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by: Alejandra Gutkowski


Alejandra Gutkowski
GPA 3.79

David Basco

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About this Document

David Basco
Class Notes
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This 12 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alejandra Gutkowski on Monday September 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CEE 782 at Old Dominion University taught by David Basco in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see /class/215320/cee-782-old-dominion-university in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Old Dominion University.

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Date Created: 09/28/15
1 CEE 782 Design ofCoastal Structures Homework 3 1 of9 Design of VerticalWalled Breakwaters of the Caisson Type The spreadsheet separate Attachment developed to solve the Goda1974 Taninioto et al1976 method as found in the Coastal Engineering Manual 2006 Part VI 5 4 in Table VI 5 53 This spread sheet gives the physical data structure data and calculated information for an example design It employs global safety factors and is developed only for the Imperial English system of units 11 Download from the CEM 2006 the general information for design of verticalwalled breakwaters and Tables Vl553 and Vl554 Complete 12 Download the spreadsheet developed Basco 2006 and become familiar with the layout Complete Corrections to the spreadsheet are discussed in the following sections 13 Improve the wave length L calculation using our method eg Hunt sformula g 2 L 7739 271 y L 0 0 c T 1 71 CZ y d 106522y 04622y200864y400675y5 g u u u u 0 Using Hunt39s formula for the example problem found L 439 ft As shown below Hunt39s Formula Calculations y0 02053024 CZgd F 09326741 C speed 31366149 L 4391261 10 November 2010 CEE 782 Design of Coastal Structures Homework 3 Z of 9 14 Make a design sketch of the caisson structure and all the variables for this example w my gheel ru uplift BY 10 November 2010 CEE 782 Design ofCoastal Structures Homework 3 3 of9 15 Check the calculations in the ImperialEnglish units employed Note the hC value in the example was different from that given in the spreadsheet changed value in the spreadsheet to 90 ft Also for overturning FOS the spreadsheet uses the equation SFD E 04 Goda 2000 whereas the example problem uses SFD E MUN34 CEM 2006 which yields slightly lower values E 20 The spreadsheet was adjusted to use the newer CEM method Also the horizontal moment equation in the spreadsheet contained an error pressure 1 was included twice in the third term This was corrected in Appendix a attached With the aforementioned corrections the spreadsheet yielded values very close to those in the example problem with Excel rounding lilltely accounting for the differences Data Unit CEM 2006 Hmwk Data Unit CEM 2006 Hmwk Width B feet 400 400 Net Weight FG lb 78044 78044 EtaStaI 1 372 373 Width B feet 400 400 Alpha 1 m 09800 09802 MomHoriz MH ftlb 555630 547 622 Alpha 2a a 00764 00766 MomUplift MU ft1b 546430 547622 Alpha 2b a 2024 2021 MomBuoy lvlG ft1b 1560880 1560880 Alpha 2 u min 0 0764 00766 SLIDING SF 0803 0801 Alpha 3 X3 09151 09151 OVERTUR SFO 142 1413 Pressure 1 p1 lbft2 1677 168007 Heel Mom Me 458820 456414 Pressure 2 p2 lbft2 1636 163953 Net VertFo We 561300 560821 Pressure 3 p3 lbft2 1535 153748 Heel Arm Te 817 814 Uplift Pres pu lbft2 1423 142610 Is Telt B3 Yes Yes HoIizForce FH lb 41958 42030 Case A Pa A 4580 45941 UpliftForce Fu lb 21914 21962 CaseB Fe B 38967 The largest percentage of difference between the spreadsheet homework answers and the answers from the CEM 2006 is 031 Case A 16 Make a quotRead Me sheet with all applicable equations Optional All applicable equations for the Goda and Taniinoto Cassion Designquot spreadsheet Goda 1974 and Taniinoto et al 1974 CEM 2006 Part VI 5 Table VI 5 53 VerticalWalled Breakwaters Concrete and SandFilled Cassions English System Enter Data Equation Units Wave Height