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Honors Colloquium

by: Norberto Botsford

Honors Colloquium DAS 450

Norberto Botsford
GPA 3.64


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Norberto Botsford on Monday September 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to DAS 450 at Kansas State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see /class/214955/das-450-kansas-state-university in Arts and Sciences at Kansas State University.

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Date Created: 09/28/15
Kansas State University WOMST500DAS450 Introduction to Nonviolence Studies Spring 2006 230 520 Leasure 112 Cia Verschelden Phone 5325712 email ciaksuedu Office 226 Anderson Hall Office Hours by appointment COURSE DESCRIPTION In this course we will learn about the theory and practice of nonviolence as a method of social change and as a way of life We will attempt to engage our intellects our spirits and our bodies in the consideration of violence and nonviolence from dynamics that occur within our own minds and souls to those that affect the future of the Earth and its many life forms We will share with each other from our own lived experiences and we will listen to the wisdom of people who have practiced nonviolence in their lives and work STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES At the J 39 quot ofY J quot to V 39 39 Studies students should be able to 0 Communicate an understanding of the theory and practice of nonviolence and historical examples of its application 0 Analyze possible gender differences in views and actions related to peacewar violencenonviolence creation destruction etc Apply holistic thinking to human issues ranging from local to global 0 Demonstrate the ability to think critically about localto global issues related to violencenonviolence equalityinequality justiceinjustice balanceimbalance etc Articulate soundly reasoned views and opinions to the class and within small groups Demonstrate the ability to listen consciously and respectfully to the views and opinions of other speakers in the class See explain and critically analyze the relevance of the course topic to current events Integrate course content into life experience to form a personal philosophy related to nonviolence EXPECTATIONS FOR INSTRUCTOR I will follow the course outline as closely as possible and will notify you of modifications in the outline if needed I will attempt to create and maintain a classroom atmosphere in which you feel free to express your views while remaining sensitive to the needs of others and to the need to address adequately each course topic Students often disagree about the ideal amount of time that should be given over to lecture as opposed to discussion Please participate in discussions while being sensitive to the constraints imposed by class size and the need to cover course material I will interrupt discussion 1 when it seems to me that one person is dominating discussion at the expense of others andor 2 when Ithink that we might not cover a course topic adequately if discussion is not limited The speci c times that I am in my office vary from day to day It will be most efficient for you to make an appointment with me contact Debi dwahlksuedu 5325712 for an appointment or email me at ciaksuedu if you have questionscomments EXPECTATIONS FOR STUDENTS Students should inform me by phone or email if they will miss class and why and get notes and other class information from a fellow student In addition to the obviousreading assignments before they are discussed in class and contributing to class discussionsI appreciate straightforward feedback from you regarding how well the class is meeting your needs Let me know if material is not clear or when its relevance to the student learning outcomes for the course is not apparent or when you re bored out of your mind It is also expected that class participants will treat classmates with respect avoiding contentious arguments and observing the rules of confidentiality regarding personal information shared in class 2 CLASS FORMAT Class sessions will consist of group work input from instructor and other speakers various media input and small group and class discussion Students are expected to be active class participants sharing personal experiences contributing ideas generated by assignments and expressing views based on independent study and re ection ASSESSMENT OF STUDENT LEARNING Current Events 100 points Three times throughout the semester bring into class some article from the media that you perceive is relevant to the course content Along with the article write a brief paragraph in which you summarize the connection to something that youwe have been reading or discusing Due by February 13 March 13 and April 10 Grades for these articles willbe95 w 98 90 Class Assigments 100 points Assigned either prior to a class or in class Grades for these assignments will be u 95 5 98 90 Letter to the Editor 100 points Write a l2page letter to the editor addressing one of the course topics Short description and target newspaper due by February 27 Letter due on March 27 10 points extra credit for submitting it to a newspaper and 10 more if the newspaper prints it Class Contribution 120 points Students are expected to be present in the classroom in both body and mind Contributions to class discussions will be evaluated on quality as well as quantity Students who read the assigned readings for the class period and come prepared to discuss the content will be best prepared to contribute signi cantly during class Students who are passively eg sleeping or actively e g talking in private discussions working on the Collegian crossword or being otherwise occupied disrupting the class may be asked to leave 12 of the points will be given for attendance and 12 for class contribution verbal and otherwise Evaluation