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LangLit AssmntInst Div Yg Lr

by: Rachelle Satterfield

LangLit AssmntInst Div Yg Lr EDUT 613

Marketplace > George Mason University > Education > EDUT 613 > LangLit AssmntInst Div Yg Lr
Rachelle Satterfield
GPA 3.61

Ana Taboada

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About this Document

Ana Taboada
Class Notes
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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rachelle Satterfield on Monday September 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EDUT 613 at George Mason University taught by Ana Taboada in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/215147/edut-613-george-mason-university in Education at George Mason University.


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Date Created: 09/28/15
Class 4 Wednesday February 25 2009 827 PM AGENDA 1 Running Records a Running Records Videos 1amp2 b Conducting Running Records 2 Word Knowledge a PowerPoint on Word Knowledge b Phonics Video c Phonics Lesson Plans 3 Lunch 4 Fluency 5 Vocabulary 6 Narratives RUNNING RECORDS I Teacher doesn39t usually have a copy of the book that the child is reading Usually done more often for struggling readers I Level of the book should be at the child39s instructional level gt not too hard and not too easy I When you are working with a child on a running record you should not be interrupted if possible Note how many errors the child makes and how many selfcorrections the child makes Must determine what cues the child was or wasn39t using when they made an error andor selfcorrection I httpwwwreadinga cr quot quot 39runrecordhtml I Do not correct child during running record Pick a text that they haven39t read before WORD KNOWLEDGE I Some reading authorities make a sharp distinction between the identification of an unknown word and the recognition of a word previously met How good readers read words 0 Look at virtually all of the words and almost all of the letters in these words 0 Usually recode printed words into sound 0 Recognize most words immediately and automatically without using context 0 Accurately and quickly pronounce infrequent phonetically regular words 0 Use spelling patterns and analogies to decode words 0 Divide big words as they seem I Children that struggle with reading need more emphasis on spelling patterns I Children from literate homes have over 1000 hours of informal reading and writing encounters before they come to school Definition of Phonics gt the instructional approach that teaches the relationship between the letters in written words and the sounds in spoken words Reading Wars gt phonics vs whole language 0 Both phonics and whole language are necessary I Reasons for teaching word identification 0 Phonics is a short cut to word learning With a relatively small amount of information readers can identify a large number of words 0 Knowing phonics helps children develop a large vocabulary of words that are recognized accurately effortlessly and instantly within in a second of seeing them 0 Phonics helps children become independent readers High Frequency Words 0 100 most frequently used words account for almost half of what is read and written


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