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Project Course Operations Rsch

by: Mafalda Ebert

Project Course Operations Rsch OR 680

Marketplace > George Mason University > Operations And Info Mgmt > OR 680 > Project Course Operations Rsch
Mafalda Ebert
GPA 3.9

Kathryn Laskey

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About this Document

Kathryn Laskey
Class Notes
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This 30 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mafalda Ebert on Monday September 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to OR 680 at George Mason University taught by Kathryn Laskey in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see /class/215265/or-680-george-mason-university in Operations And Info Mgmt at George Mason University.

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Date Created: 09/28/15
SysML It s Coming Are You Prepared Presentation for George Mason University Shana L Lloyd The Aerospace Corporation 7033248877 Shanaloydaeroorg THE AEROSPACE January 31 07 1 Outline 0 Introduction 0 SysML Background 0 Problem Description 0 Work to be Done 0 References 7 THE AEROSPACE January 2007 2 Introduction THE AEROSPACE January 31 07 3 Introduction 0 SEOR Master s endofprogram project topic for spring 2006 graduates o The Aerospace Corporation supports system architecture efforts for space systems 0 Desire SEOR MS project to help determine if our customers National Security Space programs should begin using SysML and where it is or is not appropriate 7 THE AEROSPACE January 2007 4 SysML Background 7 THE AEROSPACE 9 CORPORATION Background 0 The SE community is moving from a documentcentric approach to a modeldriven approach I Need integration of SE models with other disciplinespecific models software hardware simulation amp analysis etc o Unified Modeling Language UML was designed for Software Engineers I Lacks all of the mechanisms needed for Systems Engineers 70 THE AEROSPACE January 2007 6 SysML S ysML is a generalpurpose graphical modeling gg 5 language for specifying WM analyzing designing and verifying complex systems that may include hardware software information personnel procedures and facilities 7 THE AEROSPACE 9 CORPORATION What is UML o Unified Modeling Language UML IW I Object modeling and specification language used in software engineerin I Object Management Group OMG manages and maintains UML Goals of UM L MODELING I Provide a method of consistent and effective MNGUAGE communication among software engineers I Provide a way to understand software designs without code or psuedocode I Specify visualize and document software designs I Raisethe level of abstraction to focus on system aspects ratherthan implementation details I Provide multiple views of the system UNIFIED pi mummv a Modeling in UML o What can you model in UML I Structures 9 Captures the physical amp compositional structure of the system 9 Eg Class Diagrams amp Deployment Diagrams I Behaviors o Captures the high level behavior of the system 9 Eg Use Cases amp Activity Diagrams I Interactions o Captures the details behind the behavior of the system 9 Eg Sequence Diagrams Collaboration Diagrams and Timing Diagrams D W coRPoRATIoN January 2007 9 Object Management Group OMG 0 OMG is leading the SysML Effort Aquot r 0 Who is OMG wuwmmmm I International software consortium established in 1989 I Members include vendors developers and end users 0 Mission I To help computer users solve enterprise integration problems by supplying open vendorneutral portability interoperability and reusability specifications based on Model Driven Architecture MDA 0 Established Standards I Common Object Request Broker Architecture CORBA I Unified Modeling Language UML I MetaObject Facility MOF I And more lnmm RF RATI N Januavvz m m Model Driven Architecture MDA 0 Purpose of Model Driven Architecture 02 mm I Separate the specification of system functionality so 3 It from specification of implementation Le a specific technology platform 1 0 Concepts of MDA 9 g 1 Model presentation of a function structure chITEC O andor behavior of a system 2 Platform a subsystem that provides functionality through interfaces and usage patterns that any system can use without knowing the details of how that functionality is implemented 3 Platform Independent Model PIM A system model that contains no platformspecific information 4 Platform Specific Model PSM A system model that includes technology and platformspecific information 5 Mapping Transforming the elements of one model to another model 17 THE AEROSPACE CORPORATION January 2007 11 INCOSE 0 International Council on Systems Engineering INCOSE I N E International Councii on Syslcma Engincchng I International profeSSIonal s00iety 39 for systems engineers whose GoaIs mission is to foster the definition I Promote collaboration understanding and practice of in education and world class systems engineering in research industry academia and I Establish professional government standards handbooks I Nonprofit membership 8 gu39del39nes organization founded in 1990 I 39mpmVe pmfess39ona39 status of SE I Encourage government and industry support I Promotes an interdisciplinary approach to enable the realization of systems THE AEROSPACE CORPORATION January 2007 12 Request for Proposal RFP Background 0 Decision to pursue UML for systems engineering made at INCOSE International Workshop in January 2001 o Memorandum of Understanding between OMG amp INCOSE signed SE DSIG ActIVItIes I Issued of Request for 0 Systems Engineering nformationRF Domains SpeCial I Developed Systems Interest Group SE Engineering Conceptual DSIG chartered Model I collaborated With UML 20 submission teams I Developed a requirements analysis Meeting Sept 2001 THE AEROSPACE 0 coRPoRATIoN SysML Specification Timeline Initial spec v03 Sterotypes amp OMG presented to INCOSE Model Libraries announcf International Workshop Chapter