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University Physics III

by: Sonny Breitenberg

University Physics III PHYS 262

Marketplace > George Mason University > Physics 2 > PHYS 262 > University Physics III
Sonny Breitenberg
GPA 3.66

Paul So

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About this Document

Paul So
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sonny Breitenberg on Monday September 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS 262 at George Mason University taught by Paul So in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 46 views. For similar materials see /class/215186/phys-262-george-mason-university in Physics 2 at George Mason University.


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Date Created: 09/28/15
1 a b c d Physics 262 examl 25pts Answer the following questions Justify your answers Use the space provided below and the next page Which of the following objects arrows will produce real images Which images willbeinverted A0 11 4 g 48 f f f f f Aspyplanesendsasonarsignaltowardthesurfaceoftheocean Ifthespeedof propaga onfmsamdwavesisfastermwmathanmanwinmesonarsignaltends tobendtowardoraway om menonnaldiiec onasitre acts om leairinmthe ocean On the grotmd ofagas station one observesabn39ght spotatthe thinnestregion ofan oil lmonwaterNearanothercomerthereisanunknownsubstanceontopofa layer of water At the thinnest part of this substance one observes a dark spot Is the index of te action for this tmknown substance larger or smaller then the index of re action of oil Asrm apaunewidiasizeoffewnu hnaersismedmadil acdonexperhnmnand you have a choice on the wavelength of the light som39ce xrays 1 10 m visible lights 1 10 7m infrared lights I 10 m and radio waves A 1m which one is most likelyto produce measm39able dif action fringes a Dvuuialanduprightiirealandinvertediiivirmalandmight b By Snell s law the refracted angle should be larger than the incident angle otherwrgls iesonarsignalwillbendaway mn iemmn b Gquot a39r S c x In on m lQ dw l um i t L w39 ESLl 3rd cl 1 0 Juksroi39 I a PM UH 5 OWL G c v quot It SQ TlH 7 ski gt A Yn LA s u439l f39 H1C1 T 345 Pb 5 And 1 1 NH villa 5 am 4 oil lt nude mgsgm Observable we shomd have a and an light Will g LJIJMJ 1 38 Physics 262 exam1 25 25 PIS source 0 75 V E g4 f N M A source of light with A 550nm is placed 500mm above the surface of a mirror At a horizontal distance of 100m away from the source an interference pattern is observed This pattern is formed when rays leaving the source directly interfere with rays re ected off the mirror surface as shown above a What is the vertical distance to the rst bright fringe above the mirror in mm b What is the vertical distance to the rst dark fringe above the mirror in mm 0546er ML L39AA Centre Zia2 TL wr h t Mtgt 1 gourd L l39 ooLth d GS H0 CD KKChky Can i HkC H P A hJ can LL VI Uuse x gaunt am growth Vquot I CL CHM DINl C 0 M M D h V 9 b7 2Y5oo Loom cl oo MM h g ACIV Q M fepfanaz sawG Olin1J6 Ch In 01M alfcger 64 PLM39C 55 Thu IS 039fo a 2 lzc i d x H m4 rac 4k 99 9 cf I Arm r I i m 0 c af ne 3 039 I lrInCL M a Iof cms k w lwz 0 IA br v L l 0L7 2 Ib 39 e 39 lrn h 275 quotE CHM 1mg ml m o ib Inch 17 V W ox gqm oomB M39AB Hi Jalk r c aYo A b lomod q 0111 ml of 39 AL L 88 550 MERE 39 3 39 240 xno 3w ms 391 mi 9 Physics 262 exam1 3 25 pts Two thin converging lenses of focal lengths f1 100cm and f2 150cm are separated by 200cm An object is placed at a distance of 300cm to the left of the rst lens i Find the position of the nal image ii draw the rays diagram for this situation iii what is the magni cation of the nal image iv is the nal image viItual or real 300cm 200cm 1i L len1 len2 D L L L l t 39eh i PI 3 399 gt 300 339 oon L 39 l in ovoCm go39ocm 1 S 3 g 1504 leo l LLnglko lquot insill Aquot quot 39L 39 l s 2 lea2 73 439 1 39 g1 V I as oLJeci 9M II F2 500 0 4L1 lafi a Izms 2 l l l 3939 Iow 1 39 Soun I 35 0 4 lens 5 2 u s gt mVu iM 075 l l0 ivvi39wll 68 1 75 Cm Physics 262 exam 4 25 pts In a double slit diffraction experiment two slits with equal width a 0030mm are separated by a distance of d 015mm Take the wavelength of the light to be 550nm The observed fringes will be a superposition of both interference and diffraction effects i How many complete bright interference fringes appear Within the central diffraction envelope ii Which bright interference fringes are missing from this pattern iii What is the relative intensity of the fourth interference inge as compared to the central maximum I i S39i Man 0g deru i W urnalert Ir Zia QS MG d linuu a locatho miuferlha wows l als MG MA 444 l39 M Cowl M bJ D was 44 large a El n ML 8 wk mil d3 In In 4439 M quotl M l L only Th itr gu m k l Iquot Kt NV 1quot o dggrAC k n inv OFL my ol 05mm 0 K c 9 0 g0 441 Slim ofJAf quotu39igrgrma 4 av P r W tsl m at imam mgr d1 Lt Li ValeFarmer hwy 9 l W 5 t 39 ass 5 to la Ln lava Vquot 3 ti gt gm Wasm 739 z Vargas M 7 4 olsxnolgtxrgt we X 78 mug 4X 9 93Wquot l 0551 1 05339l 0 ZHiscl 3 I IW


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