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Numer Simul in WeatherClimate

by: Verna Brekke

Numer Simul in WeatherClimate CLIM 715

Marketplace > George Mason University > Climate Dynamics > CLIM 715 > Numer Simul in WeatherClimate
Verna Brekke
GPA 3.76

Paul Schopf

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About this Document

Paul Schopf
Class Notes
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This 17 page Class Notes was uploaded by Verna Brekke on Monday September 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CLIM 715 at George Mason University taught by Paul Schopf in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 35 views. For similar materials see /class/215044/clim-715-george-mason-university in Climate Dynamics at George Mason University.

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Date Created: 09/28/15
Diffusion Durran 34 Prototype Problem LIP M6211 at W This is a dissipative operator as we discussed previoust Mk at w Forward scheme conditionally stable Leapfrog unconditionally unstable Trapezoidal unconditionally stable LeapFrog Scheme for dipdt K11 n1 pm 1 Write ampli cation factor for q An A2 1 2mm A KAZI V1Ar2K2 negative choice givesA lt Forward Step n1 n n n n qu qu Mqgtj1 2 qu A15 A5232 recall 311 311 2 COS kAm 1 0 1 I2vIcoskAx so If we use Z A Z A1 2v1 coskAx where VMAtAx2 O 1 4V 1 O n Stability Criterion O s v 5 V2 Features of Forward Scheme 0 If v gt Mr then shortest waves oscillate while damping 0 Stability requires that At decrease faster than Ax so that high resolution leads to trouble 0 Errors in short waves are damped so perhaps we do not need to have high accuracy ie they all go to O Implicit If we use an implicit scheme for diffusion we can obtain a scheme that is unconditionally stable even if it tends to damp the shortest waves more quickly than nature WH WM At 2 MAI 2 n 1 MAI 2 n lt1 axgt w ax 63 ill5i 2 2 CrankNicholson Method 1 MTm i 4 1A4Tm63 Convert to wavenumber space reorganize MAI n MAI n 1 EcoskAx 1 k 1EcoskAx 1 k 1 v1 coskAx 1v1 coskAx k lt1 Unconditionally sable Practical Considerations 0 Implicit differencing is easy in ld more dif cult in 2d 0 Used commonly for vertical mixing in ocean models 0 Tridiagonal solvers quite ef cient Thomas Tridiagonal Algorithm aixi1 bixi Cixi l di Try xiEixi1Fi aixi1 bixi CiEi lxi di CiE l x aix 1 1 biCiEi 1 1 biCiEi 1 V V SO Ei F E aquot biciEi1 Solve for EF for i I2N di CiFi l i m then XI for iN NI I Advection and Diffusion aw aw 62w M at C ax 6x2 Consider just horizontal differencing and try upstream for advection centered for diffusion 0 E 05x j 12 M iqh Recall that the upstream advection is diffusive can we combine Modi ed Equation Look at the modi ed equation the upstream term looks like 81p chazxp 6x C 1 12 Cax 2 8x2 so our equation is an approximation to a a Ax 82 w lt C gt w M 1 at Cax 2M 6x2 81p 81p P6 8211 M 1 6tcax 2ax2 P6g M Pe ratio of advective to diffusive effects In theory UL M Pe where L is the length scale of the problem U is the velocity scale and M is the diffusivity For momentumthe equivalent is the Reynolds number Re ULv In our case the length scale L is replaced by AX so we are measuring the Peclet or Reynolds number at the nest grid resolution The error is proportional to the numerical Peclet number and we need Pe ltlt With coarse resolution and high flow velocity our solutions have too much numerical diffusion Solutions of arti cially increasing M to decrease Pe do not help If the true solution has M and we use M1 MAM our modi ed equation is 2 w w new a w M atlcax M 2 6x2 Stablilty Fourier transformed version of the original equation ZIP 2 dtzck1p Mklp d1p dt zu1pMp where u and k are real and k lt O The true solutions all have 1pt s 1p0 Differencing Schemes Forward LeapFrog 11imAtxAt Az XibA10 For any amount of diffusion leapfrog is unstable Hybrid n1 pm 1 n A n l 2A2 mp 4 LF Forward A22iaA12X Aibi127x I2 V L Combined SpaceTime Analysis So far we have considered space differencing with perfect time differencing and time differencing with perfect space differencing Forward time centered space 6t 2 cazxcb M634


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