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PHYS 111N Introductory General Physics

by: Emery Rippin

PHYS 111N Introductory General Physics PHYS 111N

Marketplace > Old Dominion University > Physics 2 > PHYS 111N > PHYS 111N Introductory General Physics
Emery Rippin
GPA 3.76


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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Emery Rippin on Monday September 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS 111N at Old Dominion University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see /class/215335/phys-111n-old-dominion-university in Physics 2 at Old Dominion University.


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Date Created: 09/28/15
Physics 1 1 IN Recap generalities I it might appear that we ve covered a lot of stuff this semester and we have but there are just a few basic principles behind everything Newton s laws linking force and motion Conservation laws 0 energy 0 momentum I everything else is built up from these basic laws named forces like gravity and contact forces motions like projectile or periodic waves solving exam problems there are no hardand fast rules about how to do this but the usual thought process goes like identify which of the basic rules apply if the question is quantitative try to write relevant equations solve for the requested unknown look at the answer is it sensible exam tips skim read the paper rst 10 min max identify the questions you know how to do and do them rst write concisely what you are trying to do for each question write out all equations before you put in numbers credit for the right equations if your handwriting is poor write in all capitals it will make it easier to read and you are more likely to get points if the numerical answer has units WRITE THEM l l Mouse runs in a straight line labeled as the x axls The position as a function of time is shown in the graph a when is the mouse to the rightleft of the origin b what is the mouse s initial velocity c what is the maximum speed of the mouse in what direction d when is the mouse moving left right stationary e through what total distance did the mouse move in the rst 5s f when is the mouse speeding up slowing down x cm 10 20 12345678910 2 A different mouse runs in a straight line labeled as the x axls The velocity as a function of time is shown in the graph a what is the mouse s initial velocity b what is the maximum speed of the mouse in what direction c when is the mouse moving left right stationary d what is the mouse s greatest acceleration in what direction does it point e when does the mouse change direction f does the formula ULU U01 all apply for the whole 10s vx cms 40 30 20 10 0 r t s 10 20 12 3 45 67quot8 910 5 I a grasshopper leaps into the air from the edge of a cliff as shown Use information from the gure to a the initial speed of the grasshopper b the time the grasshopper was in ight Not to scale 106 m 4 the driver of an 1800kg car traveling at 230ms slams on the brakes locking the wheels on the dry pavement The coef cient of kinetic friction here is 0700 a how far will the car travel before stopping b how far would the car travel if it were going twice as fast 0 how far would a car of unknown mass travel a block slides up a frictionless hill starting at the bottom of the hill with a speed of lOms how high vertical distance up the hill does it get after reaching its highest point it moves back down the hill what is its speed when it is halfway down the hill vertical distance what is its speed when it gets to the bottom of the hill I we perform this experiment on a real hill starting the block with speed lOms and measure that its maximum height is smaller than we calculated above and that its nal speed is lower Which assumption made above is likely to be wrong I A 2150kg satellite is in a circular orbit at a height of 780kn1 above the Earth s surface What is the gravitational force on the satellite What is the acceleration of the satellite and where is it directed What would the acceleration be if the satellite s mass were doubled Since the satellite is in circular motion in what direction does its velocity point relative to the acceleration vector m 597 x 103 1 kg HE g 638 x 106111 G 667 X 10Ll ngkgg l 7 I a bomb of mass l00kg sits at rest before exploding into two fragments that y off horizontally backto back One fragment of mass 80kg is measured to be moving at 150ms in the positive Xdirection What is the velocity of the other fragment Assume that negligible mass is lost in the explosion 8 I a string of massunit length 500gm is under a tension of l00N What length of string xed at each end will give a frequency of 280Hz as the rst or fundamental harmonic I what length of string would give 280Hz as the third harmonic


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