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Intro to Medical Tech

by: Damon Rolfson Jr.

Intro to Medical Tech MTCH 200

Damon Rolfson Jr.
GPA 3.94

Esther Peters

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About this Document

Esther Peters
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Damon Rolfson Jr. on Monday September 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MTCH 200 at George Mason University taught by Esther Peters in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 47 views. For similar materials see /class/215150/mtch-200-george-mason-university in Medical Technician at George Mason University.

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Date Created: 09/28/15
MTCH 200 History of MT when people started studying diseases MT was born organic chemistry was developed in the 1800s Education need to know why machine can do what its supposed to do BS or BA with biochem background certified 12 month training pass the MLS exam 91411 Cyndee Lowe Rockingham Memorial Hospital School of Medical Laboratory Sciences a highly skilled team of people provides information to physicians for aid in the diagnosis ofdisease provide feedback for managing treatment evaluating the effectiveness and safety of therapy The Lab Team Pathologists Medical Lab scientists formerly known as medical technologists or clinical lab scientists medical lab technicians lab assistanst and phlebotomists Med Lab scientist like solving problems accept challenges and responsibility are accurate and reliable work well under pressure communicate well fascinated by science and the human body also doesn39t hurt to have a sense of humor Lab Departments 1 Chemistry testing is performed on patient samples to determine levels of many analytes electrolytes glucose lipids enzymes pharmacologic substances more tests are automated technologists perform instrument maintenance troubleshooting quality controls calibrations and analyze patient reslts for potential problems 2 Hematology complete blood count enumeration of red blood cells white blood cells and platelets identification of abnormal cell types coagulation testing used to diagnose clotting disorders and to follow anticoagulant therapy 3 Immunohematology Blood Bank the study of antigens and antibodies related to red blood cells collection processing storage and preparation of blood products 4 Microbiology technologists identify microscopic organisms which cause infectious disease inhumans also determine antimicrobial susceptibility patterns of the pathogenic organisms manual reading of culture plates and slides quot 39 39testin39 molecular methods U39 methods current average salary for MLS is 2626 per hour salaries are consistenly increasing by 37 per year vacancy rates at 104 number 16 on best job list major shortage coming up 14growth within the next few years average age is gt50 so people are going to retire What is required solid background in bio chem math and cs 92111 Amy McCarthy Washington hospital Center MLSMT Training Program Medical Laboratory Scientist an MLSMT is a member of the healthcare delivery team who contributes to patient care by performing the diagnostic tests that physicians use to diagnose the patients What do they do 0 full range of laboratory tests from simple premarital blood tests to complex tests to uncover diseases such as AIDS diabestes and cancer 0 MTs are responsible for confirming the accuracy of test results and reporting laboratory findings to the pathologists and clinicians o The MTs hold life and death in their hands because the information they give to the physician influences the medical treatment a patient recieves o 80 of physicians decisions are based off med tech results 0 responsible for quality control 0 NAACLS accredited programs provide training in management and education o KNOW NAACLS AND ASCP DEFINITION Washington Hospital Center notforprofit tertiary care hospital in DC 907 beds 8000 medical and dental staff medstar health MT trainee program must have at least 90 hours in biological sciences at a college or hold a bachelors degree in one of the biological sciences within the last 7 years paid for going to school in return you work within medstar health for 3 years 1250 per hour for 40 hours a week health and dental insurance paid time off tuition waved 6 months of lecture 6 months of clinical training 6 courses running at one time at least one outside WHC at a different medstar health hospital Work study Program outside the weekly 40 hour training must maintain a minimum C average offered january through august salary is 20 per hour limited 10 hours per work 92811 Nancy Vandel nova Fairfax Hospital A Clinical Laboratory Science the clinical laboratory consists of highly skilled team of professionals working together to assist in the care diagnosis and treatment of patients technologists perform test to determine presence or absences of disease evaluate effectiveness of treatment maintain health technologists generate data to assist physicians in the detection of cancer heart disease diabetes bacterial and viral infections and drugs of abuse 80 ofall physician decisions are based on lab results technologists are involved in the development and evaluation of tests interperat data analse results manage data communicate with physicians and nurses use I and U39 Area39s of expertise o chemistry 0 hematology o immunology o microbiology 0 blood banking o toxicology o urinalysis Medical Technology Program 0 accredited by NAACLS 0 Dr Lucy Nam medical director 0 required hours 0 8 hour days monday through friday 0 arrival time depends on clinical rotation700AM 0 additional experience gained by working one 8 hour shift at end of lab rotation Lab rotations students rotate through lab sections at the following facilites fairfax hospital laboratory nova central laboratory nova blood donor services quest diagnostics nichols instituteforensics medicine toxicology genetics Lecture Series immunolgy coagulation urinalysis chemistry hematology blood bank microbiology chemistry specimens are analyzed for treatment of disease and to monitor therapy hematology blood is tested for hemoglobin RBCs WBCs and platelets differentiate between the lymphocytes other cells etc in a blood Flow cytometry enumerate stem cells for bone marrow transplants and detect abnormal cells Urinalysis urine specimens analyzed for physicial and chemicval properties glucose protein ketones bilirubin Coagulation blood is tested for the presence of bleeding disorders and monitored for anticoagulant therapy Microbiology various cultre techniques are used to determine which bacteria virus or fungus is causing disease 39 39 39 39 39 I quot quot39 testing to will cuter them 39 39 identify toxic agents in cases of probable bioterrorism J1 Research Project select a topic and form the project under the guidance of an advisor Comprehensive Exam covers all phases of medical technologysimilar to board certification NancyVandelinovaorg OR nancymvandelinovaorg 10511 Carol Smith GW Clinical Laboratory Science Program look at slides Reasons why its different housed in a universitypay tuition to the university SSS pricey in class courses are taught onlinenone are in class distant learning for the lecture portion not for everyone take part time students for the clinical year and the whole certificate so the 12 months are over 2 years Pre WWI the individual is responsible for the costs that they accrued Post WWII tremondous growth in population so need more healthcare new surgical procedures Medicare and medicaid changed the way that healthcare was run Over 550 DRGs basic formula modifiersgeography teaching hospitals etc increases in technology MIDTERM TILL HERE 101911 Ellie Coggins Augusta Health School of CLS Fishersville Virginia US News and world report best careers 3 on the list 6 student class Reasons why its a good career 0 median salary is pretty good 0 cost of education 0 moderate activity and stress level job availiblity 75 of people don39t know about the program until after graduating high school Microbiology deals with identification of microorganisms that cause diseas Organisms includebacteria fungus viruses Clinical Chemistry most automated test body fluids for several hundred different chemical substances fluids usually blood serum urine or CSF dept using most instrumentation Immunohematology Blood bank type the blood test the blood Hematology screen bid for abnormalities HemostasisCoagulation clotting mmonologySerology study of the immune system Molecular Diagnosis


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