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Advanced Internship Education

by: Ms. Celestino Quigley

Advanced Internship Education EDUC 994

Ms. Celestino Quigley
GPA 3.53


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 13 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ms. Celestino Quigley on Monday September 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EDUC 994 at George Mason University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see /class/215263/educ-994-george-mason-university in Education and Teacher Studies at George Mason University.

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Date Created: 09/28/15
Personal Leadership Plan EDUC 994 Dr Priscilla Norton Mr William Bill Warrick Jan Streich Stafford ITS Cohort George Mason University Introduction It was not until I took the time to examine teacher leadership in this course that I was able to better de ne the different leadership roles that I have as an Instructional Technology Coordinator Instructional Coordinators are unique in that they may be identi ed as both administrative and teacher leaders Since I have already completed a doctoral course which included a selfexamination regarding leadership decision making and change processes I was not sure how I would bene t from a leadership course speci c to teacher leadership This experience was very enlightening for me since I was able to articulate my unique role as a teacher leader and at the same time focus on a plan to improve instructional technology in the school division For the past 9 weeks I had the unique opportunity to be the online facilitator for two Blackboard discussion groups that accompanied the online portions of this teacher leadership course I focused much of my time reading the students online postings My role was to facilitate the student discussions by posting questions providing focus and extending discussions to foster online interaction The experience helped me better de ne my personal leadership plan and thoughts on teacher leadership in our schools It also assisted me in better understanding the perceptions that teachers have about leadership in their classroom and school This insight contributed to my personal leadership plan as it relates to my new role as Instructional Coordinator for the school division What is teacher leadership and what do teacher leaders do Leadership involves change and it seems that everyday brings new change to Stafford County Public Schools As the second fastest growing school division in the state teachers administrators and staff are dealing with an overwhelming amount of growth inadequate funding and an antiquated organizational infrastructure As an Instructional Coordinator I am recognized as a problem solver trouble shooter and changemaker While Central Office administration perceives my role as performing discrete 39 39 39 such as 39 39 If staff 3 39 I activities and evaluating instructional practices my contribution as a teacher leader has more to do with bringing teachers together to deal with change and problem solving in the classroom and in their schools Based on my experience I believe that teacher leaders find creative venues for teachers to work together improve instruction and student learning solve problems and foster change in and outside of the classroom I believe that a very important quality of a teacher leader is the ability to build rapport and trust among colleagues within the school or organization A teacher leader builds skill and confidence in colleagues and supports colleagues through the change process Within the school or administrative complex a teacher leader assists colleagues in solving problems uses resources time materials staff wisely and efficiently and engages in collaborative work with colleagues at all levels As I re ect on the Blackboard comments during the first week my definition of teacher leadership is not significantly different from the masterlevel students who shared their perceptions on teacher leadership during our first week of discussions Communication and collaboration stood out as skills that most of the graduate students believed were essential to teacher leaders Many of the re ections focused on how these teachers worked with other teachers within their department or grade level to achieve shared goals for student learning Some Blackboard participants described a good administrator as supportive of teacher leaders while others emphasized the administrator as the individual with whom they seek to resolve con ict with other teachers However not one teacher described their administrator as an instructional leader Instead they invented an ideal school climate led by an administrator who has a teacher leadership background in their Blackboard postings It is obvious to me that some of these teacher leaders are waiting for change to happen among administrators and can only imagine an administrator who shares leadership with his teachers I believe that teachers are seeking an instructional leader who allows for shared leadership among faculty and cultivates the talents of teachers After witnessing the demanding environment that school administrators face everyday in our school division I am convinced that a shared leadership approach to educating our students is an essential component of a successful school With change occurring so fast in many of our schools administrators are forced to delegate instructional leadership responsibilities to the teachers Now more than ever it is time for Coordinators like myself to take lead role in better understanding the needs of teachers and to facilitate through professional learning leadership opportunities for teachers within our school division Finding the leader in yourself and knowing yourself as a Leader In my present job as an Instructional Technology Coordinator my role is very similar to an