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Religions of the West

by: Adan Medhurst DDS

Religions of the West RELI 211

Adan Medhurst DDS
GPA 3.65

Sarah Sparks

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About this Document

Sarah Sparks
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Adan Medhurst DDS on Monday September 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to RELI 211 at George Mason University taught by Sarah Sparks in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see /class/215232/reli-211-george-mason-university in Religious Studies at George Mason University.


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Date Created: 09/28/15
1052011 Notes Christianity 2 The Nicene Creed Used by Catholics Orthodox without filioque and some protestants A starting point for Christian ecumenism llWe believe in one holy catholic and apostolic churchquot God as trinity God exists in 3 unified equal parts coexisting Father Son Holy Spirit Father Creator Old Testament Son Savior Jesus provides redemption for the human race Holy Spirit sustainer comforter sanctifier Holy spirit is the part of god that assists the Christian in growing individually No reference of quottrinityquot in Christian scripture Only individual references of different parts separately Doctrine formalized at council of Nicea Jesus Human and Divine Traditional belief Jesus is 100 human and 100 divine and equal to father and Holy Spirit 2quotd4 h century controversy that still exists today Examples ofalternative beliefs Jesus is 50 human and 50 divine Jesus has a human body and a divine mind Jesus is divine but less than the father f Jesus is 5050 then he cannot be equal to the father Same for second one all must be equal Monotheistic because Judaic roots sticking with Yahweh Virgin Mary Mary is human not divine Mary brought God the son into the world so she is the quotGodBearerquot llHoly Mary Mother ofGodquot Hail Mary Mary s perpetual virginity Is not believed universally Although virgin when conceived Jesus 39 39 39 and 39 I I I means Mary was assumed into heaven body and spirit Controversy of perceived quotworshipquot of Mary Scripture and Tradition What are the foundations of Christian Belief Scripture tradition logic and reason scientific and historical discoveries culture personal experience Controversy is one foundation more important than another Protestant Reformation Sola Scriptura scripture alone Sola Fide faith alone Sola Gratia grace alone Solo Christo through Christ alone Soli Deo Gloria through the glory of Christ alone Sin and Salvation Original sin the fallen condition of humanity Personal sin specific wrongs committed by a human being Socialcorporate sin specific wrongs perpetuated by an entire society or group Salvation the process by which a human attains forgiveness from sin and the promise of eternity Christians believe that Christ s sacrifice as detailed in the Gospels is the source of salvation quotBorn Againquot either personal relationship with God or baptism or lifelong process Faith vs works Does human salvation occur because of faith in god or individual human works How is salvation attained Catholic orthodox most highchurch more structure like catholic or orthodox Protestants gradual process through life Most lowchurch less structure protestants single conversion experience Afterlife Catholic Heaven Purgatory Hellcontroversy over quotLimboquot Orthodox Heaven undefined state prior to judgment Hell Protestant Heaven Hell Humans are judged after their physical death and assigned a place in Heaven or Hell Predestination Good vs Evil God s enemy is Satan who is a fallen angel Battle between God and Satan God is fully good evil comes from Satan and from humanity s fallen nature Controversy over Satan s interaction with human population Controversy over state of humanity depraved or basically good Morality Ten Commandments Beatitudes other teachings of Jesus scripture in general seven deadly sins How to make a moral decision Scripture alone or other considerations Several llhot button moral issues among today s Christians abortion capital punishment homosexuality marriage human rights poverty Christian Practices Rite Ritual Sacrament Sacrament a symbolic ritual which represents a person s faith in some denominations viewed as a channel of grace Catholic and Orthodox sacraments baptism eucharist reconciliation confirmation marriage holy orders anointing of the sick Protestant sacraments baptism eucharist Worship Structured liturgy and Catholic Orthodox and highchurch Protestant denominations referred to as mass by Catholic Less structured service in lowchurch congregations Christian liturgies or services can include singing prayer a sermonhomily scripture readings eucharist other sacraments Officiated by priest pastor or laity Prayer Communal prayer and personal prayer Controversy over the role of prayer to praise To ask for forgiveness To ask god for something Controversy over the purpose of prayer to change god s mind To show acceptance of God s will Common prayer forms free form recitation of traditional prayer or creed lectiodivina Taize rosaryprayer rope Saint Veneration and relics Specific heroes of the faith recognized as quotsaintsquot by Catholic Orthodox and AnglicanEpiscopalian churches encouragement of all Christians to become saints Other Protestant churches consider all Christians to be saints Venerated not worshipped Relics items owned by saints


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