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IT Project Management

by: Adonis Nader

IT Project Management IT 343

Adonis Nader
GPA 3.61

Ralph Billeri

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About this Document

Ralph Billeri
Class Notes
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This 46 page Class Notes was uploaded by Adonis Nader on Monday September 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to IT 343 at George Mason University taught by Ralph Billeri in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see /class/215217/it-343-george-mason-university in Information technology at George Mason University.

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Date Created: 09/28/15
IT Resource Planning REVIEW OF MAJOR CONCEPTS People s Choice Award People s Choice Award Tradenet TEAM 1a Abbas Ali Berkan Atalay Grading Course scores are computed as follows Q Participation 10 Memo 1 5 Memo 2 5 MS Project Exercise 10 Case Presentation 10 Ivlidterm 15 Research Paper 20 Final exam 25 Total 100 Grading is more stringent as semester progresses especially for Paper and Final Must achieve a grade of C or better EXAM REVIEW ADMINISTRATION ll Ksl w Five Specific Definition Questions Two or Three Essay Questions Part of Writing Intensive course 2 V2 Hours to complete Should be plenty F You may consult your two pages of notes but not ANY other sources BRING A BLUE BOOK DEFINITION SAMPLE 1 Definitions 10 points each Be specific in stating what the item is where it comes from what is it used for and the impact it has on a project EXAM INSTRUCTIONS Below are several situations that might confront you as a project manager For each situation identify three to five key points PM priorities a brief description of why these points are important analysis and how you would implement them recommendations Be specific DEFINITION SAMPLE 1 SCOPE Be Specific State what the item is 23 Where it comes from 33 What is it used for and 40 The impact it has on a project SAMPLE ESSAY QUESTION Essay questions 25 points each are situations that might confront you as a project manager For each part of the question identify at least four to six key points including a brief description of why these points are important and if applicable how you would implement them Be specific and answer each part of the question separately 9 9 ESSAY QUESTION Question An example of a Gantt chart is shown below for illustrative purposes only m In developing a Gantt chart for your project list the elements you would include on your project plan 9 Which elements will help you manage critical o w a I wrvlgtr I rum l v by n a M n n on v m c lt u 7 quot l a Au a u 39I 39 M l u i r y El 39 H t 39 luvn mun Yn l It on n quot upme hr Inc7 H a V Hunma ll u wan nu now buIan man In no H quotquotquotquot t lrMIn n n man WJuvn ml unguwa lllllllllllllllllll II nunu Con uou n ku m L l39 ESSAY ANSWER In developing a Gdntt chart for your project list the elements you would include on your project plan L 2 mgrerw 11 ESSAY ANSWER Which elements will help you manage critical dates 1 s mienww PROJECT OVERVIEW Test Systems Class 3 Estimate Class 4 V Measurement amp Earned Value Class 6 Quality amp Comm Class 11 7 Risk Class 9 13 PROJECT MANAGEMENT SKlLLS 9 Leadership a Communications 6 Problem Solving aNego aHng Influencing the Organization a Mentoring a Process and technical expertise PMFS KNGWLEDGE Projec r monogemen r Scope Time Cos r Qualify Human resource Communico ons Risk Procuremenf waewve T0 PROJECT PLANNING The main purpose of project planning is to guide execu on Key outputs include 0A team contract 0A scope statement 0A work breakdown structure WBS 0A project schedule often in the form of a Gantt chart with all dependencies and resources entered 0A list of prioritized risks No plan survives contact with the enemy von Moltke 1 TRADEOEF TRIANGLE REVIEW Scope T Fade0 triangle is a relationship between the project variables of resources people and money schedule time and features scope 2 SCOPE REVIEW Scope Management Scope Statement Statement of Work The Scheduling Process 3 Deliverables G WBS Break work down to manageable chunks Relationship to deliverables 6 WBS Techniques Top down Bottom up Template Brainstorming 3 MEASUREMENT a To date and projected Cost Schedule Effort Product features Earned value analysis 4 PROJECT PLANNING HOW TO SET UP A PROJECT PROJECT PLANNING PROCESS Set goal and scope Select lifecycle Skill Requirements Start team selection Determine risks Identify tasks Estimate size Estimate effort Identify task dependencies Create WBS Assign resources Schedule work 5 ESTIMATION METHODOLOGIES 5 ESTIMATION METHODOLOGIES Top down Bottom up Analogy ExpertJudgment Priced to Win Parametric or Algorithmic Method Formula or Equation Parametric lines of code Algorithmic like type and size 6 ESTABLISHING THE SCHEDULE Peter J Farrell 2011 6 ESTABLISHING THE SCHEDULE 6 1 3393 ghowv Aria v 8 v B I g E E AIITasks v v g WBS Task Name Dura on Stan Finish PredecessorsiResource Names 1 39 1 T 73917 E Overall project 110 Ki mar Thu 91111 V v V 11 