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Introduction to Film

by: Ms. Jeramie McKenzie

Introduction to Film ENGL 332

Ms. Jeramie McKenzie
GPA 3.78

Andrew Scahill

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About this Document

Andrew Scahill
Class Notes
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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ms. Jeramie McKenzie on Monday September 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGL 332 at George Mason University taught by Andrew Scahill in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see /class/215269/engl-332-george-mason-university in Foreign Language at George Mason University.

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Date Created: 09/28/15
Study Guide Final Exam This will help you prepare by reminding you of the material we have covered this section It is a reminder not a replacementyour book and your notes are your primary Do not ask me to de ne terms for you reference point PEOPLE MEDIA TERMS Michel Gondry SHANE Musical Antagonist Alfred Hitchcock CHELSEA GIRLS Techno body horror film Inciting moment John Ford SINGIN IN THE RAIN Classic Western Generic transformation Debbie Reynolds BATI39LE ROYALE Internal focalization Auteur theory Kevin Smith THE BIRDS Video Store Auteurs Integratednon Melvin Van Peebles Quentin Tarantino Gene Alma Reville Fred Astaire Winton C Hoch Gregg Toland Akira Ifukube Gene Autry Saul Bass Alfonso Cuaron Bernard Herrmann John Wayne Billy Wilder Alejandro Gonzalez a39rritu James Stewart Edith Head Gene Autry Robert Wise Gabriel Figueroa Busby Berkeley Hideo Nakata Guillermo Del Toro Fernando Birri Glauber Rocha Kiyoshi Kurosawa Sergei Eisenstein Ginger Rogers Andy Warhol Debra Granik Ishiro Honda THE THIRD MAN TESUO IRON MAN GOJIRA BE KIND REWIND JACKIE BROWN TOP HAT THE MAN WHO SHOT LIBERTY VALENCE SCREEN TESTS WINTER S BONE THE 39 STEPS AMORES PERROS BLACK GOD WHITE DEVIL REAR WINDOW SPANISH DRACULA LADY IN THE LAKE THE INCREDIBLES SHADOW OF A DOUBT THE SEARCHERS SWEET SWEETBACK S BAADASSSS SONG THE LODGER BLOW JOB 42ND STREET MR ARKADIN DOUBLE INDEMNITY KAIRO iQUE VIVA MEXICO YOUNG MR LINCOLN External focalization Revisionist Western Japanese Horror VCR focalization Blaxploitation Media convergence Stretchsummary relationship Aesthetics of hunger Format wars Hub and spoke plot Disciplining the Audience Semantic Genre Kaidan avenging spirit film Pop art exposition Syntactic Genre Cinema Novo Apocalyptic film Shooting script Genre evolution experimental classic reiterative parodic Direct cinema B Western Storyboard First Cinema Second Cinema The expandable text DVD DistancingAlienating effect Science Fiction Cowboy Code Contemporary Cinephile ading Cahier du Cinema Film Noir integrated musical Metteur en scene Third Cinema Foreshortening Daikaiju eiga the giant monster film Criterion Collection Film Noir reading Grupo Cine Liberacion Improvisation The Factory Warhol The Method Stillies Duration plot story screen orror Desert vs Garden Exposition Falling action Option contract Restricted focalization Omniscient focalization Femme Fatale Character role Redeemer Gangster film Musical Metteur en scene Ensemble acting Auteur The Gumshoe The Everyman Cowboy Code Hegemony Queer cinema Protagonist Stanislavski system CGI Animation


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