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by: Brice Torp


Brice Torp
GPA 3.91


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Brice Torp on Monday September 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to LING001 at University of Pennsylvania taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see /class/215411/ling001-university-of-pennsylvania in Linguistics at University of Pennsylvania.

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Date Created: 09/28/15
LING 001910 Jeopardy 7108 Review for Final Page I PHONETIC IN YOUR WORDS LANGUAGE TERMS SYNTAX TRANSCRIPTION ACQUISITION 100 A voiceless bilabial This TVradio network A child is replacing this Two sounds in a language that Possessive pronouns like my stop P wants to hire more class of sounds with stops if never occur in the same are a part of this lexical announcers with he says tree for three environment category DETERMINERS regional accents BBC dose for those pall for COMPLEMENTARY fall and id for is DISTRIBUTION FRICATIVES ALLOPHONES 200 A voiced interdental This is a method of When forming wh I wouldn t hire nobody that A nice picture of the fricative ETH communication by questions the last thing did nothing like that unicorn is an example of which a deafblind children leam to do is this NEGATIVE CONCORD this type of phrase NOUN person places their syntactic rule of English PHRASE hand on a speaking INVERT SUBJAUX person s lips and jawline TADOMA 300 A low front lax vowel Barack Obama used This is the age where This term refers to the overuse The word unlackable has AE this artist s song to children start to prefer their of a prestige item in speech two meanings that identify with young parents language to other including using it in places correspond to two different urban voters JayZ languages BIRTH A that are outside of the standard trees and is an example of FEW MONTHS usage this STRUCTURAL HYPERCORRECTION AMBIGUITY 400 A high front tense Talking drums rely on A child is doing this when When two vowels are no In the sentence Is the girl is vowel IY this feature of West he calls a train train tracks longer perceivable as two tall the child speaker has African languages a train conductor a ticket different sounds this is the done this to the auxiliary TONE and a parking lot ch00 type of sound change that has verb COPIED IT ch00 COMPLEXIVE occurred VOWEL CONCEPT MERGER 500 The phenomenon that This may be one This is the name for a type Labov s 1966 study in New Carrots I like but is commonly referred to as dropping the g actually refers to an alternation between a velar nasal and this kind of nasal ALVEOLAR indicator of sarcasm on the internet EMOTICONS JK of children s speech that lacks function words TELEGRAPIHC York showed that people tend to use more prestige forms in this style of speech than they do in reading for instance WORD LISTS tomatoes I detest is an example of this type of syntactic process OBJECT NP TOPICALIZATION LING 001910 Jeopardy Review for Final 7108 Page 2 LANGUAGE SHIFT TYPOLOGY amp LANGUAGE CONTACT VARIATION MEANING MIXED BAG describe what happens when a bilingual person uses both of their languages within one sentence or phrase CODESWITCIHNG Tamil prepositional phrase According to this phrase Tamil is syntactically this type of language HEADFINAL used more by younger people than by older people and is thought to be an incoming change the graph that shows this data could show an effect in this APPARENT TIME you talked to your husband about the weekend has this type of trigger for a presupposition DEFINITE NOUN PHRASE 200 When language A adopts This is an example of a highly This person conducted a The word terri c is an This verb of quotation a word from language B analytical language CIHNESE wellknown socio example of this type of came into the English and the adopted word linguistic study in 3 NYC semantic change language in the early becomes part of department stores AMELIORATION 80 s LIKE language A it could be LABOV an example of this BORROWING 400 This hypothesis proposes Spanish is an example of this This term refers to the Do not say what you This is the date of the that the language we morphological type earliest aquired believe to be false is LING 001910 Final speak in uences how we FUSIONAL linguistic system the description of this Exam JULY 3 think WHORFIAN accessible without one of Grice s maxims HYPOTHESIS metalinguistic thought QUALITY VERNACULAR 600 The word algebra came When an L2 speaker of a If a linguistic feature is The sentence I To boldy go where no into English from this language has an accent it can be always used by a certain pronounce you man man has gone before is language ARABIC said to be a result of in uence age group it may be an and wife is an an example of a violation from this in their first language example of this linguistic example of this type of of this prescription in PHONOLOGYPHO phenomenon AGE speech act English SPLIT NEMIC INVENTORY GRADING PERFORMATIVE INFINITIVE 800 This community is an This is the most common aspect This word is currently The word villian is an The suffix fize in English example of language of language to be undergoing semantic example of this type of can be categorized as this shift CAJUN S in LA borrowedVOCABULARY expansion in Egypt semantic change kind of morpheme IMMIGRANTS IN US according to the New DEROGATION BOUND FUNCTION GARIFUNA IN York Times BELIZE INSI IAI I AH 1000 This term is used to The tree on is a translation of a If a linguistic feature is The sentence Have This term refers to a change that speakers are not conscious of CHANGE FROM BELOW LING 001910 Jeopardy 7108 Review for Final Page 3 TRIAL A voiceless interdental stop WHAT IS THETA OR WHAT IS TH A child is doing this when he calls a grapefruit the moon a basketball and a bowling ball orange WHAT IS OVEREXTENSION The utterance I promise I ll pay you 50 tomorrow is an example of this type of speech act WHAT IS PERFORMATIVE


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