the adoption submitted as an of OMG amendment to Spec 09 Draft specs SysML submitted 2003 2005 2006 Mar May Jan Feb Jan May July Aug Nov Dec April July 2004 Spec v09 submitted to OMG INCOSE amp Multivendor OIIVIGt 39n39t39a39 Sme39SS39On demonstration of v09 una e UMLf SE RFP to OMG spec presented to 8 m39SS39OnS SysML1o spec Or INCOSE Submitted to OMG issued THE AEROSPACE 3 CORPORATION January 2007 14 SE Conceptual Model referencefur Vermcatmn see gure m aHucatedtu budgeted m Top Level Concept Model Figure 1 January 2007 15 SysML Language Architecture UML not required by SysML SysML o Reuses a subset of UML 20 0 Uses UML 20 profile mechanisms to specify extensions for UML reused SysML by SysML SysML extensions fa UML Have no counterparf in UML or place UML consfrucfs THE AEROSPACE CORPORATION January 2007 16 3 Reuse amp Extensions UML reused for SysML Actions Activities Classes General Behavior Information Flows Interactions Models Profiles State Machines Structures Use Cases I THE AEROSPACE CORPORATION Extensions to UML o SysMLModel Elements refactors and extends Kernel o SysML Blocks reuses Composite structures amp Model Elements 0 SysMLConstraintBlocks extends Blocks 0 SysMLPorts amp Flows extends UML Ports 0 SysMLActivities extends UML Activities 0 SysMLAllocations extends UML dependencies o SysMLRequirements extends Classes and dependencies January SysML Diagram Taxonomy mm our A El Saws um El mm m M 2 I39quot New magram We gym Mags Team Submmm m 99 p 9 THE AmosPAcE mm Januafv 2mm 1a Four Pillars of SysML 1 Structure 3 Requirements 4 Pavametrics TIE mm COHPGRATIDN Januarvz m 19 SysML Summary View Major Extensions Benefits Structural Model Elements Standard way to capture views and design decisions Blocks Flexibility to model nonsoftware components with custom properties Ports and Flows Differentiate between what could and what actually does travel through a port Constraint Blocks Ability to integrate analysis in designs Behavioral New Activity Diagram More control over activities ability to model continuous streams and path probability ECORPORATION Stereotypes New stereotypes for easily behavior classification Crosscutting Allocations More flexible mapping capabilities Requirements Ability to model requirements their relationships and links back to the design diagrams January 2007 I Available SysML Modeling Tools ARTiSAN Studio by ARTiSAN Software A i A SOFHHRE SysML Toolkit by EmbeddedPlus o 3 Party Plugin to IMB Rational Suite TAU G2 by Telelogic o Telelogic recently acquired competitor Logix Enterprise Architect by Sparx Systems elelogic 7 BE SYSTEMS IW mume 21 Problem Description 7 THE AEROSPACE 9 CORPORATION Problem Description 0 System Engineering community moving from a documentintensive approach to a modeldriven one 0 SE community needs a standard modeling language I Currently using in practice multiple languages 9 Ex Core Popkin PowerPoint cartoons 0 OMG just adopted the specification for SysML I UMLbased modeling language for systems engineering I Envisioned to become the standard modeling language for SE 0 SysML should integrate with models from other disciplines I Especially software since SysML is based heavily on UML 7 THE AEROSPACE CORPORATION January 2007 23 Problem Description 2 0 Many of our customers in National Security Space NSS need help with architecture and modeling of both current and future systems 0 Customers have a difficult time relating and analyzing system of systems due to currently available methodologies and tools 0 Are we sure that SysML both the specification and tool implementations is appropriate for use on N88 programs I Want to understand spec limitations and tool capabilities I Provide guidance to customers considering using SysML o How does SysML relate to DODAF 7 THE AEROSPACE CORPORATION January 2007 24 Work to be Done 7 THE AEROSPACE 9 CORPORATION Work to be Done this Year 0 Model a ground system architecture in SysML 0 Objectives I Determine the successes and limitations of the SysML specification I Document the tool s modeling capabilities I Develop an executable model to analyze system behavior 9 Either cost or performance or both I Perform a trade study of design alternatives Assess how well the SysML models map to UML models Assess the learning curve involved 0 For systems engineers who are used to modeling functional breakdowns o For those already familiar with UML and objectoriented design 70 THE AEROSPACE Q CORPORATION January 2007 26 What You Will Need to Do 0 Develop plan schedule and deliverables for executing this project I Clarify scope I To be approved by customer 0 Become familiar with space ground systems 0 Apply the systems engineering method to I Implement the model in SysML I Analyze the executable model for design alternatives 0 Use Rational System Architect with the SysML plug in for all the work 7 THE AEROSPACE CORPORATION January 2007 27 What Aerospace Can Do For You 0 Provide a case study of a system modeled in Popkin I A NASA ground system focused on data archiving 0 Meet with you biweekly or more frequently as needed to assess your progress and answer ques ons 0 Provide access to experienced space system architectsmodelers 0 Help clarify actual customer use and needs for SysML o Facilitate the presentation of the results of this effort to professional societies such as INCOSE 7 THE AEROSPACE CORPORATION January 2007 28 References 7 THE AEROSPACE CORPORATION January 3107 29 Aerospace Contacts c Shana L Lloyd I Engineering Specialist Software Systems Engineering Department I 7033248877 I Shanaoydaeroorg 0 Julie A Street I Senior Member of Technical Staff Software Systems Engineering Department I 7033248952 I Julieastreetaeroorg 0 Heather N Howard I Member of Technical Staff Systems Architecture Engineering and Cost Department I 7033240403 I Heathernhowardaeroorg THE AEROSPACE CORPORATION January 2007 30 3


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