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Unearthng PastPrehst Cult Evo

by: Brown Boehm

Unearthng PastPrehst Cult Evo ANTH 120

Brown Boehm
GPA 3.57

Beatrix Arendt

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About this Document

Beatrix Arendt
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Brown Boehm on Monday September 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ANTH 120 at George Mason University taught by Beatrix Arendt in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see /class/215134/anth-120-george-mason-university in anthropology, evolution, sphr at George Mason University.

Popular in anthropology, evolution, sphr


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Date Created: 09/28/15
Anthropology 120 Unearthing the Past Prehistory Culture and Evolution Fall 2011 Wed 430 7 10 pm Instructor BeatrixArendt Of ce Hours By appointment only Email barendtgrnuedu Phone 434825 7240 until 10pm Edy checkers This course is anintroductionto the vast history on earth as revealed by archaeology and biological anthropology We Will explore these elds as subdisciplines of anthropology and the approaches to understanding the nature of humanity We will study human evolution the fossil record the role of culture and the rise of social complexity by examining the study of people as biological and cultural beings through the physicalmaterial record We will attempt to understand this by outlining human evolution and understanding how this infoimation has been collected and interpreted When the course is nishedyou should have abasic grasp on these elds of interest What they have accomplished along With their strengths and Weaknesses Reguired Texts The Past in Perspective An Introduction to Human Prehistory by Kenneth Feder use one of the recent editions I don t think it matters much which if you want to save some money All additional materials will be available on Blackboard or at the Reserve Desk in the Library Most of the readings are also available through various online resources such as jstororg If you have trouble locating a text please contact me before class Online material can be found at the link provided The Honor Code To promote a stronger sense of mutual responsibility respect trust and fairness among all members of the George Mason University community and with the desire for greater academic and personal achievement we the student members of the University Community have set forth this Student members of the George Mason University community pledge not to cheat plagiarize steal or lie in matters related to academic work Maintaining academic integrity is of paramount importance in this class Incidents of academic dishonesty will be immediately referred to the GMU administrative office Questions Concerns Questions and feedback are most welcome Please email me if you have any questions or concerns regarding the class This includes questions I didn t answer in class questions you had after class or just general questions regarding the meaning of life and this class If you are experiencing difficulties in the course please bring them to my attention as soon as possible so that we can address them immediately Additional Comments Please make sure your cell phones are if before the beginning of class 7 that includes vibrate I can still hear it when it vibrates in your bag I reserve the right to answer any phones that ring during class Course Requirements Readings should be completed before the schedule class You are responsible for all material and information given in class and during lectures All assigned work must be completed to pass this course Students taking the course PassFail are required to complete all assignments and no less than a C to pass Attendance and Participation 10 Both class attendance and participation are essential to doing well in this class Most of the information and skills you will need to do well in the quizzes and exams will be gained during class A good portion of class time will be spent in quot 39 and activities including some inclass as well as short takehome 39 Not everyone can speak all the time but I expect everyone to be an active part of the conversation either as a speaker or as a listener Thus ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY if you plan to do well in this class The only excused absences are illness with documentation and athletic obligations that are documented beforehand You are responsible for all of the readings material and assignments discussed in class If you are not in class seek the help of your fellow students to nd out what you missed I do NOT provide lecture notes for missed classes Assignments 12 4 each You will be responsible for three short writing assignments which are described below Each assignment must be typed and handed in by the end of class on the day they are due NO EXCEPTIONS These will be graded on a 5 point scale 5 Excellent Well organized concise well written a high degree of competence 4 Very Good Some grammatical errorsunclear statements overall nicely written an above average degree of competence 3 Satisfactory Lack of a clear organization yet made some good points numerous grammatical errors 2 Fair Lacking clarity in writing and thought few or no examples a limited degree of competence 1 Poor Incomprehensive no organization no key elements are adequately developed 0 Failed to hand in Exams 75 25 each There will be three exams based on the assigned readings lectures and inclass discussions The exams will consist of a series of multiple choice and short answer questions and will be taken during class period If you miss an exam and have not made prior arrangements with me you will NOT be allowed to retake the exam and will get a zero This syllabus is subject to change Updates will be announced in class Date 31Au g 7Sep 14Sep 21 Sep 28Sep Issue Introduction What is archaeology What is prehistory When does prehistory begin What is evolution How did theories of evolution develop What was the evidence Who were our earliest ancestors How do we know What do we know about their lives Out of Africa Exam 1 Reading Assignment 1 Due Feder 2011 Chapter 1 Watch the Prologue and the Evidence sections of the interactive documentary at I n I I i I I 1 1 Recommended httpww 39 39 39 U 39 39 quot htmllearnmore Feder 2011 Chapter 2 Read the Anatomy and Lineage sections of the interactive documentary at httpbecominghumanorgnodeinteractivedocumentary Recommended Hominin Cheat sheet httpwwwtalk0riginsorgfaqshomsspecieshtml Dating http wwwactionbioscienceorgevolutionbentonhtml Feder 2011 Chapter 3 Gibbons Ann 2009 A New Kind of Ancestor Ardipithecus Unveiled Science 326594936 40 Recommended quot luvarrace humvarhtm http 39 5Oct 12Oct 19 Oct 26Oct 2 Nov 9Nov The Rise of Homo Cultural Revolution How do we identify culture What is the evidence among our ancestors Neolithic Revolution When and how did agriculture emerge What does this tell us about society and culture Chiefdoms and the Origins ofthe State When and how did social difference between individuals emerge What kind of evidence is there for social difference Exa m 2 Emerging Society Assignment2 Due Feder 2011 Chapters 4 amp 5 hfml II u ht 7 L I Feder 2011 Chapters 6 amp 7 Feder 2011 Chapter 8 Read the Culture sections of the interactive documentary at I y I u Feder 2011 Chapters 9amp10 Assignment 3 Due Feder 2011 Chapters 11amp12 Read the section on Burial Practices by Period htt wwws oihea couk burintrhtm No Class Happy Turkeyday Exam 3 Time and Place to be announced Assignment 1 Due September 7 What you will need 30 minutes Notebooldpaper and pencil For 30 minutes observe and record the actions of people in a public area Go to a public place such as a cafe a library your common room and note the activities taking place You can observe cafe workers your roommates your siblings etc Please pay careful attention to individual behaviors 7 what they are doing or how they are reacting Please answer the following questions in a short write up 2 pages What is your location What activity activities are taking place Approximately how many people were involved Were objects used Ifso what kind What physical traces if any would be left by this behavior Assignment 2 Due October 5 Write a 2page summary of one of the following pseudosciences Cyrptozoology Phrenology Dianetics Eugencis UFOlogy Astrology The earth being at The Bermuda Triangle Cerealogy crop circles In addition to offering a basic description of one of the above please be sure to include answer to the following questions in addition to a general discussion When was it practiced Or is it still being practiced What is the general theory what question was it offering to answer How was it presented as science Why is characterized as pseudoscience Please include at least TWO 2 references


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