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by: Gerardo Kuhic


Marketplace > Old Dominion University > Business, management > MGMT 418 > ADV HUMAN RESOURCE MGMT ISSUES
Gerardo Kuhic
GPA 3.66

Steven Maurer

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About this Document

Steven Maurer
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gerardo Kuhic on Monday September 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MGMT 418 at Old Dominion University taught by Steven Maurer in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 49 views. For similar materials see /class/215352/mgmt-418-old-dominion-university in Business, management at Old Dominion University.

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Date Created: 09/28/15
MANAGEMENT 418 ADVANCED HR MANAGEMENT CONTEMPORARY ISSUES SPRING 2012 Dr SD Maurer PhD Professor of Management 2045 Constant Hall Office Hours ODU Office 430 500 T 1030 1130 Th or by telephoneofficeSkype appointment Phone 757 6833566 Skype Address profmaurer Email smaureroduedu See Note 10 under General Expectations and Comments Course Description This course is designed for management students interested in a career as a Human Resource Management HRM professional and for students highly interested in working effectively with HRM professionals Topics covered are intended to extend material in HR and business analysis courses eg employment law IO psychology DSCI 206 DSCI 306 Emphasis is given to group exercises and cases designed to develop analytical consulting and technical skills required to contribute to the HRM function as a strategic partner in contemporary organizations Course quot and Skvpe quot 39 All readings will be provided on the Web Page for this course wwwblackboardoduedu To gain access to course materials students are expected to a maintain an active ODU email account b become familiar with methods for accessing and navigating a Blackboard web page c establish a reliable means of gaining personal access to the internet and d establish a means of printing course documents provided on the Internet or the course web page In addition each MAT case team is expected to participate in at least one Skype conference with the instructor Course Reguirements Because this course is designed as an advanced level experiential learning seminar it is expected that all assigned readings will be completedm to each class meeting Indication of lack of preparation will detract from the professionalism component of the final Course Grade It is also expected that all students will participate fully in all ingroup assignments required in this course Prereguisites Students are expected to conform to M CBPA course prerequisites In particular students must have junior status and must have completed MGMT 325 and 340 m to this course Students are also strongly advised to have completed DSCI 206 and 306 and at least two other advanced level HR courses from the CBPA or from supporting fields Students who do not meet MGMT course r 1 39 39 will be 39 39 39 39 39 dropped Course Grade Elements Exams Case TOTAL Final Grade Scale Minimum percentage requirements for the final course grade will be assigned based on the scale below Plus and minus scores will be determined based on the distribution of grades within each letter grade category Minimum Points 92 81 705 60 MGMT 418 7 Spring 2012 2 of6 Exams j175 point Three exams will be given across the term and will consist of five part multiplechoice items true false items problem calculations and short answer items Makeup exams will be given only in event of documented emergency or some inescapable commitment and must be scheduled prior to expected exam date or within 24 hours of the scheduled exam period No makeup exams will be given for vacations holiday travel or other unexcused purposes Exam dates will change only in the event of campus closure or unanimous agreement among students and the instructor A testing materials must be turned in before the exam will be graded Failure to return all testing materials will be considered a violation ofthe ODU student conduct code and will result in loss of point for that exam andor further disciplinary action nclass feedback on exams will focus on critical elements of the exam we will not take the time to cover all exam items The exam itself will not be returned Point totals for each exam will vary between 45 and 85 points Exam Minimum Reguirement An average exam score of less than a C Le lt705 will result in one level of partial grade adjustment in the Unadjusted Course Grade ie the grade based on all points earned in the course for every 10 percentage points below the 705 minimum An example of this policy is as follows 139 3939 39 Course Grade Average Exam Score Final Course Grade C 6025 7025 C C 5000 6000 C C 495 595 D Final exam The final exam 70 85 points will be comprised of material presented after Exam 2 and a comprehensive element up to 30 points Students are expected to take the final exam during the time period designated in the Spring 2012 Schedule of Classes IndividuallGroup Assignments 50 point The IndividualGroup Exercises component of the class is made up of 89 in class group assignments 3 individual tutorial exercises and an individual readings quiz All assignments will be graded as either satisfactory gt70 or unsatisfactory lt70 Points for this component will be awarded as follows Points Exercises 10 50 89 40 6 7 25 lt6 0 To receive credit for inclass group assignments students must do each of the following a be present during the entire exercise b actively participate in the assignment and c sign all materials provided to the instructor Assignments will be graded according to their completeness correctness and adherence to assignment instructions Unexcused absence during an inclass assignment except for documented illness or emergency will result in forfeiture of credit for that assignment Any student dismissed from class prior to the completion of an inclass assignment will not receive credit for that 39U Except for a 39 39 illness or absence excused by the instructor no quotmakeupquot 39 will be provided z I Group Case Assignment To complete the Group Case Assignment students will be divided into consulting teams 56 members All students are to provide an evaluation of each team member s contribution to the project and participation in group planning and performance meetings