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Anthropology 101 Weeks 4 and 5 Notes Prof. Everett and Pestle

by: Kendall Cromartie

Anthropology 101 Weeks 4 and 5 Notes Prof. Everett and Pestle 101-C

Marketplace > University of Miami > anthropology, evolution, sphr > 101-C > Anthropology 101 Weeks 4 and 5 Notes Prof Everett and Pestle
Kendall Cromartie
Intro to Anthropology
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About this Document

Last two weeks of the Unit 1 notes
Intro to Anthropology
No professor available
Class Notes
Anthropology, anthropology 101
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kendall Cromartie on Monday September 29, 2014. The Class Notes belongs to 101-C at University of Miami taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 307 views. For similar materials see Intro to Anthropology in anthropology, evolution, sphr at University of Miami.

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Date Created: 09/29/14
Anthropology Notes Weeks 4 and 5 91514 0 Advantages of prolongeddistinct life history 0 Decreased birth spacing I Increased demographic pressure leading to cultural innovation 0 Transmission of knowledgelearning 0 Advantages of material culture and language 0 Efficiency I Socialization I Communication I Nutrient harvesting I Etc 0 Conchoidal fracture 0 Force produces a 90 degree cone 0 Produced in relation to early stone tool discoveryuse o Obsidian 0 Distinct changesdifferences in bone structures of the hands and digits 0 Less adapted for life in treeshanging from things 0 Early stone tools 0 Oldowan o Achulean 0 Africa is the source of everything infrom early history 919l4 0 Exaptation 0 Humans have more mobility in wrists due to differences in bone structures 0 Achulean tools LCTs large cutting tools dominant type of early stone tool manufactured 0 Hand axes Cleavers Discoids Scrapers Symmetrical I Causes some debate one side argues symmetry is prewired not a big deal that OOOO early tools were symmetrical other side argues this shows a cognitive leap forward 0 Mousterian Middle Paleolithic tools ake tools 0 Increases efficiency in the cutting edge you can get from stone 0 Neanderthals used these 0 Upper Paleolithic blades 0 Neanderthals bigger brains than use thought to have rst invented art 0 Using tools to make other tools apes do not do this 0 Hafting 9 22 14 Language Change 0 7000 active languages in the world today 0 Similarities in different languages due to originating in the same region 0 Blending old words into new words 0 Ex fugly 0 The great vowel shift 0 Changed how we hear and produce sounds 0 Kinds of language changes from above the level of consciousness or below aware of changes happening or not 0 Modern lingo is above the level of consciousness 0 Most of how language changes over time is subconscious I Ex childe gt child Shakespearean etc 0 Women tend to be at the front of language changes high in uence on language shift over time 92414 The Populating of the Americas 0 Boats across the coast already were seafaring people 0 Followed food source down the west coast 0 Genetic data supports the theory of back and forth migration 0 Large diversity in types of people who lived in Americas 0 We know this thanks to linguistic data I Increase in the number of languages 0 Shows people have been there a long time 0 Europeans brought disease 0 Disease travels faster than people 0 Indigenous people encountered these diseases and it spread rapidly many communities wiped out and social structures had fallen apart 0 how could disease from Euros wipe out these populations before the euros reached them


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