of Learning in the Course IDEA On line 30 points This is an online survey that asks you to re ect on the learning that you have done in this course and how the instruction in the course helped you to learn You need to complete the survey toward the end of the semester You will get an email message and then reminders from Nova Nickerson at the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning on campus Points will be given for complete forms although I will not see your responses until after I have submitted your semester grades Presentation to Class with partner of a Nonviolent Struggle 100 points From Gene Sharp s Waging Nonviolent Struggle you will work with a partner to read one of the chapters 5 7 27 do research beyond the book and then present to the class Examples of nonviolent struggle that are not mentioned in this book might be used this will need to be negotiated with the instructor Turn in 23pages of typed wellorganized notes Due on day of presentation Paperproject 1300 points Propose and createproduce a paper or project through which the accomplishment of the student learning outcomes is demonstrated This must involve research into a topic synthesis into a product such as a paper short story play song video visual art series of informational lea ets etc and must include some social action component Proposal due by March 6 and paperproject by April 10 Final Exam 150 points The nal exam is designed to measure the extent to which students demonstrate their knowledge and understanding in the areas listed under STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES pp 12 It will cover material from the required readings and class sessions No makeup exams will be given without prior arrangements May 1 230 520 pm Grading Course grades will be based on the total number of points accumulated 900 1000 A 800899 B 700799 C 600699 D lt600 F An quotAquot is given for exceptionally good work and a quotBquot is given for work that is good or very good A C is given for work of average quality A D is given for work that is below average but meets minimum assignment requirements quotIncompletequot I grades will be given only when extenuating circumstances beyond a student s control interfere with the timely completion of course requirements Arrangements for this should be made as soon as it is known that an quotIquot will be requested UNIVERSITY AND PROGRAM POLICIES Student Rigl1ts and Responsibilities Information on your rights and responsibilities may be found in the Campus Phone Book Student Life Handbook Student Rights and Responsibilities Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence and RacialEthnic Harassment Please review these university policies on pp 3031 of the 20022004 undergraduate catalog also in the Campus Phone Book Student Life Handbook Policy Prohibiting Racial and or Ethnic Harassment Policy Prohibiting Sexual Harassment and Policy Prohibiting Sexual Violence Academic Dishonesty Plagiarism and cheating are serious offenses and may be punished by failure on the exam paper or project failure in the course and or expulsion from the university For more information refer to the section on Academic Honesty in the Campus Phone Book Student Life Handbook KSU Undergraduate Honor System On all exams and papers each student agree to the following statement On my honor as a student I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this academic work J Universitv Policv on A Any student with a disability who needs an accommodation or other assistance in this course should make an appointment to speak with me as soon as possible REQUIRED TEXT Benjamin M amp Evans J 2005 Stop the next war now E quotective responses to violence and terrorism Maui HI Inner Ocean Publishing Inc Sharp G 2005 Waging nonviolent struggle 20th century practice and 21A1 century potential Boston Extending Horizons Books Zinn H 2005 The power of nonviolence Writings by advocates of peace Boston Beacon Press Course Packet available at the Arts amp Sciences Copy Center Eisenhower Hall Rm ll COURSE THEMES Thoughts about peace Read Let a Man Overcome Anger by Love Newer Ideas of Peace The Trial of Scott Nearing and the American Socialist Society Paci sm The Root of War is Fear and Declaration of Independence from the War in Vietnam POWER It starts with one voice Read Chapter 1 STOP Civil Disobedience and Neither Victims nor Executioners POWER Building a stronger antiwar movement Read Chapter 3 STOP Albert Einstein on Pacifism Patriotism or Peace Pray for Peace but Pay for War Unity Statement of the Women s Pentagon Action USA PACKET From a culture of violence to a culture of peace Read Chapter 2 STOP The Dilemma of the Absolute Paci st A Conversation POWER Organic Balance as a Conceptual Framework for Social Change Movements and Steps Toward Inner Peace PACKET The humanity we share Read Chapter 5 STOP Loving Your Enemies The Doctrine of the Sword Ahimsa PACKET Strengthening women s voices Read Chapter 4 STOP The First Fifty Years The Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki The Role of Women in the Japanese Peace Movement Dorothy Day Jeannette Rankin PACKET Gender considerations Read Mothers and Men s Wars Sexism Violence and the Nuclear Mentality Rape is All Too Thinkable for Quite the Normal Sort of Man PACKET Waging nonviolent struggle part 1 Read Part One STRUGGLE REPORTS ON NONVIOLENT STRUGGLES Waging nonviolent struggle part 2 Read Part Three STRUGGLE REPORTS ON NONVIOLENT STRUGGLES Principled negotiation Read Getting to Yes Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In book review PACKET Noncooperation with status quo Read War Tax Resistance 6 sections PACKET Protect and respect resources Read Chapter 9 STOP Diet for a New America Diet for a Small Planet PACKET Social and economic justice Final Exam May 1 230 520


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