itself Socrates is technically breaking the Athenian law but it39s not clear because both sides political stability and Socrates have valid point both must change


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