a Project Mg 35 days Fli 411m Thu 112811 7 V T39 1 11 1 Manage Projem 35 days Fri M1 111 Thu mam PM PM 39 i quot 12 E Sys Req 110 days Fli 41111 Thu 911111 V v 5 1 21 Bus Req 4 days L Fri 411 I11 Wed 46I11 Tech Lead Tech Lead 6 1 22 Tech Req 7 days Thu 41711 Fri 4 5111 5 Tech Lead lTech Lead 1 39r 1 23 39 Sys Doc 0 days Fri 411 511 1 Fri 41511 396 Tech Lead Q 4915 8 39 1 2 4 ask 1 day Fri 41 111 Fri 41 111 9 Revisions 7 CRITICAL PATH a The specific set of sequential tasks upon which the project completion date depends e The longest path through the network diagram All projects have a Critical Path Accelerating non critical tasks do not directly shorten the schedule 8 ESTIMATE AT COMPLETION EAC 8 ESTIMATE AT COMPLETION EAC Impact on your company s Profit amp Loss PampL Statement And you thought your initial budget caused pressure 6 Your best estimate on where you will end up Steps in developing your EAC Use a dependable model and EVA to see where you are Evaluate your levers and risks Forecast your EAC Add buffer Present to Senior Management External Influences Corporate 39 Culture Ch 2 Project Investment Ch 4 Project Investment Selection Process Which Project I Types of Analysis I Cash Flow Basis Return on Investment ROI 2 Payback Simple Cash Flow amp Time 3 Discounted Cash Flow Cash Flow Time amp Discount Rate e Cost of Money 4 Net Present Value NPV Cash Flow Time Discount Rate amp calculated for TODAY Cash flow Basis Project 1 Paid on Deliverables Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Total Income 0 100000 200000 350000 650000 CostsExpenses 100000 200000 200000 100000 600000 Cash flow 100000 100000 0 250000 50000 Rate of Return 5000060000083 Project 2 Fixed Price Income CostsExpenses Cash Rate of Return 100000600000167 o Discounted Cash Flow It cost me to borrow Cost of Money 10 Project 1 Paid on Deliverables Income 100000 200000 Costs Expenses Cash Cost of Discounted Cash Flow 100000 100000 0 Project 2 Fixed Price Income 0 0 0 Costs Expenses Cash Cost of Discounted Cash Flow 100000 200000 200000 Net Present Value todayquot S Cost of Money 10 Inflation 5 5 525 550 Project 1 Paid on Deliverables Income CostsExpenses Cash flow Cost of Money Discounted Cash Flow 0 100000 200000 100000 100000 0 5 525 550 Net present Value 21 750 110000 104500 0 236250 Project 2 TODAY39S Fixed Price Income 0 0 0 CostsExpenses Cash 100000 200000 200000 Cost of Discounted Cash Flow 5 525 550 Net Present Value 110000209000 208450 567000 Milestones Have a duration of zero Identify critical points in your schedule Shown as inverted triangle or a diamond Often used at review or delivery times Or at end or beginning of phases Ex Software Requirements Review SRR Ex User Sign off Can be tied to contract terms Example Milestones l Software 39 00 n ce pt I I I I 1 SRR Software Requirements Review F DR Preliminary Design Review CDR Critical Design Review ATR Acceptance Test Review Coding and Debugging Systems Testing ATR Deployment amp Maintenance CostBudgeUng Baseline Cost Known Knowns Allow for non project time amp common tasks Continqencv Reserve Known Unknowns Manaqement Reserve Unknown Unknowns 40 4o Earned Value Analysis EVA alta Earned Value Management EVM Q alta Variance Analysis What you got for what you paid Pre EVA traditional approach 0 Planned time and costs Actual time and costs o Progress compare planned vs actual 9 EVA adds third dimension value Planned actual and Earned 41 Earned Value Analysis 3 major components Planned Value PV Yearned Budget How much work should be done Actual Cost AC Burned Spent How much did the work completed cost Earned value EV Earned Completed How much work is done Rate of Performance RP 0 PV complete 2 Rate of Performance RP 42 Project Risk Characterized by Uncertainty Never O Some increasing likeliness 1 to 99 Will Happen 100 An associated loss money life reputation etc Manageable some action can control it a Risk Exposure is the product of probability and potential loss 2 A Problem is a risk that has materialized Types of Risks V Schedule Risks Schedule compression customer marketing etc Cost Risks v Unreasonable budgets Requirements Risks 39 Incorrect 39 Incomplete Unclear or inconsistent Volatile Risk Analysis Determine impact of each risk Risk Exposure RE aka Risk Impact RE Probability of loss size of loss Ex risk is Facilities not ready on time Probability is 25 size is 4 weeks RE is 1 week Ex risk is Inadequate design redesign required Probability is 15 size is 10 weeks RE is 15 weeks Statistically are expected values Sum all RE 5 to get potential overrun Risk Response Planning After identifying and quantifying risks you must decide how to respond to them I Four main strategies iRisk avoidance eliminating a specific threat or risk usually by eliminating its causes 2Risk acceptance accepting the consequences should a risk occur 3Risk transference shifting the consequence of a risk and responsibility for its management to a third party 4Risk mitigation reducing the impact of a risk event by reducing the probability of its occurrence


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