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Glob Underst

by: Anastacio Hartmann

Glob Underst TOUR 210

Anastacio Hartmann
GPA 3.56

John Byrne

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About this Document

John Byrne
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Anastacio Hartmann on Monday September 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to TOUR 210 at George Mason University taught by John Byrne in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 54 views. For similar materials see /class/215047/tour-210-george-mason-university in Leisure Management at George Mason University.

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Date Created: 09/28/15
History ofTourism a b c d e f The original Roman Holiday The grand tour Paintings American painters of the west ie Thomas Moran Railroads open areas to tourism Industrial revolution Mass tourism Major In uences on growth oftourism anhgumpzrm Safe corridor Free time Money Railroads Thomas cook Automobile Jet liner Main purposes of tourism in the mind of the tourist a C Leisure recreation holiday 51 7 sins relaxation sun fun amusement parks b Not specified 7 Visiting familyrelatives religion other 27 other means nature history military sites d Business and professional 15 Kinds ofTourism a b C Heritage and Cultural O P PPE Jquot Battlefields History Study Explore roots Religionfaith Arts music museums En ertainmentsport recreation P F PS JE JE Sun sand surf Movies and plays Concerts Sports perform and observe Gambling Amusement parks Environmentalecotourism 1 National parks zoos scenic areas Economic Impact ofTourism a ramng Significant of world spending 1 Multiplier effect 2 Intersectorallinkages 3 Minus leakages Foreign exchanges and balance of payments Contribution to GDP Government revenues taxes Infrastructure development Job creation direct and indirect Tourism Spending anhgnmpzrm Touring 2 Hotel 33 Food 20 Shopping 20 Entertainment 5 Transportation 15 Other 5 Jobs in Tourism Industry a b c d e f g h 933 Travel agent Tour sales Airplane pilot etc Hotel Restaurants Food grower importer supplier Souvenir shop Street vendor Taxis Crafts Amusement park museum Hair dresser barber Clothing Business school operator Physician dentist doctor Major Destinations of International Tourism France USA Spain China Italy UK Turkey re ne0579 Germany Malaysia j Mexico Who gets the most from Tourism 3 USA b Spain c France cl Italy e China f Germany g UK h Australia i Turkey j Austria Motivation for developing tourism in LDCs 3 Economic opportunity income and employment b Tourism is a smokeless industry get more profit from tourist than coal or grain c Foreign exchange balance of trade cl Build infrastructure e Protect natural habitats f Widen cultural knowledge g Improve local lifestyles h Attract immigrants from outside i Improve status of women 1 Positive effects of International Tourism A positive effect of international tourism is that it contributes to the other nation and stimulates that nation s economy This can improve the state of living for the country by allowing that money to go to repairs like on roads or buildings and upkeep of historic tourist sites in the country to keep it looking beautiful Another positive effect would be becoming more knowledgeable and learning the culture This is also known as cultural tourism This could mean wearing the native clothes eating the local food or going to traditional places within whatever country you are in This allows the country to spread their native culture on an international scale and the tourists being a piece of it back home If you go to a country for a nonleisure trip you could also improve the lives of the local people there Whether it be actually helping out a local town by building houses or other charity projects Another way to help the local people in a small way would to buy products native to their country such as crafts Another positive effect would be that if you interact with the locals you can help them experience a foreign culture as well and expand their knowledge of the world 11 Potential Negative effects of International Tourism Potential negative effects of international tourism would definitely include overcrowding and traffic of the area being visited This includes street traffic and physical overcrowding of groups of people This would hinder the experience and make the tourists and locals not enjoy being there Another potential negative effect would be that in certain countries like the smaller more remote ones locals may take tourists as invading their privacy and are not welcome in their country Since this may lead to publicizing of the country negative aspects of the country may be pointed out and blown out of proportion possibly keeping people from coming back which leads to hurting the economy for that country Another negative effect is that some tourists are disrespectful to customs of foreign countries and are not respectful to the environment This includes littering on the streets or tourist attractions and constantly using cameras Intemational tourism also leads some people that are local to that country to take advantage of tourists This includes pickpockets and pan handlers who could possibly scam tourists out of their money that they brought for the trip 111 Ways to maximize I A way to maximize the positives listed previously would be to spend money on local places in the country not necessarily the big tourist or Americanized places Local places would include small town restaurants and native crafts to the area and culture A way to maximize the positive of learning culture would be to take advantage of what is at your disposal in this other country such as museums historic sites local cuisine shopping centers and traditional events that may be happening during your stay Research would help in this because then tourists can know how to act at these places and which places are open for tourists to visit and lea1n more about the native culture IV Ways to avoid or minimize II A way to minimize possible negative effects would be for tourists to do research before traveling internationally By doing research they can keep respect for the local people by learning their customs Another way to minimize negative effects would be to honestly be courteous while being in another country You are a guest in their homeland so you should be polite and don t litter Doing this also makes you seem like less of a tourist so you will not be targeted by people that may try to scam you and you will have an enjoyable trip The last way to Maior influences on Tourism Safe corridor Free time Affluence Railroads Thomas Cook Automobile Jet liner Main purpose of Tourism Leisure Recreation and Holiday Relaxation Sight seeing Amusement parks and attractions Art and music VFR Business amp Professional Other Enjoy nature History Military sites Art Learn about another culture Kinds of Tourism Heritage amp cultural Battlefields History amp archeology Study Heritage Religion Artmusic museums Entertainment Sports amp Recreation Sunsand amp surf Movies amp plays Music amp concerts Sports Amusement parks disneyland gambling Environmental National parks amp natural areas Zoos Scenic areas Niagara falls Victoria falls Economic Impacts of the Tourism Industry A Signi cant percentage of world spending Multiplier effect respending by locals lntersectoral linkages Minus leakages B Foreign exchange and balance of payments C Contribution to GDP D Governmet revenues taxes E Infrastructure development F Job creation Direct services to tourists lndirect eg Construction industry Tourist Spending Touring 2 Hotel 33 Food 20 Shopping 20 Entertainment 5 Transportation 15 o Other 5 Jobs in tourism industry Travel agent Souvenir shop Hair dresser Tour sales Street vender Clothing Airplane Crafts Business school Hotel Taxi driver Physician dentist Restaurant Park museum druggist Food grower importer amusement park Maior destination countries of international tourism France UK US Turkey China Germany Spain Malaysia ltaly Mexico Motivation for developing Tourism in LDCs A Economic opportunity Income amp employment B Tourism is a smokeless industry Get more pro t from a tourist than from coal or grain C Foreign exchange balance oftrade D Build infrastructure E Protect natural habitats F Widen cultural knowledge G Improve local lifestyles H Attract migrants from outside I Improve status of women Problems with development oftourism in LDC A Creation of islands of affluence B Changes lifestyles of locals C Tourism can be a monocrop very sensitive to externals D Increased costs for locals E Use of scarce natural resources for enjoyment by the wealthy F Heavy reliance on the developed world G Tourists want to experience the primitive while the hosts want to experience the economic bene ts of tourism Cultural characteristics that attract tourists History Art Museums Life styles Memorials amp battlefields Customs Religion What you can do to maximize benefits A Serve all segment of the bell curve Those that visit Those that will visit if encouraged Those that dont visit but are served by outreach B Serve all visitors who come PhD s first graders infants Trekkers walkers and wheel chaired Take advantage of family attractions Use time in motel rooms Provide things to buy C Use the realities of economic to your advantage D Involve the local community In decisions to introduce tourism


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