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Language Theories and the Language Star

by: Sky Holmes

Language Theories and the Language Star BLE 220

Marketplace > Arizona State University > Education and Teacher Studies > BLE 220 > Language Theories and the Language Star
Sky Holmes
GPA 3.47
Foundations of SEI
Kyle Messner

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About this Document

Includes: Language Acquisition Theories for Behaviorist, Innatist, Socio-culturalist, and Cognivitist aspects BICS and CALP Information on the Language Star: Phonology Morphology Sy...
Foundations of SEI
Kyle Messner
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sky Holmes on Monday September 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BLE 220 at Arizona State University taught by Kyle Messner in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 45 views. For similar materials see Foundations of SEI in Education and Teacher Studies at Arizona State University.

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Date Created: 09/28/15
SEI Class Notes 922 amp 92415 Behaviorists Source of linguistic input Dialogues workbooks Nature of input Structured Ideal Classroom composition All at the same level teaching grammar in a particular style Student output writing repeating filling out worksheets Pressure to speak high Treatment of errors fast and obvious to correct Bad behavior should not continue Innativists Source of linguistic input natural speech conversations Nature of input unstructured interesting want to trigger LAD Ideal classroom composition All at the same level want to achieve i1 comprehensible input Student output based on natural development Expecting a silent period affective filter 0 Pressure to speak low 0 Treatment of errors the errors will work themselves out Sociocultural Source of linguistic input conversations Nature of input unstructured Ideal classroom composition Varied levels trying to get students to interact so students can teach each other Student output Looking for conversation communication students initiating conversation Pressure to speak low but trying to trigger or encourage speaking having hands on opportunities 0 Treatment of errors breakdowns in communication Will treat the error Correction in communication Co gnivitists 0 Books With a lot of interaction Nature of input semistructured teaching directly like behaviorists but interaction is important Student output paying attention to output Ideal classroom composition same level but may pair up With another class With native speakers 0 Pressure to speak highly encouraged not forced 0 Treatment of errors Correct gently BICS and CALP Jim Cummins BICS and CALP BICS Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills 0 Social competency o Takes 13 yrs CALP Cognitive mental Academic Language Proficiency 0 Academic competency o Takes 5 7 yrs Never test an ELL for Special Ed unless you are also testing for ESL The Language Star Phonology Speech Sounds 0 Phoneme smallest unit of sound in our language D Most common phoneme is the shwa D The unstressed syllable Morphology Parts of words prefixes suffixes and roots base verb tenses o Morpheme smallest unit of meaning Syntax Grammar sentence structure language rules Lexicon collection of words you know vocabulary Semantics meaning of words or sentences 0 Catch has many meanings English is stress timed meaning some syllables need to be emphasized while others need to be quick to help give a meaning Supersegmental combining the last letter of one word with the first letter of the next word


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