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Week 5 notes

by: Emmanuel Ayanjoke

Week 5 notes PHYS 1750

Emmanuel Ayanjoke
GPA 3.8
Introduction to Physics
Dr. Lawrence Anderson

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About this Document

Introduction to Physics
Dr. Lawrence Anderson
Class Notes
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Emmanuel Ayanjoke on Monday September 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS 1750 at University of Toledo taught by Dr. Lawrence Anderson in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 48 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Physics in Physics 2 at University of Toledo.


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Date Created: 09/28/15
Week 5 notes Fluids Definifian of Terms BaseEinsTeih CandensaTe A sTaTe of maTTer ThaT forms below a eriTical TemperaTure in which all bosons in The maTTer Tall ia39i39a The same quanTurn sTaTe Salid A sTaTe of maTTer aT law TemperaTure in which aTams are bound TageTher in a uniform arrangemenT of ElecTromagneTic Forces Liquid A sTaTe af maTTer aT high TemperaTure wiTh fess EleeTramagneTic forces binding iT TogeTher so aToms are in a fixed array buT can slide pasT each oTher Gas A sTaTe of maTTer m high TremperaTare wiTh very liTTle or no electromagne c farce binding iTs molecules TogeTher Plasma A sTaTe of maTTer in which many of The eleeTrans wander around freely among The nuclei of The MS Plasma canneT be seen buT can he TelT When a meTal is heaTeci and Turns red The energy in form af heaT felT on Tap of The meTal is plasma Far insi anee The bailing ring of an elecTrie keTTle DensiTy This is simply The mass quanTiTy of sTufFmeTTer af an abjeaT occupied by a Specific vallulme of ThaT object DensiTy is masle cansTaaT excepT under high pressure For example The densiTy of gases vary under high pressure Densi Ty massvolume SI uriiT is kgm3 perm V where m is mass and v is volume TemperaTure The degree of haTness air coldness of a body IT is direele prapor anal To The average kineTic energy per parTicle of a subsTanee SI uni l Kelvin Pressure This is simply The force per uniT area exer39Ted on an object SI Llnl39l395 of energy are Pa5cal Pa Nmz and ETmi IT is a funcTian of dehsiTy af TemperaTure P P0 Under all lbLIT exTreme candiTians of low adensiTy These variables are isotropic scalars TsaTrapic in This conTexT means having The same praperTies in all direcTions quotl i II 1 Darru mg res 2 AP 1 F 139 11 1 OiLem 1 00301089 1 A1 3 change in iwm 4 mil3 5 Ceccefawa bn 10 Ca J aceeiana e 1 Uglogf ffq a mam t 119mm 2 mass 91 micath CW m 15m Uquot quot f K 10 an i 7 Ramll m0 m Bm um p 3 mm 3 quot my mmmm mm P quot6mm H H prassuf as 3 EO ST QnT 2 7 i mam Mpg pom j 1 Mm Al ak rm 3 1013 KR B10001 pmagure 6070 mm Hg banjde 1 l O 1mm H3 1 1533 1104 Ha am BinCHE EOLUHIMLW Ciro waitr m c am we 0 up 30 mwmg CQN Eideran Ho gon39fa nj pMSsLwe Ea COOSTC23 an bongm ao SqFFaLes mass A r 3 diataote Em CZ CO i Qba 1 cm 6 Hamid pmsm rawL halalw 3 negp 2th 3 Q5W pawn DmgSW C in rm 3 3le r aA In MM mo5 height K Iq39 h Came 39mcq Ii 5 mass damK 0 m 0833 ht 3 mas 5 1quot 7wmw 3 weight A 10019 hT ES 1quot 39Pomm 33 150 M nQm39foao F 20018 In is aISQ FofCQ pmggm 2 I j39 h 31439 P A 1 Cp 1 DWsEuKU Q P it fr t M FFIu id 0 pregswm New marvmjtltzr P ESS W in PM a bm 1 0 Disanc rm maiman 67 a Mow1er in MlQHGn W pmsaupa a ground QUQJ p 2 6 Ca quotquot 39 a Wham P PPESEutV f Cx MT Ua caf MeiInt pf egsm39 ground avg 7600quot C507 grant Malaf 5F afmospk IPNE Review Sie res of me e Bose Eins39rein solid liquid gas plasma Fluids liquids gasses piasma and same Bose Eins rein condensates Sfefe varieblies density P Temp emfure T and pressure P SI units r kgma T kelvin P pescels N mg Equation of state the equation Thai relates P To T and p 1 ATM 1013 We 1 mml ig 2 1333 Pa Hydresfafic eeiiibrium pressure 5 weightunit area of fluid above For liquids e i Surface of plane consi39en r r39 i P Pawns pgh Fer air above sea level Pz 2 Po e 392 where e 7500 m Whai is The air pressure a The Top of a 12000 fooi pass in The Rocky Mountains F luid dynamics Defini rion of ferms C39ominuii39y equation is an equation 1 th describes The T39rahsgnor r 01quot a conserved quenfi l39y Mass energy momen ium and either nature quenfifies are eehserved under Their respective appropriate conditions Therefore ihey can be described using confinui ry equa en Bernoulli39s equaiien sic 39es That for an inviscid flow inviscid flow is The flow of an ideal fluid fha l is assumed To have no viscosi ry of a hen eendue ng fluid an increase in The Speed of The fluid eccurs simultaneously wiTh a decrease in pressure or39 a decrease in The fluid39s poienfidl energy Pressure defined as force per uniir area If is usual l more convenient quotin use pressure raiher Than force To describe the influences upon uid behavior Viscesi ry is defined as The exTenT To which uids resist ow Diffusion refers To The process by which molecules iniermingle as a resuli of Their kinefic energy of random ma an Turbulen r flow This is a ow in which uid undergees irregular flue rua ons or mixing Laminar ew This is a flow in which fluid moves in smeoTh 111th or layers 5 QW cerl 95 V u b glaze wow ma QCCQJPVQ VJiMOW 39 h j Iii3h Ta i afg pa M bf amen83 blaming par clca DQ ftih fi t r i 193M 391 o u HE S dw m n I 39 2 39 CO Tl fz39t WV 3 P 39 mm 539 Io ma F U rm 3 mma Cm a ampfo C3 A 539 I mge aG b volum quot z x OQQ es jj V M 1 A K53 NCCLHE quot I Volum 5 X Ptma or am 7 5quot alas quot 13 Fora 1 e CL mm mafme a La Lcmd5 132 m dl plj 39 ammg m 3 uuaciegiv quot CG Gt 7i APEQK Lawtj th VOWM M 0 CV v m i 3 51 quot3 0 033m 1 o W EFF m If m f W W Z H C m 70 4590 u 2 7 f I C Q m gt O Review Laminar vsi Turbulent flow Turbulenl39 flow is a ow in which fluid underoes irregular fluctuations or mixing in contrasl To laminar flow in which The fluid moves in smoo l39h paths or layers while laminar flow is a flow in which fluid moves in smooth paths or layers Confinui ly equation r v A 1quot Q 5 consfon r Bernoulli eqoo rion 05 r v 2 r g z P consfohf assume no friction Vi soosify deflnl on is defined as The ex ren l I39o which fluids reels flow Flowr in o pipe vr39 14n APAs R2 r2 Poiseuille39s low ASPAs 393 SHQ f R 4 Diffusion is The process by which molecules infermingle as o resulT of l heir39 kinelic energy of mmlom mo on


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