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Basic Concepts in Psychology

by: Watson Stamm Jr.

Basic Concepts in Psychology PSYC 100

Marketplace > George Mason University > Psychlogy > PSYC 100 > Basic Concepts in Psychology
Watson Stamm Jr.
GPA 3.54

Doris Davis

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About this Document

Doris Davis
Class Notes
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This 23 page Class Notes was uploaded by Watson Stamm Jr. on Monday September 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYC 100 at George Mason University taught by Doris Davis in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see /class/215169/psyc-100-george-mason-university in Psychlogy at George Mason University.


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Date Created: 09/28/15
IndustrialOrganizationa Psychology An Overview Lou Buffardi Associate Professor of Psychology quO Psyc Types of Questions How do you decide whether a selection test is useful and fair to minorities Is there one best leadership style What causes people to leave their jobs If we make people happier in their jobs will they work harder quuestions cont d Can merit pay be applie to any type of job What problems are associated with shift work How can supervisors motivate workers Are cognitive ability tests that predict acaemic terformance of any use in predicting how peop e will perform their jobs Are familyfriendly benefits costeffective to the organization ilQuestion 1 Imagine you are hiring new employees I 0 research suggests that you definitely should do which of the following in order to select the best worker Measure applicants selfesteem Measure applicants intelligence Interview applicants Check applicants references QLQuestion 2 I Suppose you are a manager and you want your workers to get more done What often is the most effective way to achieve this a Pay them more b Improve their job satisfaction Have them set specific goals d Discipline them ilGoals of IO Psychology Study behavior at work Improve organizations by Selecting applicants that best fit the job Trainingmotivating current employees Designing workplace systems to reduce accidents Making workplace more humane QLAreas of IO sychology Industria LPersonne Selection Training Performance ManagementAssessment Organizatinal Work AttitudesQWL Motivation Leadership Organizational Development a Human FactorsEngineering Ergonomics Jo Design a Website wwwsioporg Some Facts about 10 qlPsyChologists One of the smaller disciplines within psychology About 7 of psychologists Government 12 Industry in house 1 9 Consulting nns 3 4 niversities 35 I Universities I Consulting rms I Industry in house I Government lWho are I O Psychologists ost have a PhD Can work in industry or academia Need at least a master s degree Unlike some other areas of psychology you can get jobs with a master s degree Can work in industry not academia A few universities offer terminal master s programs ljobs in I O n Industry Consultant Work in HR Dept Develop and validate selection tests Assess and develop leadership capabilities Improve recruitment and talent retention Improve employee relatiOns and attitudes Design and evaluate training programs I In Academia Professor in I O Psych Management Org Behavior Conduct scholarly research on I 0 topics Teach I 0 related classes Mentor graduate students r39uffardi dose Corti na VReeshad Dalal Seth Kaplan EClen King Lois Tetrick Steve Zaccfaro L Mason IO Faculty Research worklife quality jab attitudes persanainrbased predictors ofpe formanee mood amp emotions at wart advicegian personalW amp performance appraisal stigma in the workplace managng c Versfty OCCupattona stress health amp safeg 195d9f5773 team pfObemhsolvrng qllmportant features of a job I What features of the job or job environment do you appreciate in your current position or past employment I What will you look for in taking your first career job ilKey Employee Work Attitudes Perceived Organizational Support POS Organization values their contributions Organization cares about their well being eg My organization cares about my opinions Organizational Commitment Emotional attachment to the organization Desire to remain With the organization eg This organization has a great deal of personal meaning to mequot Both attitudes are predictive of many important organizational outcomes turnover absenteeism performance etc qLBasic Social Psychology rinciple Theory of Social Exchange see King pp 5089 Exchange of rewars between people Reciprocity Satisfaction With relationshi is based on whether the exchane is viewed as equitable POS and Commitment extend this theOry to relationship between employee and the organization Perceived Organizational Support qlAntecedents amp Consequences Fairness Org Comm Performance 39 Inrole Extrarole Supervisor 39 POSffZi Suport Rewards amp Favorable Strains inh Conditions Turnover L f Job Satisfaction i V Positive Mood quinal Four Fever Involvement in how the team was performing Reactions to how the team s success impacts the university ilFinal Four Fever1 During NCAA Awareness of how team was performing Generally Gen Follow Unaware Aware Closely 89b 309 629 Prior to NCAA 449 44Wb 129 qLFinal Four Fever5 Our participation in the NCAA tournament and the 39 Are39e Dlsa ree publiCIty assoaate d g g with it has 43 00 24 0o transformed the university il Research Question l Will the reaction of Mason employees to the Final Four phenomenon influence the traditional job attitudes of POS and Organizational Commitment If so what is the nature of the relationship between FFF and these attitudes Relationship of FFF with other qltraditional work attitudes POS Org Comm FFF What s the psycholoical process ilunerlying FFF Org Commitment FFF 9 Perceived Organizational Prestie Perceived Org Prestige org Identification Social identity see King 500 crucial part of selfimae Need to feel good about groups to which we beIOng Baskinginreflected gloryquot Org Identification Org Commitment 10 at Mason qlDid you know that Mason s IO PhD program is ranked in the top 10 nationally Mason 3 I O Master s program is ranked 4th nationally The recent past president of SIOP the primary national I 0 professional organization is a faculty member here Dr Lois Tetrick We offer an Intro to IO course PSYC lTo find out more isit the GMU 10 page http WWW gmuedu org iopsa Check out faculty interests we are always looking for motivated undergraduate research assistants Consider taking PSYC 333 I Check out the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology page httpwwwsioporg Feel free to contact me buffardigmuedu


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