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Lecture 6

by: AnnaClippinger

Lecture 6 BIOL-L211 2521

GPA 3.3
Molecular Biology
Megan Dunn

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About this Document

Lecture 6 notes and also notes on crossing over
Molecular Biology
Megan Dunn
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by AnnaClippinger on Monday September 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIOL-L211 2521 at Indiana University taught by Megan Dunn in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see Molecular Biology in Biology at Indiana University.


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Date Created: 09/28/15
WWI qmnp makes H l Ciro Pho l Thu may Lecture 396 Sep 10 2015 l 39 Last Time The Cell Cycle Nucleosome I Today REqdanmS39iqhmem Replication J 9 1 271 30 R 7 Next Time Ch q p j39 178 l ZB hhggp m m Reading Assignment to 1 1 Chapterspp2695272gas236302307 Cthlm 80 ne Chapter7l3ip148 151158168 Eahl onaoygwl 5 WWW 39 a Replleatlon V g 7 Qtqu H T JUCIBIC Aland Bast eth tllls F lgMOSomg39 GUTqu Whitquot 05quot timid WW quotmo ii an 39 Tillliccl l0 o m meant wwld ml illmwomq39 mg on f 1 Lgnc w mm sl Ci inritlzlmll WOW indd mh gt 39 0 cm 0 LEM ql39OUl How is DNA replicated Remember 7 7 7 C Mom 05 meg decendmsc i n J Phage quot RB Pl l mtan Em i mes Have di rect access to entire gene lntarphaee M phase i Fig 313 Watson and Crick DNA is a double helix Strands are complementary but how is DNA replicated 2 Three possible mechanisms for DNA replication Parental DNA Replication Parental DNA ii aw DNA H 1 at r newN vinme sizaol DNA favored by wa tsen anal Crick 00h JEFVES 055 q u n Parental strands remain together N MN Errand Parental strandlsibroki irij double stra ided fragmenisyused as 39 Du Q H a PM mmuw a X TH Wm Mre Me The MeselsnnStnhl Experiment m m gem nal Determine mechanism for DNA replication Overview H H mightiwrsian 0i Wino am e di itrniime Why nitrogen mmryoruremrw l j v H mimm mamarggses Allow bacteria to grow and replicate nu Wilda ramming swama lawn Sapa rate DNA by density whee phii W in NIWO gin imn V Boner1 0 we 0 ride new Grow bacteria in media containing one of two different isotopes of nitrogen heavy nucrmu grown in Ch F HM er Si 0 n3 0 Q5 Sam 1 l a V EMh 0 rm 4 wascommnmnmgen 1 ll Butlermi ails Will rareur nii m gen Ham rm media s Ulnar NA made winnqu are a 1 avi Di HQth Tmclg waqum 3a in hm MWN NH me Si ad D N A H 030mg The MeseisonStehl Experiment ll Goal Determine mechanism for DNA li39ep ca on 1 Grow bacteria in media containing nucleotide precursors labeled with 15M Hf i 0 39 Transfer to media containing nucleotide precursors labeled with 15M I H f V m R 1 sample 1 q Mimi on Cl ttr Hanger H H N gt i 3 Allow to grow in media with 14N l it m w eS we 1 E mlpw 7 QMQ39l atl mg gm u W t i hit ll QM DNA 39 El 0 MN Easieriagmwingmiam 21EEnamr V 39 this Which i r the i lMSi tats C Tlljtl39 0 H 0 thi thQ hltroqell PT39ESCW 5 m tint l5 umrlul DNA W the and Di Step 1 The MeselsonStahl Experiment 0 hr K l 1 Goal Determine mechanism for DNA replication l S OtopUGN 4 Place the three samples in an ultracentrifuge Pellet through a cesium chloride CsCl gradient D39NPx Si limdttd uxl oltm l l l hl er wthh ifo the haw st V DN H Wilma 0 me tel oi 4fquot g 1 g 1 me rubr e A 7 A 39f l I E AYhybrlderm 7 I gt I 1 All St paroled m mar OlQnJ lN a a r l The MeselsonStohl Experiment Goal Determine mechanism for DNA replication 5 Observe location of DNA molecules 141N314 light DNA 15N14N hybrid DNA i Ng l 5N heavy DNA before transfer to 391 4N 9 transfer to 14N Ht hr total 5 9K mt preclltt lim r c 5U its For 0 in S39Ewarwe 5 0 i s p ersrw m 0 bltl or mill tun on wartime Aim 1th l l ith lgn w gSN may I H Wbrld Mirt Clo lit i H ow PMquot two generations after transfer to 1 W one cell eneration after Conclusion DNR RQDHCMWR its S l m C m39il ll l l lfe WE 4 thin rm Welt DNA synthesis A LtualN 2 RtlJllcan on to r KS imam u in eukaryotes T Q rm 7 mm 7 mm Es thtli tint com a u n on Elite t 3m t qmarutton Di rtpncumm e D N it r am no on is NOT ConStrva xt 39 m equence speci c positions where roilieation is initiated 39 U til P l U l ll HS 0 i if Complex of proteins that melt the double helix O m L i I liigim Origin of replication h p tip it can on along 1m 0llquotl Both 1 M putN D Ni litquotint occu rim Bo m dl rwmw Parental etrantl Daughter strand l D W mgS prose Rt pH cation 5 Bobbitt Willqu lolqu f imam Contact Two daughter PINE molecules in future diagrams we will only o 139 11 wiijw39 J onsider one replication fork