A student who receives an overall average peer evaluation score of less than 705 will receive an adjustment of hisher grade on the Group Case Assignment based on the ratio of that score to the 705 minimum eg an overall average of 60 on a project receiving 66 points will yield a grade adjustment of 60705 805 x 66 points 5313 5325 points MGMT 418 7 Spring 2012 3 of6 Homework assignments Students are to complete 3 homework assignments given across the term 1518 points each Assignments are due at the end of the class period specified by the instructor Unless previously arranged with the instructorI late or emailed materials will not be accepted Professionalism As with group performance expectations in the business world professional conduct is a primary factor in this class Assignment of grades above or below the 185 point norm will be based on factors such as quantityquality of contribution to class discussions responses to specific inquiries participation in group exercises attention to lecture presentations demonstrated command of reading assignments and adherence to ODU Honor Code and requirements of the General Expectations and Comments portion of this syllabus Attendance Attendance 25 points will be taken randomly across the semester For each absence in excess of 1 automatically excused absence 5 points will be deducted from possible attendance credit More than 6 total absences including the automatically excused absence will result in either a WF or incomplete quotIquot grade depending on the causes of extensive absenteeism General Expectations and Comments 1 Homework assignments need not be typed but must be legible and properly organized Poorly organized or illegible assignments will not be graded Where required all calculations must be shown ALL homework assignments tutorial assi nments and other submitted materials MUST INCLUDE a SEPARATE cover page that provides your name student ID last four di its and a si ned statement attestin to the followin llThis work is solel the result of m own efforts and is prepared in quot with the ODU Honor Codequot 2 Unless specifically approved by the instructor use of audio or video recording devices are not permitted 3 All materials will be graded for their completeness clarity technical correctness adherence to advance level writing standards and compliance with material preparation standards 4 It is expected that all students will perform as responsible ethical adults and will comply with standards of the ODU Honor Code Students are also expected to promote an environment of courtesy and respect for their peers the learning process and for the instructor Hence in accordance with ODU policies on classroom conduct a sample of disruptive behaviors that may lead to immediate dismissal from the classroom includes 1 use of cell phones textmessage devices pagers or other unauthorized recording devices please turn offall cell phones and beepers repeated late arrival andor unexcused departure from class sessions working on materialsassignments not associated with this class sleeping in class engaging in private conversations notepassing or other behaviors eg horseplay during lectures or inclass assignments f antagonistic or threatening behavior towards any participant in this class g disruptive behavior during lectures or other class presentations h unexcused departure from the room prior to completion ofan examination i accessing 39 39webpages or email accounts during computer lab sessions 3amp35 Next to holding private conversations walking into or out of the room during lectures is the most frequent form of concentrationdisrupting behavior Up until a few years ago such behavior was unusual at ODU However it has now become quite common and is the cause of much frustration and concern among the faculty the CBPA Dean and other ODU administrators Therefore it is required that you not leave your seat unless you intend to leave the room And if you leave the room do not come back in until the class has ended Note that unless specifically arranged with the instructor departure from the class room will result in loss of credit for any assignments completed during the class period MGMT 418 7 Spring 2012 4 of6 5 Responding to a cell phone or beeper message or unauthorized departure from the classroom during an exam will result in confiscation of test materials and loss of associated points 5 All students must successfully complete and sign the Course Syllabus quiz before receiving a course grade Completed quizzes must be turned in at the end of the first exam perio 7 It is exgected that all individual homework assignments will be SOLELY the Eroduct at the student39s OWN e orts Students are 39 for 39 39 39 a cop of all 39 and should be prepared to provide materials to the instructor on demand Violations of this policy will be referred to the ODU Honor Council 8 For students who need accommodations in this class please contact me personally during my office hours and provide a letter from Disab ty Services in support of your request Any student seeking accommodation for test taking purposes must contact me at least one week prior to the first exam to arrange such accommodatio 9 Students are strongly advised to check the course web page at least once a week for announcements updates etc Also important messages may be relayed through the listrserve feature of Blackboard so check your ODU email account t least once a week 10 The email address is for use ONLY as a supplement to telephone messages Please use this to provide information regarding whenhow I can reach you by phone Unless prenarranged with the instructor assignments will not be accepted via email In your email message please provide the phrase quotMGMT 418quot in the quotsubjectquot line TENTA TIVE SCHEDULE Date Topic Reading 110 Course Introduction 112 Strategic HR Careers and criteria wPR 1 117 Understanding Employee Turnover 119 Consulting Lab1 a Managing Turnover Among Knowledge Workers WPR 2 124 Introduction to Strategic HR Planning WPR 3 amp 3a 125 Introduction to MAT Case Assignment 131 Review of MAT simulation model and Turnover Policies 22 EEO Compliance and Complaint P NPR 4 27 MAT Case Lab 17 Phase 1 Policy Plan 29 Consulting Lab 2 7 Computer Sources for EEO Compliance amp Exam Review 214 Unassigned lab day 7 no class meeting 7 skype meetings by appointment 215 EXAM 1


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