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Princ of Prof Pract Engr

by: Osvaldo Berge

Princ of Prof Pract Engr ENGR 400

Osvaldo Berge
GPA 3.8


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Osvaldo Berge on Monday September 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGR 400 at George Mason University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 80 views. For similar materials see /class/215164/engr-400-george-mason-university in Engineering and Tech at George Mason University.

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Date Created: 09/28/15
l A person weighs 165 1b at the earth s surface Determine the person s mass in slugs kilograms and pounds mass Lucia1t WAJS 1 In Slugs 65 5 MS 39 2 5 quot In M i awn44423 mass 7994 film5239 In bm Mass 5 Mm 2 Water ows from a garden hose nozzle with a velocity of 15 ms What is the maximum height that it can reach above the nozzle 1 V1 i 3 zz burl750 u b WK 2quot 0 w h V 5 025 I 210 l M 1 3 The density ofa certain type ofjet fuel is 805 kgni3 Determine its speci c gravity and speci c weight WitsJ vz Ii 5 1 h 75quot it5 2 5m 16 age y c MW its 5 g 3957j 12 70A 4 Speci c Weight A 1ft diameter cylindrical tank is 5 ft long weighs 125 lb and is lled with a liquid having a speci c weight of 896 lh 3 Determine the vertical force required to give the tank an upward acceleration of 9 szv If 1 duels 0 iankWf l25lb V E k weight a litbuid39 ME Xxx39v 5R vigilant M UM 3 gawk m L f as 273 ll V Zijmas Fvewit WL may F 2 f Izslt27315 g V Slb 27311 many x 5 5 Fv 507 T 5 Capillag Rise Find the height to which ethyl alcohol will rise in a glass capillary tube 0127 mm in diameter Density is 790 lug 113 G 00227 Nm and I3 00 4 002271 7g 10 S 40cos 000923 m 7 quot 79o kgI98 o127x103m S h F 6 A Newtonian uid having a Speci c gravity of 092 and a kinematic viscosity o filxlO394 11128 ows past a xed surface The velocity pro le near the surface is shown Determine the magnitude and direction of the shearing stress developed on the plate LIA V 76 y y whre r d 7r 5 74 Egg SI 41 ypierEl y 1 4r Susi4770 Mar F56 100V20M A 7 sun u 770 xoquot 7mm 32 Fun surlace 2579 A xixml mm A quotw an FM 7 Compare the column heights of water carbon tetrachloride and mercury corresponding to a pressure of 50 kPa 7 M 5 At rwt r 4 st 33 Eldon m 31 5r Carla7 rtenahan39tal g Foxo mp 320 ATM031 3J1 Er mercury 57quot An 037bm I IV 33X0 4 8 A closed tank is partially lled with glycerin If the air pressure in the tank is 6 psi and the depth of glycerin is 10 it what is the pressure at the bot toanI the tank 7zr P0 g jigyo H fL tg 65 0 9 A pressure gauge measures 50 kPa vacuum in a system What is the absolute pressure if the atmospheric pressure is 101 kPa 39 v pabs 90 kPa 101 kPa P 51 kPa or 51000 Pa 10 The atmospheric pressure is 101 kPa What is the height of a mercury barometer FA quot 1 y KH L1 3 Vapor pressure of marcury u KM 172x10395KPaaIZO39C ruiJer O irst M3gtA l IZO7 0 V7 391 or a l 7539 mm aquot 1 1 A tank is constructed of a series of cylinders having diameters of030 025 and 015 m The tank contains oil water and glycerin and a mercury manometer is attached to the bottom Calculate the manometer reading h yet3917 arm 5 141010W T gl w39zm 70quot quotg WILLANIL pi M f f 13 7 om 920OJMM 121111020 I33 19 m I C 0527 A71 12 A swimming pool is 18 m long and 7 m wide Determine the magnitude and location of the resultant force of the water on the vertical end of the pool where the depth is 215 rn 52339IK A ifo2 7175m M y f 51 mm as 04er g T a gay 23 771145 nan zrm 29 HM 5125quot T E P F 73 dim7mx 19quot F P f The rm of 24 All 4L1LS 157m bemI Jur nze Dian bs wiauh 7m vealJul cedarMr of end FE Examination Prep Material Fluid Mechanics 5 LL 13 A rectangular panel 4 feet wide and 8 feet long is held in a tank at a depth of 9 feet parallel to the surface A11 openair UShaped manometer is tapped at the bottom of the tank problem courtesy of ASCEKeep Smart 5 What is the gage pressure in lbftz at the centroid of the panel L 3 3911 Paaujv Wh 7 I9Lr Slu S 9 55 3 24 MagSAJW39l39 m iQXSZL Z39Lr lip 6qu 5622 What is the absolute press e in lbfti at the centroid of the panel i 21168 11 56212 Film39539 quot Abs Pr Arlwl rt aupg iii 5763 iv 2679 er1 int12 12my 13y 542 439 r axli v39ULr 562 777 c What is the absolute force in lb on the panel 0quot 85728 a 17971 atrium g out pix A 