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Mythology Test 2 Week 2 Notes

by: Mary Alison Bennett

Mythology Test 2 Week 2 Notes Clas 221-001

Mary Alison Bennett
GPA 3.2
Early Greek Mythology
Justin arft

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About this Document

This set covers Artemis and Apollo. Class was canceled on Wednesday, so only Monday and Friday notes are posted.
Early Greek Mythology
Justin arft
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mary Alison Bennett on Monday September 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Clas 221-001 at University of Tennessee - Knoxville taught by Justin arft in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see Early Greek Mythology in Classical Studies at University of Tennessee - Knoxville.

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Date Created: 09/28/15
Early Greek Mythology CLAS 221 21 September 2015 Artemis Virginal goddess of the hunt Fiercely protective Twin sister to Apollo Katniss Common images With a stag 0 Always with clothing chaste O 0 Bow and arrows 0 With her mother Leto and twin Apollo as an infant Homeric vans to Artemis Birth Pp 2278 describes her quite well Kind of a list of her defining characteristics She s pretty terrifying Child of Zeus and Leto Artemis and Apollo 0 Both associated with the sky and sky deities 0 Both associated with archery 0 Apollo 9 sun Artemis 9 moon Niobe and her Children Famous tale of divine vengeance Women of Thebes give honors to Leto Niobe queen of thieves gets jealous Claims that she is more deserving with 7 sons and 7 daughters Artemis and Apollo kill all the children and Niobe turns to stone Doesn t really need to be taken incredibly literally Actaeon There are lots of versions like an actual lot Early Greek Mythology CLAS 221 21 September 2015 0 At its core Actaeon conflicts with Artemis Artemis turns him to a stag his own dogs kill him 0 Two main conflicts Actaeon saw Artemis naked or Actaeon claimed to be a better hunter than Artemis 0 Either way he did something he shouldn t have Callisto and Arcas 0 Book offers Ovid s account 0 Ovid tends to embellish a lot 0 Core of the story 0 Callisto a virgin dedicated to Artemis was tricked by Zeus to break her vow of chastity Artemis either killed her or turned her into a bear Artemis couldn t really do anything to Zeus so she had to settle for Callisto Callisto was then hunted by her won son 0 Catastorism being turned into a constellation o Ovid s account Callisto and Arcas are turned into constellations Ursa Major and Ursa Minor 0 Orion Orion a hunter attempts to rape Artemis and she kills him 0 Arethusa Arethusa a nymph was protected by Artemis m 0 Artemis is tough 0 Themes of chastity and rape 0 Transformation 0 Hunting o Vengeance Origins and Extended Associations 0 Huntress Virginal 0 Marriage and Fertility etiology in which she helps the birth of Apollo Early Greek Mythology CLAS 221 25 September 2015 AM 0 Apollo is inexplicably tied with the temple at Delphi The Homeric van to Apollo 0 Some people believe it was originally two parts 0 Apollo who shoots afar common title 0 When Apollo shows up everybody kind of backs down he s imposing o Leto often has a calming effect on Apollo 0 He is very protective of his mother 0 Born on the island of Delos o Leto wanders for days but can t find a place to give birth 0 The island of Delos agrees to house Leto while she gives birth 0 Personified islands most trembled at the idea of having Leto o A shrine was built on Delos in exchange for hosting his birth 0 Apollo claims the lyre and bow to be his 0 Lyre was used with oral performance generally 0 Power of art and music 0 Bow represented warfare Festivals 0 Often wrapped up in politics and religion 0 Apollo is most associated in literature with festivals Delos o lnhabited since the third millennium BCE o Eventually became an important panhellenic site intended for universal significance for all Greeks 0 Was purged and rededicated several times m o Relates to the pythian part of the Homeric hymn second part 0 Apollo leaves Delos and travels Greece to find a place for an oracle o Finds Crisa under Mt Parnassus Early Greek Mythology CLAS 221 25 September 2015 o Slays an ancestral dragonsnake possible a child of Gaia called pytho


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