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by: Chet Franecki DDS


Marketplace > Old Dominion University > PHIL-Philosophy > PHIL 110P > INTRODUCTION TO PHILOSOPHY
Chet Franecki DDS
GPA 3.75

David Loomis

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About this Document

David Loomis
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Chet Franecki DDS on Monday September 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHIL 110P at Old Dominion University taught by David Loomis in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see /class/215344/phil-110p-old-dominion-university in PHIL-Philosophy at Old Dominion University.

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Date Created: 09/28/15
Act 70a I LogosArgument Meno39s questiondelayed until 86c d 71d Socrates39 question 71e Meno39s definition l 73d Meno39s definition 2 74b77a practice with shapecolor 2 definitions of shape l of color 75b Socrates hint about definition of excellence 77b Meno39s definition 3 79e Socrates asks for a fourth try Act III 86c Meno reinstates his ch question from 70a 87c89c hypothesis leading to the con clusion that exc is teachable ain proof 89a c exc by nature 89d96d hypothesis 2 leading to the conclusion that excellence is not teachable Anytus etc not acquired 96e98c hypothesis 3if not teachable then not knowledge so it must be true opinion Drama 70a71dMeno39s intellectual pedigree 75b Meno39s refusal to practice 75cd Socrates39 refusal to treat Meno as an opponent 76ac Socrates39 quotblindquot assessment of Meno Act II 80ad Meno loses his temper 80de Meno39s dilemma 81aemyth of re incarnationrecollection 81e85bgeometry lesson 85b86cmoral of the myth an alternative to Meno39s dilemma 89e90bSocrates39 introduction of Anytus39 father 91aSocrates39 quotnoble liequot about Meno 94e95aAnytus loses his temper Socrates39 assessment 96d Meno wonders 96e98a Daedelus statues Meditations l Radical doubt withholding assent from everything Radical doubt is the only way to purify the consciousness of all possible error The senses are the gateway through which all contents of consciousness have passed If the senses can be doubted assent withheld from them then all opinions can be doubted Ts doubting the senses insanity Doesnt the experience of dreaming cast doubt on the reliability of the senses Corporeal natures physical things are extended in space have shape size and number place endure through time and later move and change An hypothesis to justify and sustain radical doubt if there is an all powerful deceiver who created me Supposing as a precaution that everything uncertain is actually false that there is an all powerful deceiver intent on deceiving me 2 First certainty because it is impossible to doubt I am thinking therefore I exist While doubting that his body exists D becomes certain that he does exist What he is certain of about this self He is a thinking thing Purifying his self image of everything physical This mysterious quotIquot is more certain but less obvious than his body which is doubtable but more obvious 3 The existence of an all powerful being and whether it can be a deceiver if he cannot decide whether or not an all powerful being exists and if so whether or not it can be a deceiver then he may never be certain of anything else lst attempt to prove its existence fails Distinction between objective and formal reality Law of sufficient causality quotIf the objective realityBut if no such ideaquot p29 end of paragraph 42 Division of objective realities into 6 kinds Elimination of ideas of himself other humans animals and angels as ideas he could not have produced himself Elimination provisional of ideas of corporeal inanimate things as ideas he could not have produced himself The idea of God p 30 paragraph 45 Conclusion that God exists D is not God idea of God innate in his consciousness like a trademark


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