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by: Antonina Wuckert
Antonina Wuckert
GPA 3.94


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Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Antonina Wuckert on Monday September 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECE 612 at George Mason University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/215039/ece-612-george-mason-university in ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING at George Mason University.

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Date Created: 09/28/15
ECE 612 RealTime Systems RealTime Languages 2 GE Prof K Hintz Electrical amp Computer Engineering mum VAXJHQK HirlxZnnllt x Types of Languagesquot OConcurrent language Programs that may be executed in parallel such as muuprogammrng sharing one processor distributed munprocessmg separate prooessors sharing v one m QgtImperative languages Operates by a se duence or commands that change the value or data elements Typified by assignmenm and iteration mu mm New asnetwmmwmm am new 7 Types of Languages Dataflow language Language suitable tor use on a datatiow architecture Necessary properties a freedom from Side effecB the quivalenoe orsdnedurng oorstramts With data dependencies Synchronous language uratron of servicing an event is shorter than the time een even I Can be validated deterministically nlSan new 2 ONamed after Ada Lovelace 18151852 Ada95 current version Ada83 original is a large complex blockstructured language aimed primarily at very large and very critical embe e computer applications lt has facilities for Reairtrme response urrency I Hardware access Reliable runrtime handing mum mas o Public Law 101511 Sec 8092 quotNotwithstanding any other provisions of law after June 1 1991 where cost effective all Department of Defense software shall be written in the programming language Ada in the absence of special exemption by an official designated by the Secretary of Defense Ada Compiles to most OS Free compilers are available Multitasking Tasks are synchronized by the rendezvous in which a task waits for one of it subroutines to be executed by anot er The conditiona entw makes it possible for a task to test whether an entry is rea y The selective wait waits for either of two entries e or waits for a limited tIm JJJSZEIEM mim 5 llJSZum mim 5 Ada Properties Ada 27 7 gtStrongly typed it Builtin concurrency 33 Exception handling Exceptions can occur in a block of code and if not Y handled there propagate up blocks as the complete Q Generic templates Distributed execution oiEWSuitable for validation and proving reliability 11152uu4 mom 7 Standard and de facto interfaces to other languages and libraries lt90bject oriented inheritance Tasks are prioritized lt gtStatic and dynamic declaration of concurrent tasks Strongly influenced by PASCAL 11152uu4 mom a 4 CO RBA Common Object Request Broker Architecture Q Example of Interface Definition Language IDL Developed by an industry consortium known as the Object management Group OMG Q Enables pieces of programs called objects to communicate with one another regardless of what programming language they were written in or what OS they are running on 11152004 rt5710 9 CO RBA Most widely used implementation IBM39s SOM System Object Model and DSOM Distributed System Object Model Netscape as part of it39s Netscape One Open Network Environment platform 11152004 rt5710 10 CO RBA om on m mopmp E 1mm Figure 810 CORBA amhiieclum 11152004 rt5710 11 RT CORBA mum 11152004 rt5710 12 Java 17 WA simple objectoriented distributed interpreted robust architecture neutral protable highperformance multithreaded dynamic language Originally called Oak ltQgtSimilar in appearance to C but without operator overloading multiple inheritance automatic coercions and pointer arithmetic Designed to be secure with authentication techniques based on publickey encryption nosmm rEJD Java Interpreted with a stackbased virtual machine A net interface allows the compiled code to be sent across the Internet and remotely egtltecuted thus allowing users to add programs to their web pages Well supported by industry leading to portability Large libraries and API nosmm rEJD ALDiSP ART amp CHILL ALDiSP Applicative Language for Digital Signal Processing oART Realtime functional language timestamps each data value when it was crea e lt gtCHILL CCl39l39l39 HIghLevel Language ca 1980 Realtime language widely used in European telecommunications httP www informatik unir eiburg deJavamisclangist html 11152uu4 rEJD 15 CLASP8LConC Computer Language for Aeronautics and Programming Realtime language with focus on xedpoint math lt9 ConC Concurrent extension ofC based on DPN decomposed Petri nets using 39handshake39 and 39unit39 constructs 11152uu4 rEJD CORAL amp DPS CORAL Realtime system programming language a derivative of JOVIAL and ALGOL60 DPS Realtime language with direct expression of timing requests 11152uu4 mgr 17 raERLANG Specifically designed to build faulttolerant distributed systems which can contain large numbers of current processes