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Youth and Crime

by: Kendrick Bartell

Youth and Crime SOCIO 460

Kendrick Bartell
GPA 4.0

Roy Barnett

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About this Document

Roy Barnett
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kendrick Bartell on Monday September 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOCIO 460 at Kansas State University taught by Roy Barnett in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/214953/socio-460-kansas-state-university in Sociology at Kansas State University.

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Reviews for Youth and Crime


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Date Created: 09/28/15
Female Delinquency Lombrosso Women are inferior to men Unable to feel pain Characterized by a passive conservative approach Women are born With feminine characteristics that make them dull Female criminal is more vicious Female Delinquency Cowie Overdevelopment leads to early seX Menstruation is a distressing reminder that they Will never be men Frustration leads to crime Sigmund Freud Penis Enyy Girls feel deprived because they re not boys Adapt Having a baby Delinquents attempt to be a man Female Delinquency Wl Thomas Boys have a certain force katabolic destructive Girls have an anabolic force motionless conservative The Unadjusted Girl Desire for new experiences security recognitionresponse seX used as a form of human capitol Female Delinquency Peter Bols Female delinquency is a sexual acting out Revenge against the mother Could be attempt to restore reality to an emotionally alienated girl Female Delinquency Otto Pollack Women committing crime but not caught Women are inherently deceitful instigators Women commit crimes in relation to their occupation Chivalry could be occurring from police and judges Blocked Opportunity Theory Susan Dalesman Limited opportunities more tied to females All delinquents regarded their opportunity less positively compared to non delinquents Women39s Liberation Movement Freda Adler Adult women and juvenile crime is linked to opportunity Girls have been instilled that they should have the same ambitions as boys The opportunities are not there Some girls may pick up on traditional male delinquency act Women s Liberation Movement Criticisms Mostly poor minority women in crime Crites Poor women always competing with men Crites WLM no impact on women and crime Steffensmeier Increase in crime started before late 60s Increase in female crime is more of a social invention Weis Social Control Theory Why are most of us not criminal We have ties to conventional social order We are attached to others parents Commitment to other institutions School Beliefs and involvement matter Delinquent when attachment to social order is brokenweak Peer Group In uence Giordano Most likely scenarios for females to be delinquent Female committing delinquent act in mixed gender group Alone Group of females Pair of females One girl and many boys One boy Peer Group In uence Meers Ploegen and Warr Moral evaluation mattered most for girls Slows down level of delinquency Power Control Theory Mothers are gaining power relative to the husband More women working outside the home Patriarchal families are moving toward egalitarian Feminist Theory Silbert and Pines 60 of street prostitutes had been sexually abused Girl s victimization and crimes they re involved in are related This relationship has been systematically ignored Gender Bias and the System Visher Adolescent females receive discriminatory treatment because of society s disapproval of sexual actions Younger females received harsher punishment than older Patemalistic role over the younger girls Racial Discrimination quotThose Loud Black Girls Signithia Fordham Studied intercity schools in Baltimore Young black girls did not accept Anglo quotnormsquot for girls Loud aggressive and assertive Led to negative school eXperiences Family and Delinquency Structure vs Function Structure Bigsmall family singleparent Function Signif1cant of relationships Family and Delinquency Broken Home Mangold Single most important factor of eXplaining delinquency Family and Delinquency Birth Order Children bom in middle are more likely to be delinquent Oldest child gets a lot of attention Youngest child seen as baby and observe older siblings Initially children stabilize family but later children destabilize Cost is key factor Family and Delinquency Family Size Children from large family are more at risk to be delinquent Middle children get lost in big families Parents have a hard time supervising a lot of kids parents delegate responsibilities to children Larger families are more at risk for social problems Family and Delinquency Quality ot Home Happiness of marriage was key factor of delinquency Nye Good marital relationships and cohesiveness was key in preventing delinquency Gluecks Parental love can act as a psychological anchor to conformity Lagrange Family and Delinquency Family Rejection Rosen Focuses on AfricanAmerican boys Study of boys in Philadelphia Lower delinquency rates for AfricanAmerican boys who had high interactions with father Family and Delinquency Broken Home Wales and Rankin Delinquency is 10 15 higher in broken home Stronger for minor forms of delinquency Stronger for families broken by divorce vs death Child s age at time of break up did not matter No impact of stepparents Family and Delinquency Discipline in the Home Nye Strict being laX or unfair could all lead to delinquency Disciplinary role of father mattered more Family and Delinquency Child Abuse and Neglect W idom 2 studies 29 of abused and neglected children ended up with serious criminal records as adults 21 of nonabused control group Maltreated children ended up with more juvenile arrests More likely arrested for violent crime More serious delinquent careers Family and Delinquency Child Abuse and Neglect Polansky Looked at mothers accused of neglect ApatheticFutile Mother emotionally numb to children Impulseridden Mother Restless and crazed excitement Mentally retarded Mother Reactiondepressive Mother BorderlinePsychotic Mother Family and Delinquency Child Abuse and Neglect Straus Myths of Corporal Punishment Spanking is abuse 90 of families use spanking Does not seem to work short term but not long term Negative impact long term Mothers tend to hit more No social class factors Works as a cycle Family and Delinquency Child Abuse and Neglect Age and Abuse Schools and Delinquency Mann Saw over 250 pupils receive 328 separate whippings in one week in 1840 Schools and Delinquency Schools today Problems Poor achievement Lack of funding Crime Schools and Delinquency Issues with Urban Schools Failure to provide a safe orderly environment Areas where there are high social problems Authoritarian and repressive school atmospheres Creates bored frustrated alienated kids Schools and Delinquency Eras of crime and violence in schools 19703 Secondary school pupils experienced increasing theft and violence 19803 Teachers are subjects of assault 19903 Violent crimes at school increased 2005 Dramatic decline of school violence Schools and Delinquency Gangs If you were a gang member in school far more likely to carry guns Knox More likely to say it s easier to get a gun Callahan and Rivara Constantly trying to get new members More than 1 gang school Con ict among rival gangs school events Schools and Delinquency School Failure Elliot and Voss Studied 2700 kids over a 4 year period Of the kids Who dropped out significantly higher rate of delinquency While in school The dropouts delinquent behavior dramatically declined When they left school Schools and Delinquency School Failure Jaijouria Dropouts are not a homogeneous group not alike Vary by gender race age etc 3 reasons Short term Bad grades Long term child bearing school vs non school reasons Impact of personal environmental and economic conditions


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