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by: Bryon Dietrich


Bryon Dietrich
GPA 3.97


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Bryon Dietrich on Monday September 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HRMGMT1101 at Temple University taught by ThomasDaymont in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see /class/215485/hrmgmt1101-temple-university in Business, management at Temple University.

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Date Created: 09/28/15
ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT Online HRMl 101 Fall 2010 Dr Thomas N Daymont 26746883 51 email daym templeedu Reading the Syllabus vegy carefully is especially important in an online course Similarly it is vegy important be aware of all announcements on the course website throughtout the semester Course Objectives This course is designed to help you develop your knowledge and understanding of organizations and help you survive and thrive in your work organization Most of us will spend a considerable amount of our adult lives working for an organization in the private public or nonprofit sector The greater our knowledge and understanding the better we can manage both in terms of managing our jobs and careers so that they will be satisfying and rewarding and leading the organization so that it will be successful The primary perspective of this course will be from a managerprofessional point of View Thus we will study issues such as leadership strategic management human resource management organizational culture and change ethics and working in and leading teams Of course knowledge and understanding of these organizational topics is useful for everyone including employees customers and clients Online Course through Blackboard This is an online section of the course Most of our interactions will be through the Blackboard platform For technical help with Blackboard call the Temple University Help desk at 2152048000 email help templeedu or go to a Temple University computer center The structure of the course allows for considerable exibility in when you participate This is an advantage in that it provides exibility in working around other commitments other classes work family and outside interests This is a disadvantage in that it may be easy to let your responsibilities in this course slide due to more immediate time pressures elsewhere An important requirement of this course is that you manage your time effectively to meet the requirements of this course Putting work on this course off due to more immediate time commitments elsewhere is NOT an acceptable excuse for late or poor participation or performance Book We will not use a conventional textbook We will use a book of readings Annual Editions Management 15m 11 by Maidment ISBN 978007 3528502 This course involves considerable reading There are a total of about 22 assigned articles in the Annual Editions AE book of readings See below for the speci c AE articles associated with each topic More importantly at least in terms of their coverage on the exams and in the forum discussions there are about 90 7 100 articles or items in the forums The more you read and the more complete and in depth your 1 understanding of the material the higher your score on the exams and the more valuable your forum contributions and thus the higher your forum grades Student Evaluation Starting Test Openbook test taken through Blackboard Aug 29 7 Sep 11 5 Forums Participation 3 sets Setl Aug 297Sep 30 15 Set 2 Sep 26 7 Nov 4 15 Set 3 Oct 28 7Dec 3 20 Exams 3 openbook exams taken through Blackboard Exam 1 Sep 9 7 Oct 5 15 Exam 2 Oct 15 7Nov 9 15 Exam 3 Nov 14 7Dec 13 15 Starting Test The starting test covers material from the syllabus course announcements and the Getting Started forum The starting test contains 7 questions and is open book with no time limit except that you must complete it by September 11 The questions will appear one at a time and once you have answered a question you cannot go back to it You may enter exit and reenter the test at any time before the test closes at midnight at the end of September 11 YOU MUST WORK INDEPENDENTLY ON THIS TEST You must NOT consult or discuss this test with any other person Exams There will be 3 exams each covering material from three or four topics See below for the speci c topics covered on each exam Each of the exams will be 15 of your nal grade for the course The format of the exams will vary somewhat The first exam will be taken by computer through the Assignments folder in Blackboard The exam will cover the material in the Annual Editions articles and especially the articles and items in the forums The exam is open book with no time limit The questions will appear one at a time and once you have answered a question you cannot go back to it You may enter exit and reenter the exam at any time that the exam is open The exam will be open for about 3 weeks The exam will still be accessible for about a day after the closing date but a substantial late penalty will be assessed if not completed by the end of the day ie midnight of the closing date Students are required to work independently The exam questions and answers come from the forum discussions or the articles in the Annual Editions book If there are differences in factual statements or opinions Dr Daymont s forum posts will be the source used to determine the correct answer The rst exam will contain 15 questions Because there are relatively few questions and the fact that the exam is openbook it is expected that you will frequently need to read the article or forum 2 discussion carefully and indepth in order to answer the questions correctly YOU MUST WORK INDEPENDENTLY ON THIS EXAM You must NOT consult or discuss this exam with any other person