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Musics of the World

by: Roosevelt Lynch

Musics of the World MUSI 103

Marketplace > George Mason University > Music > MUSI 103 > Musics of the World
Roosevelt Lynch
GPA 3.65


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Roosevelt Lynch on Monday September 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MUSI 103 at George Mason University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/214978/musi-103-george-mason-university in Music at George Mason University.

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Date Created: 09/28/15
Concert Report Guidelines for MUSI 103 0012 World Music Events 39 As mentioned in the syllabus you are required to attend three concerts featuring the musical styles and repertoires we study in class post a response on Blackboard and bring a paper copy to class with a ticket stub program or other proof of attendance Basic Writing Parameters 39 Reports should be approximately two hundred fifty 250 words 39 Proofread your reports Aspects of writing such as proper use of punctuation sentence formation and spelling in addition to content will figure into your grade 39 Help is available for free at the Writing Center if you have any questions or concerns about your prose Diversity of Concerts 39 This course takes a broad approach to the concept of world music and includes in this category repertoires typically thought of as Western With this in mind you may write one of your reviews on a performance of Western music an opera performance a rock concert an oldies showcase One of the other main objectives of this course is to raise students awareness of repertoires outside of what s offered through large US media outlets and to increase their knowledge of the tremendous diversity of musical styles found throughout the world In line with this objective at least two of your reports must deal with performances of repertoires outside of what one might consider Western music If you have any questions about this part of the requirement please ask me It is better to find out that two concerts are too similar before you turn your reports in than it is to find out a erwards Information 39 Provide the following information when what where who 39 Cite the source of your information whether it be the artist an announcer program notes or any other source 39 Plagiarism is the act of representing someone else s thoughts words or ideas as your own BE SURE TO PROPERLY CITE ALL SOURCES OF INFORMATION For a definition of plagiarism see the syllabus for this course Writing 39 Write in complete sentences A sentence has a subject a verb and possibly several modifiers Avoid runon sentences and fragments 39 Write in complete paragraphs A paragraph begins with a topic sentence an overarching claim or observation that constitutes the main idea of the paragraph All subsequent sentences at least two support or develop the statement made in the topic sentence 39 Colloquialisms and cliches are not appropriate in universitylevel writing except when cited as part of a direct quotation Please refrain from using phrases like into the music so into the music or cool in your reports unless you are directly quoting song texts a conversation etc 39 Please be mindful of the extent to which you use the passive voice which is marked by some form ofthe verb to be am is are was were be being been Excessive use of the passive voice makes for vague and uninspiring prose while obscuring agency We cannot completely eliminate the passive voice from our speech and writing but each time you nd yourself using some form of the verb to be think about whether or not you can nd a better way to express your thoughts Ex The use of the passive voice is frowned upon in this class becomes much more specific when I change it to I frown when students use the passive voice because the construction can obscure a writer s porn Further considerations 39 Be sure to describe the venue the place the performance is being held the arrangementdecorationlighting of the space and the position of the musicians relative to the audience ie in the center of the room on a stage in the corner etc Describe the audience Who attends this concert and how do they listen How do they interact with one another and with the musicians during the performance Is silence encouraged during the performance If so how Do listeners applaud and cheer after each piece During the performance Do people talk among themselves dance sing along etc while the music is playing You must be extremely careful not to over generalize when you describe the audience Qualify statements by a being as specific as possible ex After the conclusion of the piece the audience burst into loud and vigorous applause that lasted over a minute would be better than The audience loved the show b framing assertions in a way that makes it clear that they are your own observations and not inarguable facts ex Most of the people sitting in my immediate vicinity were dressed formally Waiting in line for a coffee at the intermission I saw that this was also true for a larger number of the concertgoers would be better than Everyone was dressed very formally Write about the music itself TMI Though we have gone to great lengths in this class to interrogate the relationship between music and context part of the objective of this assignment is for you to use the vocabulary we discuss in class to describe the sounds you hear at concerts Show that you can correctly describe textures meters instrumental ensembles tempi registers etc in addition to the stylistic parameters specific to the genres we study in this class Back up your statements with examples Statement The concert featured a relaxed and informal atmosphere Example Between the first and second songs the singersongwriter tuned her guitar and told the story behind the upcoming composition She also engaged the audience directly at several points asking the party at the front table how they were enjoying their coffee and begging the gentleman in the back of the cafe to stop requesting the song Freebird Statement Toward the end of the concert the performers tried to engage the audience and make them a more integral part of the performance Example In the secondtolast song the lead singer began clapping his hands above his head in time with the music and verbally encouraging the audience to clap along A er repeating the chorus several times all of the singers stopped singing and


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