HS 2 Enter ft Wave Period TF 2 Enter sec Storm Surge S 2 Enter ft Water Depth datum Enter ft Total Water Depth littlehS 2 Enter ft Bottom Slope m 2 Enter Unit Weight Concrete gammac Ya Peg lbs ft3 10 November 2010 CEE 782 Design ofCoastal Structures Homework3 4 of9 Unit Wt Wet Sand gammaWS mg pwsg lbs ft3 Unit Wt Water gammaw 7w ng lbs ft3 Wave Dir Beta Enter degrees Structure Data Equation Units Crest height elevation hc ref Enter ft Crest Height freeboard hc hr hcref 5 ft Total Str Height hW hw 085damm hcref ft StructSubm Ht h39 h hw hr ft Rock Depth d d h T ft Rock Width Bm B 2739 ft Rock Thick r r 075datum 085datumr ft Wall bottom Thick t Enter ft Cap Height multn 2 Enter Cap Height Hcap Heap E 39 mullquot ft Calculated Information Values Units Wave Length L0 Enter ft hsLo ratio ratio hsLa Wave length L Use Hunt39s Formula below Wave Steepness steepness HsL Water depth hb hb hs SHSm ft Hunt39s Formula Calculations yo ya znhbLa Cng F F 30 1 06522310 046223102 0086434l 00675315 1 1 C speed C 9th Wave Period at H5 T5 Ts 11Tp L L CTp Design Criteria Friction Coeff mu 06 Safety Factor Sliding SFSgt12 Safety Factor Overturn SFogt12 Heal Bearing Press Pelt 800010000 lbft2 Pemax 125001bft2 Case A Telt13B Case B Tegt13B Column A Width B ft Enter applicable range of values 10 November 2010 CEE 782 Design ofCoastal Structures Homework3 5 of9 Column B WtAiIquot lbs WtAir Hmp B 2thw Hm B 2ttyc hw Hmp tB 20y Column C Buoyant Force F lbs F h39Byw Column D Net Wt W lbs W WtAir F Column E EtaStar If 71 0751 cos llHd95gn 161 Coefficients 2 Column F Alpha 1 a1 a1 06 05 h 7d H 5 n 2 Column G AlphaZa otza an 2 3 Column H Alpha2b cm 052 b 2 Hi design ColumnIAlpha 2 m 1Fa2a lt amahiazb hwihc 1 ColumnAlpha 3 as 13 1 hs m 162 Pressures Column K Pressurel p1 lb ftz P1 C05 1a1 12acosz pwgHdesign Column L PressuIeZ p2 lbftz p2 1 pl39 W gt h 0 71 S h Column M PIESSUIE3 p3 lbftz p1 063191 Column N Uplift Pressure pu lbftz pu 051 cos g a1 a3 pwgHd95gn 163 Forces Column 0 Horizontal Force FH 1b FH Um p1 pm p1 p3h Column P Uplift Force FU lb F UFH pu Column Q Net Weight FG 1b FG pcgBhw pwg3h 10 November 2010 CEE 782 Design ofCoastal Structures Homework3 6 of9 164 Moments About Heel Column R Moment Horizontal MH ftlb 1 1 1 MH UMH a 2P1 P3h 2 50 P2h ho 60 2P2h3 Column S Moment Uplift MU MU UM pu B2 Column T Moment Buoyancy MG MG BZ gQJC hw pw h 165 Safety Against Sliding Overtuming and Heel Bearing Pressures Column U Sliding SFs SFS E Pi 13F Column V Overturn SFo SFD E Column W Heel Moment Me Me E MG Mu MH Column X Net Vertical Force We We E F5 Fu Column Y Heel Arm t9 t9 E MeWe Column Z Is teltB3 IFte lt B 3 quotYesquot quotNoquot Column AA Case A P9 A triangular bearing pressure distribution assumed 2W9 1FColZ quotYesquotPe 3t quotNAquot 9 Column AB Case B Fe B trapezoidal bearing pressure distribution assumed 2W2 3t N A B B IFColZ quotNoquot Pa 1 7 Make a duplicate sheet and converted it to the metric system Check numbers See attached Appendix B spreadsheet for VerticalWalled Breakwaters Concrete amp Sand F led Caissons Metric System 18 Review the CEM 2006 Example Problem VI716 See Part VI Chapter 7 Complete 10 November 2010 CEE 782 Design ofCoastal Structures Homework 3 19 Summarize the design in Example Problem Vl716 What caisson width B would you choose for design Why Using the design variables from Example Problem VI 7 16 given the xed crest height caisson width B40 ft and TP14 sec the structure would be unstable against sliding and stable against overtopping shown in the spreadsheets attached However if the caisson width B is increased to 60 ft then the structure is now stable against sliding The Example Problem also suggests considering TP11 sec and 9 sec At TP11 sec the safety factors for sliding and overtopping do change but not substantially enough to change the caisson width from 40 ft At TP9 sec the safety factors for sliding and overtopping do change but not substantially enough to change the caisson width from 60 ft If you were allowed to increase the crest height