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by: Madeline Gaylord


Madeline Gaylord
GPA 3.53


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Madeline Gaylord on Monday September 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GRAD 999 at Old Dominion University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 35 views. For similar materials see /class/215355/grad-999-old-dominion-university in Graduate at Old Dominion University.


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Date Created: 09/28/15
MS Ed7 Special Education I Written Comprehensive Exam 39 Overview 39 General Information a The Written Comprehensive Exam comps is an exit requirement for the master s degree in special education e Questions encompass general special education and specific endorsement area knowledge Comps are given three times per year October March and June 39 I I Application Applications are available in the special education office in the Child Study Center Room 104 or online at wwwoduedueducsped Applications will be accepted up to 6 weeks before the date of the exam sYou must indicate on your application whether you wish to use a computer Preparation e 6 weeks prior to the exam you will receive a packet of questions You will be given 6 questions to prepare for the exam 2 general questions 0 2 specific endorsement area questions for each endorsement area sought Generally 2 endorsement areas are sought I 7 l r Preparation References You will also need to prepare a reference list for each of your answers a The reference lists and any parenthetical intext citations used must conform to American Psychological Association APA style 5th edition 5 For further information consult the APA Publication Manual andor wwwapasyleorg 7 li7 ii l i li l Preparation References Organize references by question 4 You must provide at least three 3 references per question do not list the references at the end of the question 6 DO NOT cite class notes as a reference 6 You may cite textbooks or other original sources of information such as journal articles 39 I 39 39 l 39 Exam Day You will be assigned a student number Do not put your name on any exam materials Each student will answer 4 questions 1 general amp 3 endorsementspecific 2 questions will be given to the student at 830 am and must be returned at 1030 am After a 20 minute break the last 2 questions will be given to the student at 1050 am and returned at 1250 pm i7liihillilli l Exam Day s A reference list must be submitted with each of your exam responses 6 Blue exam books and dictionaries will be provided a If you are using a computer you must bring a blank floppy diskette You may use the spell check feature All other materials will be left at the front of the room 39 I 39 39 l 39 Evaluation of Comps Each question is worth 10 points and will be evaluated by the following scale Content 8 points 0 a Content is accurate uptodate and reflects knowledge of the professional literature including at least three 3 appropriate references 0 b Content is comprehensive and reflects knowledge of and treatment of various perspectives on the subject Evaluation of Comps cont Organization and Presentation 2 points o a Content is organized offering introductory statements wellintegrated discussion and a summaryconclusion o b Content is well written and reflects graduatelevel quality eg clear concise proper grammar syntax spelling and marks of punctuation 39 I 39 39 l 39 Evaluation of Comps cont 4 Student responses are coded by number Student number will be assigned on the day of the examination Questions will be scored blindly by two 2 faculty members a Faculty evaluations will be added together to provide a score for each question A minimum of 16 points out of a possible 20 is needed to pass each question Evaluation of Comps cont es If a student earns less than 16 points on one question heshe has failed that question and must arrange to retake a question from the same general or specific area after receiving feedback 4 If a student fails two 2 or more questions the entire exam may be retaken at the next scheduled date 39 I 39 39 l 39 Evaluation of Comps cont e Only one 1 reexamination is allowed a If the student fails the exam misses 2 questions or more twice that student will be unable to receive the master s degree i7liihinllilli l Suggestions Feeling anxious A little anxiety is a good thing a Try outlining your answers rather than memorizing them verbatim You can then write your outline in the blue exam book cover a Practice your responses in a blue book or on the computer Simulate an exam using the two hour time blocks Sugges ons e Be sure your answer is free of punctuation spelling and syntax errors On exam day use your time carefully allow enough time to edit and proofread each answer Answer every component of each question See sample rubric on website 7 lii ii l i li l Sugges ons r Get plenty of sleep and have a good breakfast sound familiar 4 You may work in teams to research questions but the final analysis and writing must be your own Frequently Asked Questions a How long should a response be o Your response should fully answer every part of the question There is no length requirement lfl have to cancel taking the exam will I be penalized o No canceling prior to the exam date does not constitute an attempt to take comps 7 lii lii li li l Frequently Asked Questions Can faculty members read response drafts before the exam 0 You may contact the faculty when formulating your answer but faculty members will not preread draft responses a How will I find out the results of my exam o Four to six weeks after the exam a letter will be sent to your home address notifying you whether you passed or failed


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