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Britain Boers to the Beatles

by: Shawn Pfannerstill

Britain Boers to the Beatles HIST 388

Marketplace > George Mason University > History > HIST 388 > Britain Boers to the Beatles
Shawn Pfannerstill
GPA 3.84


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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Shawn Pfannerstill on Monday September 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 388 at George Mason University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see /class/214975/hist-388-george-mason-university in History at George Mason University.


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Date Created: 09/28/15
Page 1 of2 HIST 388010 Dr Matthews Final examination topics Your nal examination will be held on Thursday the 10th of May The test will begin at 1030 am and will end at 115 pm You will have this entire period to take the exam but if you are late you will not be given any additional time to complete the test NOTE Once you begin the exam you may not leave the room for any reason whatsoever until you have finished the test Taking the exam at the testing center If you have been given permission to do so M must make the arrangements this includes providing the proper paperwork which I must sign ahead of time You are required to bring a Scantron card Form No 882 E and a No 2 pencil to ll in the Scantron card You should also bring a pen for writing essays Blue books for your essays will be passed out at the beginning ofthe exam All questions for this test are taken from lectures given or readings assigned from Week 9 Tuesday the 20th of March and the lecture outline item At the Creation the rise of Fascist Italy and ending with the lecture given at the nal course session on Thursday the 3rel of May So far as the readings are concerned you are responsible for all reading assignments from Week 6 as these include sections on Fascist Italy to the last readings assigned for Week 15 The exam questions will be based on the topics listed below although a few items may be added or deleted at the session prior to the exam This exam will consist of multiple choice identi cation amp essay questions you will be given a choice of essay questions Finally a note about your term papers My aim is to return these assignments on Thursday the 3ml of May This however is my aim not a commitment For reasons beyond my control they may not be ready for return until the day of the nal exam the 10th This is disappointing I realize as all of you are anxious to know how you well you did on this assignment However this is as hectic a time of year for instructors as it is for students Since all of you were given several extra days grace to hand in these papers we have had a bare two weeks to read amp consider this work Believe me this matter is being handled expeditiously amp your papers are being given every consideration Short answer amp multiplechoice question topics Elements of the Dawes Plan Winston Churchill s role in the 1926 General Strike Statute of Westminster TenYear Rule Causes of the Great Depression in the United States Imperial Preference US attitudes toward Europe during the 1930s repudiation of debt etc


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