hitterffwwwaootesaseduf hcultyfsjaspetf Iiio212tl molgoula Ishtrnl mmmsxs huww w an e 39 U i rim Jmmw Xi39an The rep m on fork m 0 Numerous events occur at r near radiation fork including but not Iim DNA unwound by f 7 h I 39 quot Primers synthesized by 7 397 IE Singfl e strandeci IDN A bound 39 39 7 guanine r39rmna mam 39 i in mm 39 8 d i rm ifun 0i directh ufluk sgndu39 paipnerana mm m m quotFF quot399 17M x if iC tiUh My mural dl ra iun 0439 DNA replication i 39 I I bl39I r I i i quotTar9 r k ma Lagging Sir and In Pair m RE I i N WM 80 UN i i TE nwim 10 an ha Marion WW mum airman 4 th ited to ilgp i q mrmsia n LO 3130 gen 011 W a S THTLh man my 6 RC1qu 5T rand Luqqmqsmna w mm mm replicaTed DNA unmp iicaiud DNA WS imnd of m m Rapl39icatiqnlgccurs in the 5 to Bidire w mmma i im ionq connnuuug mm Fig 942 sin mm arm n SWWGI Shiri hunts 9km Which 0 3r m i 01 owing Strands i3 rm tinman fur lagging Simnd s mines is Hexarnerir ring shaped prof Fig 915 I ATP hydroivsis TIES iiiquotIn iilb n39lflillwkh I r 1 I I 5 1 g U nw i am D 5th Ei mlp i grim Fig 914 D39Win 395 I iii cm in nuws rm or Mime 56 lling in in awnings a ein 539 Wilmq 39 Shana H1155 139 0 d u mils NH 10 Swuconed 8100 an h fEHSHML Topailsomerase relieves structural tension replica lion machinery J ali mmmwmommmmm Unwinde ufdsD NAputs Strain on uanund PNA 7 7 39 maxed m hurcqsuqs unmndx mg m DNH 39 l M m n accumu ate infront of mmmlmwwwum replication fDFk D v 7 I n 1i F S bro uni Then fh thmrl39 On For k w I M 5MP MEMPQ B uks 0 1r mm wands quotJ MINE r is was mmmgtgt Hald s on to DNA Passes strands through the break Puts ends back together mm I quotquot pm DWI Waugh the hma k was 1 Mair399 supiarco 7 nah F n 1 naturalmnformatixon of h L Mmmm xm j mmmw mman EJ 55 1 nqx39Htmnded dsquot dOUDlE S rr mm Singlestranded binding proteins preventpremature annealing Helicase mnwinds dsDNA creating ssDN A d V mm 1 M ME DI MEL Bl nu m 39 N d mms f From bail0mm dsDN R Singleslrand blinding Prias proteins 1 V y s 7 v A FINA 39 primer HBHcaaa pr imsr can bl RN ii at DNA Primerrtemplote junction i r Winds ssDNA adds shorttrumps i mil nonnos i l new test Primer m mus cute is RNH 39 timer 3 it n dl 0 39339 Hxld rowl to lot nd t5 lint WINE an sled primer growing end of DNA a 0H 3 lemplele strand e Mtwn woosed Wm WM Template Why is a primer necessary DNA polymerase cannon simply bind the template strand and begin replication an H resultas u 8 mm point for riplimhon l pr innit i IGHJUWWW 3 Tim Pl imer I tibia t be paired meme e rods o39w toATcmT l DNA polymerasem hm ha a q39 lml dmwl W OM HMO quotVth is Th I ltMPMlt maximal Resembles hands3 domains V m Cl39quot P alm 4 7i inan V Fingers I g ThUMb DNA polymerase M I H Whot Dnmn 17mm i i 039 Hum N 0 Lu r1quot 71mm lling in than m qtqlqzes DNll I lnlhttll39 thawing qrmw oi the one 1390 ether W3 Pall Wig l7 trend 3393 7 7 Tu templatestrand positions next 9 primer a men one Hm basil W I have ll Ede it to Minni u on ungli in nu KNOW Whith trnnrl to add WM nu on 0 mm Bass maintains association between DNA polymerase and DNA 7 7 Hum NFC lht DNM39imntls lion in tin palm oi the ham a Close Ulpwew to crossinqw UW Th ll39gdm u Red and blue structures are a pair of homologous chromosomes 39le 9mm ha 1 POIJN S 39 0160053th DNA breaks at precisely corresponding points A e lt Paternal sister g il Iv l lb g iquotl I 39qI l chromatids Illll 39l39ll 1 I I luh It e lt Maternal sister g 39 chromatids 39 g 1 we Cohesin proteins hold sister Chromatids together CO V QgSl OH DU l h quotthe arm Synaptonemal complex forming A I y I h V 4 I 4 llp li39qlf I 39 Fl I Inq l1 m 39uh l um This complex green attaches one homolog to the other I m i u 7 quot M A I w A 4 IN quotI 39l N I I I a I 1 Q I I 139 a quot TI 9 39 g i Broken DNA ends are joined However crossing over connects the Corresponding ends of nonsister chroma ds Synaptonemal comp ex disassembles Chiasmata Closer Look Rec8 cohesih is the protein that holcl Sister chromaticls together After crossing over homologous Ch39asmata chromosomes are attached at chiasmata because of Recs cohesin Kinetochores at centromeres In late pmphase I kinetochore microtubules originating from each pole attach to the two kinetochores D 3 E1 390 C0 m plex gt c lear 0 he onS gelde mcletl in Hnaphrlsa z 3 lelmw r a nil t U A h lj V a ll 1 3 I i l l I in l l a I quot Homologous chromosomes t f Rec8 cohesin Sister Kinetochores Synaptonemal Complex I I SGORec8 complex Kmetochore Microtubules httpXwwwnaturecomfnobfjoumalfvi1n9f gtabfhcb1923F1 html llll


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