then you could decrease the width from 60 to around 50 decreasing the crosssectional area and incurring cost savings Discuss what is di erentnew in Table VI 5 5 4 The Goda formula is modified to include impulsive forces from headon breaking waves It concerns the formula for the pressure p1 at the still water level SWL The coefficient orquot is modified using a new equation for on The wave pressure distributions for provoked breaking waves are estimated using this new Table VT554 The older breaking wave forces method of are detailed in the Shore Protection Manual 1984 and can result in very high estimates of wave force as much as 15 to 18 times those calculated for nonbreaking waves These estimates are too conservative in most cases and could result in costly structures CEM 2006 Discuss the use of Partial Safety Factors for Sliding failure T able VI625 and Overturning failure T able VI6 26 as found in the CEM 2006 and in Kamphuis 2010 Note the wrong tables were referenced in the problem statement The correct tables are Vl 6 24 for Sliding failure and Vl6 25 for Overturning failure Before using the values in the aforementioned tables it is necessary to apply adjustment factors to account for bias of the Goda equations for vertical and horizontal forces and moments The Goda bias factors are applied before using partial safety factors To do otherwise would have the affect of applying multiple factors of safety to the same variables and inadvertently increasing costs of construction Sliding factors of safety include both resistance y Z and loading y H components The resistance FOS is applied directly to the sliding failure design equation whereas the loading FOS is applied to the significant wave height HS Note when applying F OS for the design wave height Hdes 18Hs rather Hdes y H x HS When incorporating partial FOS39 for overturning only the partial safety factor for loading y H is applied and is used in the same 10 November 2010 70f9 CEE 782 Design ofCoastal Structures Homework3 8 of9 manner as for sliding although values are different for the same probability of failure Pf When using partial factors of safety in the modi ed spreadsheet values for sliding and overturning from columns U and V respectively of 10 meet the speci ed level I design criteria 2 EXTRA CREDIT Incorporate partial safety factors for the sliding and overturning in the spreadsheet CEE 782 students may also to this for extra credit See Appendix C and D for spreadsheets incorporating partial factors of safety Since the partial factors of safety for loading are different for sliding and overturning at a given probability of failure the spreadsheet must be run with the corresponding values of y H to evaluate for sliding and overturning stability For example assuming deep water d L 24 43933 E 0054 gt 005 design without model tests and 039qus 005 high quality data at Pf 005 the sliding load FOS is 13 and resistance is 14 and for overturning the load FOS is 27 Using the example problem input variables and the above partial safety factors the spreadsheet yields a stable condition for sliding at B 4484 E 45 ft Appendix C and for overturning at B 4454 E 45 ft Appendix D The heel bearing pressure is acceptable for this value of B Under these conditions sliding is no longer the limiting design consideration 10 November 2010 CEE 782 Design ofCoastal Structures Homework3 9 of9 List of Appendices Appendix A Spreadsheet with English Units Appendix B Spreadsheet with Metric Units Appendix C Spreadsheet with Partial Factors of Safety for Sliding Appendix D Spreadsheet with Partial Factors of Safety for Overturning 10 November 2010 Iohn Anderson 8 CEE 782 Design ofCoastal Structures Homework 3 Ashley Sever1n Appendix A 10 November 2010 Iohn Anderson 8 CEE 782 Design ofCoastal Structures Homework 3 Ashley Sever1n Appendix B 10 November 2010 Iohn Anderson 8 CEE 782 Design ofCoastal Structures Homework 3 Ashley Sever1n Appendix C 10 November 2010


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