instructional specialist I am a member of Central Office Administration but have a great deal more opportunity to work directly with teachers on a daily basis than most principals and administrators Over the last three years I have established myself as leader in the areas of special education and instructional technology Up until now I never really attempted to define the various leadership strategies or skills that brought me to my current leadership approach with teachers As I re ect on my leadership within Stafford County Public Schools I have utilized several strategies that have proved to be successful to foster change and leadership growth for teachers As a teacher leader I spend a great deal of time building trust and rapport with other teachers I find it most effective to rquot 39 A ie with quot by building small teacherteams throughout the school division Teams have ranged from 3 to 10 members who represent varying grade levels specialty areas and programs In general these professional develop teams share common goals for professional self improvement and student learning At this time I coordinate the professional learning activities for the AlphaSmart Team Assistive Technology Team The IBOOK Team and the Software Review Team In addition I also facilitate professional leaming for the CTTs school based technicians and the Technology Lead Teachers TLTS Based on the mutual trust and skill level shared among these educator teams I find myself adopting a participatory leadership style that allows for decisionmaking and leadership that occurs at all levels For many teachers my approach to shared leadership is a big change for them They are accustom to the topdown leadership practices that they have experienced in their schools for many years These shared leadership teams may be small but are cohesive change agents within the school division The teams begin as informal groups of teachers with a shared professional development interest and have evolved into professional development teams that are now recognized and identified in our current Technology Plan for the school division I prefer to work in small groups and find that once teams are working cohesively together I can pull away and offer facilitation and feedback on a consulting basis In addition to employing small teams as change agents in the school division I enjoy taking risks The Parent Technology Open Houses Survivor Technology Integration Camp and various grants that I have authored represent my effort to meet the needs of the educational community outside the classroom I believe that my risk taking strategy has fostered growth for my colleagues and me Since I can act as my own change agent I continually seek new challenges by developing new plans and programs that are unique and different to the school community Rather than sit and become impatient with the bureaucracy of Central Office I spend a great deal of time developing creative ideas and instructional technology projects and plans I am inherently impatient and often need to be reminded that the decisionmakers and Finance Department enjoy safety in a low risk environment and take time in adopting my plans and visions To date the Superintendent and School Board have funded and supported four of my instructional technology plans Where will I Act Different from many of the Blackboard participants who responded to this discussion topic I have selected several education venues to focus on in the next two years It is essential that I continue my role as a member of the Technology Advisory Committee The Committee consists of community members who are School Board appointed Currently there are several teachers on the committee but I believe that my experience working with teachers offers insight on what teachers need to become con dent and skilled at blending technology into their instructional practice At the district level I am establishing liaison with many of the Instructional Coordinators and our new P p 39 39 D 39 I C J39 Since I cannot possibly be an expert in every curriculum area I want to learn about their goals projects and what their vision is for instructional technology in the future I intend to represent myself to the Instructional Coordinators as an equal partner for future professional learning opportunities and curriculum projects Finally I plan to continue my relationship with school level administrators teachers and students I hope to find time this year to implement technology projects with classroom teachers at all grade levels During classroom projects I offer myself in a mentoring role to the teacher and hope that teachers not only learn about technology integration they learn to try new strategies and approaches to teaching the SOLs My Vision Statement The vision statement in my personal leadership plan is a longterm self improvement goal in the area of teacher leadership For this reason I focused my vision statement on helping teachers to be the best that they can be in the profession This involves fostering teacher leadership skills among the teachers My colleagues in Blackboard focused their visions statement on specific aspects of instructional practice such as communication authentic and cooperative learning I believe that as a Coordinator that I must go beyond instructional practices such as authentic learning or communication Rather I need to concentrate on creating the teacher leaders among my team members and out in the schools As a teacher leader I want to help teachers plan instruction teach effectively and learn from their students Underlying goals include Promoting the infusion of technology tools into instructional practice to improve student learning Supporting professional learning in areas of technology integration and teacher leadership Developing a funded team of Technology Resource Teachers to support my vision and teacher support Improving the