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by: Santino West


Marketplace > Old Dominion University > French > FR 102F > BEGINNING FRENCH II
Santino West
GPA 3.87

Lee Slater

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About this Document

Lee Slater
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Santino West on Monday September 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to FR 102F at Old Dominion University taught by Lee Slater in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see /class/215293/fr-102f-old-dominion-university in French at Old Dominion University.

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Date Created: 09/28/15
Old Dominion University Dept of Foreign Languages and Literatures Dr Lee Slater Course FR 102 Spring 2012 Course Title Beginning French 2 Office BAL 4009 Office hours MWF 1112 Contact lslateroduedu Course Prerequisite Successful completion of FR 101 or the equivalent Ifyou studied 3 years of one foreign language or 2 years of 2 different foreign languages in High school you have met the General Education requirement at Old Dominion University Students whose native language is French may not enroll in 100 or 200 level French classes Course Description Oral drill and disculssion of grammar principles written exercises and reading assignments The course requires extensive work in the Language Learning Center at ODU or online Course Competencies By the end of the sequence you will have acquired a basic working knowledge of French Furthermore you will be able to write and speak in simple sentences as well as read simple texts You will be able to express basic needs and preferences in French and be able to understand simple conversation in the language You will begin to appreciate more fully the culture of the French speaking world Reguired Material 1 The textbook Pons Cathy Points de de partPearson 2009 2 My French Lab ebook My French Lab is an online program that we will use extensively both in the classroom and at home Ifyou bought a new book at the bookstore it came with an access code to MyFrenchLab If you wish to purchase access separately you may do so at wwwmyfrenchlabcom 3 Access for this course Course ID CRSCD3G639591 Course Requirements Your level ofpreparedness commitment and involvement will be critical to your success in this course Each participant is required to 1 Complete daily and weekly required assignments homework myfrenchlab activities 2 participate actively in class discussions 3 attend all classes and be attentive 1 Chapter Tests and Quizzes 50 2 Homeworkand workbook 25 3 Compositions 15 4 Participation 10 Accommodating students with special learning needs In accordance with Old Dominion University policy a student who wishes to receive some instructional accommodation because ofa documented sensory andor learning disability should meet with the instructor to discuss this accommodation Participation in Class Regular attendance and participation in class activities are essential for successful language acquisition In order to progress in understanding and speaking French you must hear and speak it on a regular basis Therefore you must prepare carefully for class by completing all assignments in advance You will be asked to volunteer often and participate actively Concentrate on using the vocabulary at hand to enrich your expression As a reminder unexcused absences ie without medical documentation or tardiness will result in a lower performance grade If you are absent logically you are not there to contribute to classroom discussions and activities ParticipationPerformance grade per chapter 1820 pts Volunteers frequently speaks well for level is well prepared for class Contributes ideas and opinions to class Participates well in small group work Speaks French to classmates attends class regularly always on time 1517 pts Volunteers occasionally speaking needs some improvement is not always prepared sometimes contributes ideas to class mostly participates in small group work Needs to be reminded to use French with classmates sometimes late for class 1214 pts Speaks only when spoken to listens passively Uses English too often Contributes little to group discussionswork Does not attend class regularly Often late for class 011 pts Does not participate efficiently either because of class performance or repeated unexcused absences or tardiness Homework Homework is assigned daily to prepare students to participate successfully in class The exercises in MyFrenchLab provide meaningful and communicative writing practice incorporating the vocabulary and structures introduced in each chapter It is the student s responsibility to check hisher daily homework assignment You can refer to the calendar andor to the French Lab calendar All online assignments myfrenchlab must be completed Ifa student does not have access at home to adequate equipment it is hisher responsibility to complete the assignment at ODU which has full internet capabilities


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