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by: Hortense Moore

OrganicChemistryI CHEM2201

Marketplace > Temple University > Chemistry > CHEM2201 > OrganicChemistryI
Hortense Moore
GPA 3.7


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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Hortense Moore on Monday September 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM2201 at Temple University taught by MichaelWilson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see /class/215484/chem2201-temple-university in Chemistry at Temple University.


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Date Created: 09/28/15
Dr Nopper Asian Diaspora Week 11 Articles Writing Assignment Due April 26 Drawing from all of the readings from week 10 Go Meanings of difference and ruling practices in America s Pacific empire and Ball Divergent development racialised rights globalised labour markets and the trade of nurses The case of the Philippines answer the following two questions 1 As described by Go what were some of the environmental arguments made about Samoan s presumed l39work ethicquot 1 paragraph The Samoans were categorized differently than the Filipinos They are under the Filipino category but they were even more specific when it came to the region or country that they were in They were different due to where they were located Samoans are even lower than the Filipinos I Go p 42 There are many factors that play into the role of how people act Issues about both biological and environmental differences affect the way people live In this article Go focuses on the environmental factors In his article he is referring to the Samoans and all the conflicts that arise For example how they lack energy and that they are lethargic when it comes to their work ethic They blame it on the environmental factors naturally abundant environment of the islands was such that the natives had no compulsion to work hard Go p 45 People felt that the Samoans lacked character they didn t see any good in them Samoan s history and environment lacked the stimulus for the production of their traits Go p 41 They blamed the environment for not letting them develop into people with personality This whole issue that the environment hinders their growth brings us to the topic of cultural poverty That idea was fabricated because America felt as though blacks lived in horrid environments with bad backgrounds will always be like that and unable to nurture themselves into successful individuals The environment plays a role in shaping people how they acquire property or how they are able to adapt to the social world The environmental argument is used when they can t use the biological argument whichever acts in their favor is what they will use Just like how it was with the cultural poverty myth for the blacks in America By making it an environmental argument they are saying that the Samoan s are partly savage which allows them to also conclude that they are able to assimilate They use the environmental argument as a cover up for their racism 2 As described by Ball how have gender politics in the Philippines and global factors informed the gendered nature of labor migration out of the Philippines 1 paragraph Gender politics in the Philippines and global factors affect the labor migration because of how some roles were associated with gender class and race In the 19705 a lot of nurses from the Philippines moved to America to continue their profession Asian women were heavily associated with laborjobs They were the ones who washed the clothes for soldiers during the war This says a lot because professions such as nurses domestic workers babysitter social workers teachers are all categorized as female professions because they all require some type of nurture aspect to them Nursing service and entertainment positions are heavily dominated by women with 95 of domestic helpers and entertainers and 92 of nurses Ball p 124 Because of the past influences there are different types ofjobs associated to different gender class and race Most Filipinos want to be nurses because it is the only way they can leave the Philippines the major influencing factor on the choice of nursing as a career was the opportunity it provided for working overseas Employment as a nurse in the Philippines is regarded by most nurses as a training ground which facilitates obtaining overseas employments and it is under these conditions that nurses are willing to accept substandard wages thus leading to a feedback system which works simultaneously to depress nurse wages and which encourages migration Ball p 124 The jobs in the Philippines are harsh they are in bad working conditions therefore if they have the opportunity to work overseas they will take advantage of it However if they are sent to places other than America they are also being taken advantage of if they do take the offer nurses exported by the state itself to the Middle East particularly Saudi Arabia have little or no access to rights In contrast nurses migrating to the United States Canada and more recently the EU work in countries with greater potential for permanence and access to the machinery of antidiscrimination Ball p 121 Certain industries are highly concentrated with women and certain jobs are also associated by race For example during the war the majority of people who washed the clothes for the soldiers were Asian women from this we can see that there is a gender and social order That s why certain jobs are associated with specific groups of people


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