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Cell Structure and Function

by: Beatrice Deckow I

Cell Structure and Function BIOL 213

Marketplace > George Mason University > Biology > BIOL 213 > Cell Structure and Function
Beatrice Deckow I
GPA 3.73

James Schwebach

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About this Document

James Schwebach
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Beatrice Deckow I on Monday September 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIOL 213 at George Mason University taught by James Schwebach in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see /class/215105/biol-213-george-mason-university in Biology at George Mason University.


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Date Created: 09/28/15
Name N E 5 V39 Date Life arose on Earth approximately A 4 billion years ago B 4 million C 4000 D 15 billion E 400000 Which of the following is the feature or component of organisms that allows for life in such a wide variety of environments on Earth A Prokaryotic cells B Eukaryotic cells C Homeostasis D Adaptation E Model systems Which of the following is not a characteristic of most living organisms A Regulation of internal environment B One or more cells C Ability to produce biological molecules D Ability to extract energy from the environment E None of the above Photosynthesis was a major evolutionary milestone because A photosynthetic organisms contributed oxygen to the environment which led to the evolution of aerobic organisms B photosynthesis led to conditions that allowed life to arise on land C photosynthesis is the only metabolic process that can convert light energy to chemical energy D photosynthesis provides food for other organisms E All of the above The fact that all cells come from preexisting cells is a component of theory A animal B genetic C cell D plant E adaptation Page 1 9 gt1 00 gt0 0 A group of cells that work together to carry out a similar function is known as an A tissue B organ system C unicellular organism D protein E a gene Which of the following does not contribute to adaptation in the wild A Arti cial selection B Genetic drift C Natural selection D Sexual selection E All of the above contribute to adaptation in the wild Which of the following is not a domain on the tree of life A Archaea B Plantae C Eukarya D Bacteria E All of the above are domains The information needed to produce proteins is contained in A nutrients B tissues C evolution D organs E genes Evolution is not important to the study of biology the change in the genetic makeup of a population through time the change in protein expression of a population through time not in uenced by natural selection A B C D E None of the above Page 2 V39 9 In a model experiment researchers subjected frogs to various levels of atrazine while keeping all other variables constant This is an example of a experiment A controlled B repeated C laboratory D comparative E None of the above For a hypothesis to be scienti cally valid it must be and it must be possible to it A testable prove B testable reject C controlled prove D controlled reject E testable control Eukaryotic cells differ from prokaryotic cells in that they have A genes B proteins C organelles D membranes E All of the above In the names of organisms the is placed first and the is placed second A species genus B genus domain C domain genus D genus species E domain species Metabolism refers to A natural selection B the chemical transformations and work of a cell C communities D mutations in DNA E cellular structure Discuss how the process of scientific inquiry is different from other forms of inquiry Include in your discussion a description of the hypothesisiprediction approach Page 3 2 9 50 0 Look over a recent newspaper to see how many articles are directly related to biology Select one article and discuss how the researchers followed or did not follow the hypothesisiprediction approach What is one example from your own experience of biology39s in uence on public policy Scientists interested in human biology typically perform experiments with other model systems Why do scientists use model systems in this way The study of biology can be organized from the most basic unit the molecule up to the biosphere Describe how each level is connected with the level below it Page 4


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