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Intro Astr StarsGalaxUniver

by: Khalil Sawayn

Intro Astr StarsGalaxUniver ASTR 113

Marketplace > George Mason University > Astronomy > ASTR 113 > Intro Astr StarsGalaxUniver
Khalil Sawayn
GPA 3.83


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 13 page Class Notes was uploaded by Khalil Sawayn on Monday September 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ASTR 113 at George Mason University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/215142/astr-113-george-mason-university in Astronomy at George Mason University.


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Date Created: 09/28/15
Lecture 30 The Sun The Sun The Sun 5 a typwca smr m terms of mass radms and composmon 7 me Sun 5 a be ofhot g owmg gas Sun combams no sohd materwa but tdoes have a Mswb e surface am we phomsphere The chromosphere and corona he above me phomsphere J Flo4A WW 3 The Sun Deluw quot and the solar core marMEAG I saw urn EoNE R M Am 39 mm 39 IDLAA m mega Fianna The Sun s diameter is 100 times larger than the Ea39ih s and 10 times larger than Jupiter s Regions within The Sun Name Temperamre Energy core 15000000 K generated b nuclear fusion radiation zone 7000000 K iranqaoried by photons convection zone 2000000 K iranqaoried by convective over photosphere 6000 K escapes as radiation chromosphere 4500 K transition region coro a 1000000 K X rays produced solar wind 2000000 K energetic particles steam away 39om the Sun Bulk Proper ries of The Sun AThe Sun s mass ts 2 w 1033 g or about 300000 brnes the rnass of the Earth The Sun s radtus ts 7 X10 crn or about 110 brnes targer than the Earth theSunts14n rnsahnrth am Juprter The Sun rotates drtterenuattv wrth a penod of 27 davs atthe equator and 31 davs atthe potes Bulk Proper ries of The Sun AWten s taw teHs us that the temperature at the photosphere rs about 5000 K srnce the Sun ernts rnosdv vettow trght The arnount otenergv radrated bv the Sun each second rs the enorrnous sotar turnnosrtv L3 9 x 1 26 warm AM the drstance ot the Earth thrs grves a sotar constant of 1400 WatEmeterz whrch produces gende heaung Solar Inferior We can t drrecdv observe the htenor ot the Sun tntema Structure Tht5 rs srmrtar to the srtuauon wrth the Earth We can studv the sotar rntenor ushg hetrosersmotogv whrch rs the anatvsrs ofacousm waves observed on the sotar surtace k sewn vVaw w a W quotmmquot rOnW prtvpe pressure waves are observed srnce the Sun has no sohd htenor to support the propagauon ofsrtype shear waves Posmon emr pm 74 5quot Energy Transport in The Sun The energy rum me nudear reacuuns e camea uutward rum me cure awards the surface Pimerer K Enemy Tbe energy e camed we ramauun ur cemean wmwv me vanuus regmns uf me Sun Energy Transport in The Sun 4n the ramauun zune me gas e bmzea and bbumns can muve free y wubuut bemg absurbed At the bean unbe cunvectmn zune the bbmuns are absurbed by amms pruduung strung beaung Energy Transport in The Sun The top of the convection zone is cooled by the emission of radiation in o the vacuum o space This produces a strong temperature gradient between the bottom and top of the convection zone The temperature gradient drives convection similar to the boiling of water in a kettle r36 00 K Mame EB kiw lm Mmm 3 a Znquot 72 m m K ns W mike Energy Transpor r in The Sun The photosphere radiates a blackbody spectrum Absorption lines appear due to absorption by cooler overlying material rum0K1 39 wmmqm mom Absorption Spectrum The cause fur m2 tam Erature n52 m the mm 5 nut yet understand mwm m cmommm i g menm W srm mmv Isnw mmm mu wowm w 7 Cum 2qu m um degms Solar Magnetic Fields The surface actmty We ubsewe an we Sun 5 drwen by me su ar magneuc new Tms pruduces sunsput energeuc ares magnenc uups Wages of WE39VEquot Dark regions in the Xray images are cool coronal holes Solar streamers art e 1m plunging comet SOHO 6 Sunspofs inmsth pattams mspxay severa types wanabmty 51mpr and 5275 5mm mm a 1 ya we 5 ValEmmy 55 WE a mum 10792 Mairee mama quotmm mmquot mm W


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