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MCDB 101A - Thrower, 10/2/14, Lecture 1

by: Aria Ghasemizadeh

MCDB 101A - Thrower, 10/2/14, Lecture 1 MCDB 101A

Marketplace > University of California Santa Barbara > Biology > MCDB 101A > MCDB 101A Thrower 10 2 14 Lecture 1
Aria Ghasemizadeh
GPA 3.98
Molecular Genetics I

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About this Document

These notes are integrated with a full audio recording of lecture. Just click on any part of the lecture notes and the audio corresponding to that information will be played back. Note: You must...
Molecular Genetics I
One Day of Notes
MCDB101A MCDB 101A UCSB Thrower Molecular Genetics Fall 2014
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This 3 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Aria Ghasemizadeh on Thursday October 2, 2014. The One Day of Notes belongs to MCDB 101A at University of California Santa Barbara taught by Thrower in Fall2014. Since its upload, it has received 212 views. For similar materials see Molecular Genetics I in Biology at University of California Santa Barbara.


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Date Created: 10/02/14
02H ADB InA W11 hJ f 17 C1177 lt I ULgvII L 39L L 39 I 07 39cewis 2 AVM 3 94WQ5 F H 77v7 LL ltv1uJ 07 cwLi Al I l l K J 7Z av Pr um mam DH139an 594 WM 0 5 39 I quot fU V 1 CU pT F 07 OV0C Iy7 7 nJltquot p P 5j I4 M l D 25 J l1 I J I J Wu u J L 7 Jlt L JFChltZ 1 75mm 06 VpL 1 lt37lt39flt lt91 nn r J Ld Q VJ l4 CJ V PW KM Y0 V O F cgmP L 7zJ 4HA lIlrquot9 4 knomLwh V70I 1 I J I I L1 L41 1gJxxV quotL4J 39LvM 391 L0 l0 r1r1Vrmr fxh U I Ul C L O JV 1 Vquot 4V UV C0 39 z I7V I lt45 1Zaojormes Ac4 ms o2 cxml db752Q 7 1Q 2t4rZ54Jm AL lt0 jg 1JV DC 4AVlay 4wd 045 WfV7 JrQ 70 p W 7CO x S VJ374I 7771 rA 7 7 QVhw39 I 139v39I I Id x ng 6j395 tm O7 z o nL6quoty 70Pa 0 0mw 0 v L J 39 YltN Ira231 by V 7 v u Il V I IU pLv vI J IP I ornr1 395m J M P f rm 31 4CII4 I3 ggrgk lLp L4 f FghJ14071 f Lom39 F39 7 5 4 ow oI 54 jiana A 7Iv CI p1 x0 L IU UC d n J 0IrnrA U f r Ar 1 5 l 3939 39 I39 IV L3917I LJ K7 I VO Qf1nl xhn viI3 O CIn r27Q7Im vaneL Lva39 u v Hr LI I 39Px no 36 6 OMQ 0 0 Jam lW k6Q 7U7 0 H QIIUO 3910 K hN5 77LQ C37L p agj ID I A gm 749 294 of 04 MS 1JLIL 71 v k 0 i J V 0 V0 quotZ av 7L9 q 1701 u I o I W Pf Y quot 11 n QAll fm FY 17lt Q 012 6 rub II 0 u xx J J HQ Mr nn7h l L 1 Is ll O L 1 rr2q1rm n vI Lvwlgiiv II 7we vvtro1 Ivvi C39 V4 l5a 1 jfc1r Ar 0 d Ias7 My 4 7 CA I0 A IxAU n L 6 0 hquot7 In I VCO1 M CIVi I 7 39 a V1mAn jlIkhIj Agl nay one lt2 M02 39 WKJn39Q lt pe 1 I l 4L0 5If33Zpr vlx I1 Vh I39L Iljv E39 J 1 u y K 0 I nI r I NI1 ILfI A 01h n7 jh K H I I J I l I IUf I I Q J J Ohnlnl rmc4fVr Cwit C O I ft J QQI uC0 2461 m 1 C r I V1wrv1397ZQ25 2wI I V r V I I ll J U I IUI J rJIwx2 Um I Iv Vr7 cc39 I V quotVI V V Oh m 3 J J V I Barre wa 9 MC am FO7 hTjVOW 769 crKp 39 h43 QIIL0 fqD Q4 Z94 7lt lt39 F V T I S W O nI7 aD39c43943QLj quot Z Z c Jxv1 7 DV f39 H P7 71 r 1077 CC 7710 2Qn u7 amp1rgt39 Z C ZH PXamptKZ7L DFMJ V0 S Jg hf of M 17 amJ5 75V rg K1V P J I v 7gt SMM 39PfO JQh 7 I 017 C5 42 U757 Fm q397 6ZI lt NH 7L fIf3959 4 1 VS 75 Mra7 mL273a hf g4lt amp17olt Q L ob w Q fl9ltquotS ah K9W7O7LlWj A4 ZVlt llrIV4 fI039W LU 2 j I K Ugy7L 7F funzm gt76 vH ltf7or aonm Jlt39vu Wof warf n de ned ZN an U D 7 k lc1Q h of gV1amp0 V Q n3v39139yH I obs 3 L1V 0xvh P r K VVQ F U rn lt1 n0 V397H 0 lltnV 0 hi 0 1 41 I I I I 39 I I 39 K bl 3 5 in 61 54 ga7 P12471gtr THC KS4 mg w VgarJ WQR035 O75 Bczmwa L4 u 5Q yg Mal q Bczw a 5ma7 maC L 4a 4 gQ45 17A H61 0QWg OI I gt o77lt f n c7amp0 397 A J V v1gt 7QWm and H5 m I7 6r77 v wm


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