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Informatn Defense Technologies

by: Adonis Nader

Informatn Defense Technologies IT 353

Marketplace > George Mason University > Information technology > IT 353 > Informatn Defense Technologies
Adonis Nader
GPA 3.61

Anne Marchant

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About this Document

Anne Marchant
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Adonis Nader on Monday September 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to IT 353 at George Mason University taught by Anne Marchant in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see /class/215225/it-353-george-mason-university in Information technology at George Mason University.

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Date Created: 09/28/15
IT 353 Class Exercise Namei Name Note AH answers must be rn comprete sentences an rn your own WordS tor qu credrt practrce Wrrtrng tormarry The ubje 39 25 Df this Exercise are u Du Experrence wrtn GPS ember 1 crye y Pnsmumng System date end dpen sdurde ch crepnreer wdrmetrdn System tears 2 Deyerdp ydur enerytreer sers pnrtr caunesv at n Faunds Pr paraliun 1 Van Wrrr be WDrkmg rn perrs SD nd a partner 11 Get a drrye fmm tne rnstruetdr end rudlt rt rn preee m M r e e th rzm r chm et Guugle enhe rsidn a e DDSE tne Beta test yersrdn Nate en tne rest sereen desereet tne dptrdns td rnsterr tne ceddre tddrber and set ceddre es tne defauH seeren endrne Onry tne reunen bux sndurd be sereeted befnre chckmg Finis w Lu rn td WebCT end ddwnrded tne me gpsdata txt VDu H nd rt under Lectures INTRODUCTION AND TERMINOLOGY rm pdrtent tum rs used fur terdetrnd reednnerssenee suryerrrenee and asset trackmg Recunnarssance rs rr e Asset trackrng rs knnwmg wnere ydur edurpment trddps end errres ere SD ydu dun t eerdenterry terdet tnem fratrrcrde 1n Dday s Exercrse ydu Wrrr be eneryzrnd teremetry srnd dpen sduree tears reremetry rs a date trensmrssrdn usuerry Wrreress Open sduree rn tnrs edntext ddes nut refer td tears wrtn ndneprdprretery su ware 1n tne came at rnterrrdenee EDEN suurce refers td a ndneeressrned sdurees er mfnrm etrdn An EDEN sduree tear rs e um td nerp ydu detner tnet rntdrm etrdn 1t e u va rr rrr rrrnnr ydu need td spaner tne suryey reference system berng u NAD 27 NAD Ea Ndrtn Amerr ceddetre System 1934 Far w u r sed Cdmmdnry used standards are een Detum 1927 end 1933 respeetryery end W65 34 Wand VOUR ASSIGNMENT En my racket teremetry nes been rntereepted and sent td ydu fur enerysrs VDurJDb rs ta 1 e map drtne rght petn rne rnterrrdenee ydu prddude Wrrr be used by e speerer dperetrdns teem td dd end reedyer tne enemy s racket Srnee ydu ere makmg a farmer repdrt EU a swers must be specr ed rn edmprete sentences td ensure ererrty Arme Marchant 2006 All nghts reserved I Make a copy of the source file To avoid loss or contamination of sensitive data you should always work with a duplicate copy In very sensitive operations you would use an application to make a bitstream copy that would produce a forensically accurate duplicate For today s exercise we don t need that level of accuracy so you can simply duplicate the file right click and copy or any other method you choose and call it rocketdatatxt II Open the file and examine it Open the file with Notepad and take a look at it Then answer questions 1a and 1b III Analyze the data Just to get a rough idea of how far the rocket is from your location go to httpterraservercom search for Manassas VA click on any map and make a note of the latitude and longitude Answer question 2 Copy the GPS data in the rocketdatatxt file 3 numbers comma separated and then open Excel and paste it in Choose DatagtText to ColumnsgtDelimitedgt CommagtFinish This will parse separate the data into longitude latitude and altitude columns Save the file as rocketdataxls Answer question 3 A Figuring out where the rocket is Choose the cell immediately below the data in the first column and type in a formula to average the longitude Use relative cell addresses so you can copy this formula into the B and C columns Ask if you need help doing this Once you have the average you can use this value to give you the general location Go to httpwwwtopozonecom Choose View Mapsgt UTM Coordinates Enter the latitude and longitude be sure you get the right number in the right field Choose NAD 83WGS 84 Choose Large Scale and Update Map Then Choose MapPhoto Info Answer question 4 Note that the first set of GPS coordinates indicates the launch position and the last set of coordinates indicates the landing position We had you calculate the average just to get a generalized idea of the location How high did the rocket get Note the altitudes are given in meters Answer question 5 B Figuring out the distance the rocket flew range To do this you need to first find the maximum and minimum longitude and latitude values To do this you can use the Excel formulas max and min Example MAXBl3360 Pick an empty cell and type this formula maxlatitude minlatitude2 maxlongitude minlongitude2 You can use the POWER function or A symbol to get the exponent Substitute the maxiumum and minimum values calculated in the previous step as appropriate Example your cell references may vary POWERB362B3632POWERC362C3632 Anne Marchant 2006 All rights reserved In another cell take the square root SQRT function of the value produced by the previous formula and multiply it by 6076 the number of feet per nautical mile and then by 60 to convert degrees into minutes A nautical mile is miles per minute The result will be the distance traveled in feet Now answer question 6 Example your cell references may vary SQRTF364607660 Note that what we are doing here is applying the Pythagorean Theorem The Pythagorean Theorem works in a two dimensional plane and the Earth is not exactly flat This means that our result will not be exactly precise but is sufficient for our purposes For an application requiring more precise results you would need to apply some spherical geometry1 Launch site A Latitude Landing site A Longitude C Mapping the flight path Next you will use Google Earth to map the flight path Google Earth files use the extension kml so you will need to rename your rocketdatatxt file to rocketdatakml First go to Control Panelgt Folder Options gtViewgt and deselect Hide Extensions If you don t do this you may accidentally rename the file kmltxt You can then get Google Earth to open the file by double clicking on the file or rig ht click and choose Open With browse to choose Google Earth It may take a minute to download If it doesn t appear properly the first time you may need to exit out of the application and try again Zoom out a little so you can get the entire flight path in the window Under Layers choose all the options to get the most information Experiment with the slider on the rig ht middle side of the control panel adjust tilt to get a more horizontal view Then answer questions 7 and 8 Clean Up When you are done delete or archive any files you created and uninstall Google Earth Control PanelgtAdd or Remove Programs Select Google Earth and remove it 1 Werta J and Larson W Space Mission Analysis and Design Kluwer Academic Publishers 1999905 3 Anne Marchant 2006 All rights reserved


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