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2D Experimental Animation

by: Modesto Bergstrom

2D Experimental Animation AVT 382

Marketplace > George Mason University > Visual Arts > AVT 382 > 2D Experimental Animation
Modesto Bergstrom
GPA 3.93


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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Modesto Bergstrom on Monday September 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AVT 382 at George Mason University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see /class/215101/avt-382-george-mason-university in Visual Arts at George Mason University.


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Date Created: 09/28/15
Final Cut Pro Notes 1 Settings amp Capture Make sure you39ve connected your DV camera or deck to the computer with a Firewire cable this should be done when the computer and camera are switched off Firewire can be hot plugged but will eventually burn out the connector in your camera Launch Final Cut Pro Projects that were open from last time will still be open Multiple projects can be open Creating a Project File menu NEW PROJECTa new sequence appears in the timeline window File menu SAVE PROJECT AS give the project a name and save project name appears in the Browser There are several options on what kind of project you39ll choose your individual sequence settings and the Final Cut Pro VideoAudio settings Changing Preferences individual sequence settings and VideoAudio settings before starting To change project preferences Edit menu PREFERENCES GENERAL In this menu you can change functions such as levels of Undo Auto Save Freeze France Duration Pre amp PostRoll duration With ABORT CAPTURE ON DROPPED FRAMES clicked on your log and capture window will abort capture from tapes without continuous timecode USER MODE Standard or Cutting Station Option Cutting Station disables more advanced features TIMELINE OPTIONS Alter default number of audio and video tracks etc For NTSC set to drop frame LABELS Colour Label options SCRATCH DISKS Here you can set where your captured video captured audio rendered video and rendered audio are saved to It is important to set the scratch disk to your own personal folder on the computer Otherwise you will have difficulty backing up your material and yourfiles maybe lost To change sequence settings Ensure your timeline window is active You can only change sequence settings before you have video and audio material in active use in a sequence NB These can also be changed in the edit sequence preset settings General You can alteryour picture and pixel aspect ratios Generally you will use Frame size 720 X 480 NTSC DV 43 Pixel Aspect Ration NTSC CCIR 601DV uncheck Anamorphic Field Dominance Lower Editing Timebase 2997 NTSC video runs at 2997 frames per second Compressor Your QuickTime Compressor will depend on the CODECS you have installed on your system Usually DVDVCPro NTSC Quality 100 Creating New Bins FILE menu New Bin A new Bin appears in the Browser menu The name can be changed by clicking on it Importing Footage To import footage files from other locations on Hard Disk or external drives FILE menu Import then choose either FILE to import single file eg a Quicktime Movie or an lmovie media clip or FOLDER to import a whole iMovie project LOG AND CAPTURE FOOTAGE To capture footage insert your tape into your cameradeck and ensure that the firewire lead is connected then FILE menu LOG AND CAPTURE This brings up the log and capture window Click onto the CAPTURE SETTINGS tab to ensure capture settings are correct To Capture IndIVIdual Clips Mark IN and OUT points for your clip Select CLIP out ofthe three CAPTURE KEYS The Log Clip window appears give the clip a name and hit OK Once captured the clip appears in your selected BIN in the Browser To Batch Capture Only for use with tapes that have continuous Timecode WITH NO TIMECODE BREAKS Ensure that you have entered a Reel number for your first tape Mark IN and OUT points for your first clip Select LOG CLIP and give the clip a name enter any notes An offline clip icon with a red line through it appears in your BIN indicating that the clip has been logged but that it is currently OFFLINE Repeat this process logging as many clips as needed and entering new reel numbers for each new tape logged then Select BATCH out of the three CAPTURE keys Batch Capture As each clip is captured the OFFLINE CLIP icon is replaced by a CLIP icon the red line disappears


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