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CHM 111 9/17-9/19

by: Austin Eng

CHM 111 9/17-9/19 111

Marketplace > University of Miami > Chemistry > 111 > CHM 111 9 17 9 19
Austin Eng
Principles of Chemistry I
No professor available

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About this Document

Principles of Chemistry I
No professor available
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Austin Eng on Monday September 29, 2014. The Class Notes belongs to 111 at University of Miami taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 73 views. For similar materials see Principles of Chemistry I in Chemistry at University of Miami.


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Date Created: 09/29/14
91514 Monday September 15 ZO14 1225 PM Exercise 1 32 protons 32e 4 Qglence because it39s in group 4 core e 32 428 2 Methane 9 I 4 f H H 4 L quoth3939 09J CO C does not like unshared pairs x 39 U 3939 C 39 O 7 4 o Phosphorougrichloride 1 9 9 L xquot quot ltl C Va 0 ff C If I 00 Y Hydrogenbromide H E 3 H 3 W H B3 gtrlt quot I 7 H thinks that it is a Fir Al noble gas with O 0 9 N5 electrons no stick bond structure for ionic compounds only 00 z z27z9 v Breakdown of the Octet Rule 1 Odd EbNO 7 O39 Y 2 Valence Shell Expansion SF6 F F f r 5 X K 239 H9Jf04j CNQVK Q Pu I Names of Orbitals Sharp Principal Diffuse Fundamental Orbital shapes of atoms 0 Main group atoms of the first 2 periods use only s and p orbitals 0 S orbitals are spherical 1 Is 9 Unit 4B Page 1 0 P dumbells gt v 2 o Later periods use d type orbitals with 5 orbitals f7 s1 p3 g9 h11 Shapes of orbitals in molecules when atoms combine to form molecules the shape of their orbitals change VSEPR theory VSEPR valence shell electron pair repulsion theory 0 Eletron pairs in the valence shell repel each other on the spherical surface of an atom 0 Electron pairs want to be as far away as possible from other negatively charged electron pairs 0 Only the idea of bonding pairs and lone pairs on the central atom Orbital shapes on atoms in molecules VSEPR 0 Orbitals mixhybridize to create new orbitals called hybrid orbitals that occupy maximum positions in space 0 In vsepr all hybrid orbitals look like fish Unit 4B Page 2 91714VSEPR Weolnesolay September 17 Z 14 1225 PM 1 SP hybrids made by mixing a s type orbital pz atomic orbital on the same atom lt V7 P 2 7 2 But there is a 39law39 that says so ething like orbitals cannot be created or destroyed but only transformed from one kind into another So if we start with 2 orbitals of one kind we must make 2 of a different kind 2 atomic orbitals gt 2 hybrid orbitals of the same kind Y gt 7 E 75 z Combining hybrid grltbitas gives the final picture 7 Qgy 7lJr Bonding with hybri orbitals internuclear axis for linear molecules is i always defined as 2 Sp hybrids will always produce linear bonding 2 SP2 hybrids by mixing an S p2 and pxpy Y E 3 hybrid 39fish39 orbitals 7math VSEPR rule is that the hybrid orbitals are maximum positions in space where they are as far apart as possible 20 3 spquot2 hybrid orbitals bonding would have to occur on internuclear axes 3 Sp3 s pz px py atomic orbitals on the same atom Unit 4B Page 3 quot 3 Sp3 s pz px py atomic orbitals on the same atom 4 atomic orbitals sp3 or 4 fish1095 degree bond angle 4 Sp3ds pz x py d on the same atom to give 5 hybrids trigonal bipyramidal he 5 Sp3d2 s pz px py and 2 d orbitas6 fish octahedra 397 V f L E 6 atomic orbitals Unit 4B Page 4 91914 Friday September 19 Z 14 1223 PM Orbitals are like houses for electrons No matter what kind of orbital it can hold a max of 2 electrons There can be 01 or 2 electrons in an orbital m 1 l I 1 kv h wV amp 07 L O m r3 K Around the central element 0 there are 2 bonding pairs and 2 lone pairs4 electron pairs steric Q ULAJ3m 39ltr orb39A39 AW 9oq ll Ifdc 11 Sp3 tetrahedral 0 K flu lt 39tra4 1440 I lklu 8 Diagram comes from step 2 gtput results from step 1 into diagram from step 2 l Wt Lo vwvf 9 Use a molecular camera take picture of step 3 with only the bonds V lows 39 9 15 A polrP V shapelook at atoms onyignore lone pairs W Replace central atom with a stone and outside atoms with horses and see if it moves 5 quotwill be moving down molecule is polar Ex2 l Jlbe the bonding in IF5 using VSEPR I has 12e which is an expanded valence but OK since past period 2 g fb T F 3J2 O390la Jm C9 Molecular shape comes from diagram 7 9 V in 2 replacing hybrid orbitals with LP it gtquotquot and BP W l U I Iv leiLV flu Rule for octa dra must BP in the q 0quot plane of the square first Unit 4B Page 5 Central atom movespoar Ex 3 VSEPR theory to describe the bonding on XeF2 lt5 z 28 gt r39 393 Unit 4B Page 6


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