Concurrent functional language for large industrial realtime systems Dynamic code replacement Foreign language interface Egtltplicit concurrency 11152nn4 mgr m N ERLANG properties U ntyped Dynamically typed The type of the objects it will name is not speci ed at compile time lt gtTransparent crossplatform distribution Primitives for detecting runtime errors Realtime garbage collection modules lll ZEIEM rsgu 19 Esterel amp FLEX e Esterel Distributed language for synchronous interaction of realtime systems with their environment Uses egtltpicit timing requests Compile into finite automata FLEX Realtime language for dynamic environments 11152uu4 mgr 2n HAL S amp ILIAD HALS Realtime language used by NASA for onboard shuttle software ILIAD Real time language nosmm rEJD r JOVIAL amp LTR QJOVIAL Jule39s Own Version of IAL Based on ALGOL 58 with extensions for lar e scale realtime programming The data elements are items entries records and tables R Langage TempsReel A French predecessor to Ada Modulalike with a set of specialpurpose realtime constructs based on an even mode nosmm rEJD 22 LUSTRE amp MC LUSTRE Realtime data ow language for synchronous systems especially automatic control and signal processing A Lucid subset plus timing operators and user de ned clocks Q MC Extension of C with modules Symbols in other modules can be referenced using a dot notation 11152uu4 rEJD Realtime MENTAT OO 6 Egtltploits object oriented paradigm to provide highlevel abstractions that mask the complex aspects of parallel programming Distributed language Egtlttension of C Portable to a variety of MIMD architectures Easytouse parallelism Highperformance via parallelism egtltecution Facilitates the executions of applications across many platforms lll ZEIEM moo 24 MODULA 2 ltgtProgramming notation that corrects some of the deficiencies of Pascal Suitable for Learning programming Large projects which need to be written and maintaine Realtime embedded systems 11152uu4 rEJD 25 OZ Highlevel language combining constraint inference with concurrency Dynamically typed and has firstclass procedures classes objects exceptions and sequential threads synchronizing over a constraint store Supports finite domain and feature constraints and has powerful primitives for programming constraint inference engines at a high level nosarm rEJD 25 NDFKI oz 20 Interactive implementation of OZ with Incremental comp39 er support for stand alone applications OO interface to TclTk graphic tools for constraint programming Extensive library of constraint propagators distributorsand search engines including special support for scheduling Includes state abstract data types objects classes and inheritance 11152uu4 rEJD 27 Typical application areas of OZ Optimization problems like Scheduling Time tabling Placement and con guration Reasoning and knowledge representation Processing of natural language Simulation Multiagent systems Sophisticated GUIs 11152nn4 rEJD 23 41P amp Pascal80 P quotExperience with Remote Procedure Calls in a RealTime Control System Pascal80 A successor of Platon Developed at RC International for systems programming Later it was renamed RealTime Pascal nosmm mom r PascalF amp PEARL Q Pa scalF Pascal extended to include xedpoint arithmetic Programming Language for RealTime Automotive Control Q PEARL Process and Experiment Automation RealTime Language A realtime language for programming process control systems widely used in Eu rope Size and complexity exceeds Ada nosmm mom N PORTAL amp RealTime Euclid PORTAL L Pascalbased RealTime Euclid rocessOriented RealTime Algorithmic anguage Realtime language restriction to time bounded constructs 11152uu4 mom Other RT Languages 6 RealTime Mentat An extension of C RealTime Pascal Later name for Pascal80 9 RTC Realtime extension of C RTCDL RealTime Common Design Language Realtime language for the design of reliable reactive systems 11152uu4 mom RTL 1 amp RTL2 lt9 Small realtime language based on ALGOL 68 with separate compilation A program is composed of separately compilable 39bricks39 named modules which may be Datablock Procedure Stack storage area for use as a workspace by a task nosmm mom Va RTL1 amp RTL2 The language is blockstructured and weakly typed Simple types byte int frac and real no Boolean Compound types arrays records and pointers No userde ned types Control consists of if thenelseif elseend for tobydorep blockendblock switch goto and label variables Currently used in the UK and Europe for Air Traffic Control and industrial control nosmm mom Other RT Languages RUTH Realtime language based on LispKit Uses timestamps and realtime clocks lt1quot SCAN Digital Equipment Corporation A realtime language lt9 SCRI PT Realtime language lt9 SLAM Continuous simulation language 11152uu4 mom SML amp Spec 6 Q SML ALGOL variant Predecessor of RTL C Speci cation language Expresses blackbox interface speci cations for large distributed systems with realtime constra39nts Incorporates conceptual models inheritance and the event model Descendant of MSG84 11152uu4 mom


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