technology tools and infrastructure to support high level communication and integration activities among teachers and students Turning Vision into Action I have established a timeline and action plan to reach my goals for students and teachers in our school division Personal Vision Statement As a teacher leader I want to help teachers plan instruction teach effectively and learn from their students Goal 1 Promote the Infusion of technology tools into instructional practice to improve student learning Long Term Objectivel Provide embedded professional learning in the areas of instructional technology integration by funding one TRT per school building Short Term Objective Support local funding of siX TRTs for school year 2004 2005in current budget Short Term Objective Support local funding of 12 TRTs for school year 2005 2006 Mid range Objective Support local lnding of 32 TRTs for school year 2006 2007 GOAL 2 Support In quot 39 39 learning in areas of integration and teacher leadership Short Term Objective Extend the Next Step Plan to include Integration Academy Professional learning series by Master level graduates of the ITS program planned for Jan 04 Short Term Objective Support teacher requests for classroom technology integration projects ongoing Short Term Objective Support Instructional Coordinator initiatives with technology integration best practice Jan 2004 MidRange Team Objective Offer an online course in teacher leadership to interested TLTs and lead teachers Spring 2004 Mid Range Objective Develop a college credit course on Technology Integration Best Practices for TLTs andor TRTs Fall 2005 Mid Range Objective Offer Survivor II an all day integration camp in June 2004 Goal 3 Develop a funded team of Technolog Resource Teachers to support my vision and teacher support See objectives above for Goal 1 Goal 4 Improve the technology tools and infrastructure to support high A level and integration activities among teachers and students Short Term Objective 1 Continue to drive technology hardware and infrastructure decisions based on instructional need Short Term Objective 2 Continue liaison with the Technology Advisory Committee Mid Range Objective 3 Attend conferences on hardware and software also Identifying and Recruiting Allies I have several very close allies who offer support as I attempt to foster change in the Instructional Technology and Information Systems Department within our school division Lynette Lewis Administrative Assistant and highly respected teacher offers comic relief inspiration and support in my plans and initiatives Dr Pat Wiedel Professional Growth Coordinator is very excited about our new partnership and has plans for incorporating the new professional development Standards into our professional learning seminars Several of the Instructional Coordinators are anxious to have a voice in the area of Instructional Technology and I am hoping that the new Middle School Math Coordinator Christa Southall will provide opportunities for technology integration projects in the middle school classrooms Allies are also members of the professional development teams identified earlier in this plan Similar to the participants in Blackboard I also find that parents and my professional development teams are allies in supporting many of my goals Although I believe that some TLTs and CTTs support my efforts in the area of instructional technology I hope to get to know these groups better in the coming months Many of the TLTs are disillusioned with the lack of professional learning opportunities and career growth in the area of instructional technology I hope to motivate them to improve their delivery of professional learning seminars to teachers and to improve their own instructional practice and knowledge of technology integration They need to learn about leadership opportunities outside of their own classroom and school and become part of my vision for the school division Knowing that you are Succeeding Many members of my professional development teams are comfortable with providing feedback to me on various programs and initiatives These team members are an established group of professionals who also are stakeholders in reaching our commonly shared goals Their feedback as we pursue various goals is very important to me This feedback is informal and leads to adjustments and alterations in plans for the future I have found that the informal surveys that I send out to teachers after a project is completed are essential to measuring my success at implementing a new idea or plan Teachers in this school division are also comfortable sending email to discuss challenges or problems that they have with a lesson plan or a project that I have sponsored For example the teacher team who taught in the Survivor Camp professional development met at Hard Times Cafe and personally reviewed the seminar evaluations as a team Each teacher offered feedback on aspects of the camp as I took notes on changes that we would make in future camps I anticipate success since I feel that I am gaining momentum in the area of instructional technology Frankly with little work accomplished in this area of instructional practice over the last 15 years any effort to support technology integration practice out in the schools will be recognized However I can t move too fast as there are individuals in supervisory roles within the same department who may feel threatened by my energy knowledge perseverance and enthusiasm to assist teachers and students These individuals represent obstacles to my plan and may affect how much progress I can make I plan to keep these individuals informed and encourage them to take a role in projects While I dislike sharing plan ownership and authorship the overall benefit to teachers and students has been a valuable outcome of this approach


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