Forum Participation Graded class participation will be through the students posting of analyses answers comments and recommendations about sources of additional relevant information etc to forums on our Blackboard course website Once you have logged in and clicked onto the course click on the Discussion Board button and then click on the desired Forum Then you can either reply to a message or start a new Thread to initiate a new discussion You should be an active participant in the forums almost every week Notice that the forums constitute one half of your final course grade This is an indication of the importance of the forums The amount of time and effort that you put into the forums should be as great as the time and effort that you put into the exams Students are encouraged to answer questions and discuss issues presented by the instructor and by other students Students are encouraged to post questions about concepts or ideas that are not clear Students are encouraged to share information about relevant articles or websites that they have read or issues from work Describing in some detail how the information in the article or website helps our understanding of the issues is much more important than simply linking or copying the article or website Forum participation will be divided into 3 groups and you will receive a grade for your participation in each group as described above The first two groups are worth 15 each of your nal grade and the third is worth 20 Contributions to the forum will be evaluated on the basis of their quality in terms of demonstrating knowledge of the course material and the value added to the learning experience An example of a high quality contribution would be one in which the message applies a concept or model from the text outside readings or other source e g published article or website to a forum question or management problem or issue Simply expressing your opinion on issues in your contributions to the forums is NOT sufficient to earn a good forum grade You need to back up your opinion with logical argumentation examples from credible sources andor expert opinion It is also valuable to demonstrate your knowledge about the issues by making speci c references to the articles or sources in the thread being discussed I encourage you to compose your forum contributions in a word document and save it for future reference Then you can copy your contribution into the box that appears in blackboard when you initiate a forum contribution Then you can submit your contribution Also remember that this is a course in management so that contributions that take the perspective of a manager are usually more valuable So in discussing an issue or situation it is often helpful to structure at least part of your comments along the following lines Given the situation the manager should do X because doing X will help the organization achieve its goals or help the manager achieve her goals for the following reasons And then give the reasons that X is helpful In thinking about how to reply to a thread in a forum suppose you are a junior manager and your manager had asked you about the issue raised in the forum Reply in a way that would impress your manager andor provide her with useful information regarding the issue 3 Contributions made near the end of the period that the forum is open are less valuable than earlier contributions because there is less time for other class members to bene t from the contribution Contributions that essentially repeat what was said by another class member are less valuable More valuable would be a contribution that elaborates on or critiques previous contributions Very important Reread the previous paragraph Partnership Strategy Game The Partnership Strategy Game will begin around the third week of the semester The Partnership Strategy Game involves a combination of strategy in uence tactics and teamwork You will be able to earn extra credit based on your team s performance in the Partnership Strategy Game and your contribution to the team You will be able to form a team of 45 students with other students during the rst two weeks of the semester Dr Daymont will form teams for students who do not form teams on their own The game will be described more fully in the forums and in announcements Course To pics Reminder In addition to the Annual Editions AE articles there are several articles in the forums associated with each topic Group Topic AE article numbers 1 1 Getting Started 1 2 2 Motivation 14 19 3 Organizational Culture 5 13 31 2 4 Teamwork none 5 Leadership 12 6 Ethics 32 3334 7 Environment 4 18 3 8 Human Resources 25 28 30 9 Decisionmaking 20 21 10 Entrepreneurship 35 36 11 Strategy 9 29 Grading Scale Exam and forum grades will be posted in the Blackboard Grade Book in numbers At the end of the semester an overall grade for the course will be calculated as a weighted average of the exam and forum grades using the weights speci ed in this syllabus Finally the numerical average will be converted to a course letter grade according to the following scale A 93 7 100 A 90 7 92 B 87 7 89 B 83 7 86 B 80 7 82 C7 77 7 79 C 73 7 76 C 70 7 72 D7 67 7 69 D 63 7 66 D 60 7 62 F below 60 Any student who has a need for accommodation based on the impact of a disability should contact me privately to discuss the speci c situation as soon as possible Also you may contact the Disabilities Resources and Services in 100 Ritter Annex 215204 1280 Freedom to teach and freedom to learn are inseparable facets of academic freedom The University has a policy on Student and Faculty and Academic Rights and Responsibilities Policy 037002 which can be assessed through the following link httppoliciestempleedugetdocasppolicy no037002


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