267 4X9 iii 21427 iv 10714 8 703 D what is the atmospheric pressure in inches in terms of head of mercury 3082 L1 0cm 9 1353 119 VCGM 39 0 352 1 iv 30 ml Mohan Venigalla CEIE Department 67 Z FE Examination Prep Material Fluid Mechanics 5quot L 6 Assuming the tank is 20 feet deep what is the measuring cross hatched uid in the manometer i Water p3 p3LPL ii 011 Q iii Mercury P2 DZail3 1 6 1304 lHl iv Glycerin 34 lgIOLf ea in st f If the tank is 10 feet wide what is the force in 1b on the inclined plane 167200 E83103 P z 2 2 U 62 132235 7 F7 W s fr 292 FEW 3244f639GZB Of jb a M 2 62470516 Qt 2 F gifOK 6k 10 Mohan Venigalla CEIE Department 77 u u u v z n s u n FE Examination Prep Material Fluid Mechanics i 14 Problems on Closed Conduit A pump delivers 25 cfs of 70 F H20 from the reservoir at elevation 50 to the reservoir at elevation 150 As shown in the following gure there are two 18inch diameter pipes that discharge into the lower reservoir Given this situation solve the problems 14al4e courtesy of ASCEKeep Smart a b C EL 15039 1 Wm C 7 10 cfs ows through a pipe that discharges into the lower reservoir The pipe s dimensions change as shown in the gures What is the velocity in feet per second fps at point B 4 A JV J i 008 gt ii 127 LL53 V iii 566 L1 iv 318 iolt D A second 18 diameter pipe that disc arges into the lower reservoir has two manometers as shown The elevation in tube M1 would be the i Hydraulic grade line In A i L ii Energy grade line Ml Cmojy ij 1 Lila Pressure head vlu l 2 1 Hydmlulvq f j39VFJwLQ awe iv Velocity head b I 139 MW quot Vl I 3 lilCllfCivl39y The velocity fps for the 18quot pipe as it discharges into the reservoir is most nearly K L i 56 Limit Hess4 rquot39ll quotquotl2 2 316 quot 7 iii 397 H mgft V I L 4 l C 39r 1 049 1 L L o37ll 02317 r FE Examination Prep Material Fluid Mechanics I cl What is the ow Q in cfs for the pipe into the reservoir 1 CV r V I 11 14295 Lx n Liv i 4 1 111 318 159 ergt 92X77 7 iv 99 quot a 39quot 1 e If the ef ciency of the pump is 80 what is the horsepower of the pump neglect friction and form losses i 355 1 y r Ta li 100 quot rifg39 l 50 207 vc7r iii 227 7 n 1 5 quot 1 2 iv 142 x e 139 Le1 1 it I V39 2 er 4 n r x p r 79 x 55 31 1 C L Y 2 a 392 WM 15 Friction Loss A pump delivers 25 cfs of 700 3 H20 from the reservoir at elevation 50 to the reservoir at elevation 150 There is 1000 feet of 8 steel suction pipe from the rst reservoir to the pump There is 2000 feet of 6 steel discharge pipe ow the pump to the second reservoir Assume pipe roughness a of 00002 feet a The Reynolds numbero tnearly r i 72x 10 3quot 1 11 in j 11 47x10f quot A iii 60x103 1 r 539 iv 12x10quot 539 M ii393 1 3 1 v 1 b Using the Darcy equation the head loss due to friction hf for the 6 pipe is most nearly answer in feet 5 a quot39Q I Z quoti 3quot 3471 939 i 1711 39 ii 10000 iii 2014 iv 4028 t l 5 r c Using the Darcy equation the head loss due toqfriction 11 for the 8 pipe is most nearly answer in feet 7M5 T 939quot 39v f39 7 1 452993 ii 03566 iii 00703 iv 1962 Mohan Venjgalla CEIE Department 910 FE Examination Prep Material Fluid Mechanics 7 16 Form Loss Water ows at 3 cfs through a pipe systems with a large tank at the inlet and 39ee discharge at outlet The system has several expansions and contractions a If the diameter of the pipe at the inlet point is 12 what is the head loss where water enters this pipe system answer in feet jut M 39 822 1 4 1 1392 1 I M j j 1 1 39 11 01134 111 we 1x xi 1 awewv MW 1 m i 39 7 31 4 L 1 i 111 002967 7 9 r l 1ampwa Rhr iv 02268 391 5 61 0quot 39 f r 3 if Ufa ILn quot177 L Jewquotr P 7 V 17 Momentum 10 cfs of water passes through two p arallel pipes then through a square elbow as shown 7 r 150quot ABquot CD 12quot 12 i f J 100quot r r N l I 1 fl 1 V 1 f M I Is 1039 above 6 J VJ K i pl 9 1 1L 71 I I in q I 1 1 Pi H 1 1 v 394 you A i 11111 a C pquot 7 2 A r p 2 i1 LT a What is the ow cfs in the 6 pipe ifissume f 002 Igiore minor losses H W V 1 8220 my h 1 41 CSTquot VD I Elma 1 CU39L J tow M p 179 k quot 39 39 w UL 71 r 3939w J fixi iii 1047 V 59quot l 1 J 11 ii iV 9099 1 A 1 1 9 quotii i vgx c 391 V1 WESU 7 5 b If the pressure at point 1 is 40 psi what is the pressure at point 2 in psi Ignore hL i 5760 1239 ii 5122 111 7216 1 iv 4496 Mohan Venigalla CEIE Department 1010 GEORGE umuzusuv


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